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2012/12/17 – Inside the hearts, Storms will come, ישוע (Yeshua) will reveal hidden things!

Prophetic Word given 2012, Dec. 17, 9:40pm

Beauty of the hearts
Look inside… what do you see?
A surface like water, the ocean?

Only a very few people diving deep inside.
What you can see in most peoples hearts looks like a cluster of worms.
They look and look and (but) are viewing only the surface.

Who is able to explore the depths?
No man is able to go down into the deepest chambers of the hearts.
And actually they don’t want to, because it makes them afraid.
Even very close below the surface, they (most people) see things that scare them.
And then.. they turn back and prefer to observe the surface like (the ocean) on a quiet sunny day.

But storms will come that they never knew before.
Storms that expose things they never wanted to show anyone.
I have given them a long long time to turn back and purify (the heart) to take out the garbage (trash) that is beneath the surface, but they have rejected to do so.

Now the time has come when I will reveal things that were hidden.
The truth of the darkness I will bring into light.
Things that were hidden will become visible.

And to my prophets I will speak, that they shall be quiet, until I have purified them completely.

No-one realize’s (definitely not in a full understanding) what (really) always happen(ed) in this world.
All (people) think, everything is fine.
Financial crisis here, wars there, talking, gossip, etc.
The people think everything seems to be not that bad – one day it will come back to normal (and so it will go on and on… with up’s and down’s).

No, not much longer until I will chain the beast.

And my prophets will start to speak again.
(They will speak) about (my) joypower and my glory.
Everyone is yelling (shouting): Judgment, judgment but forget me and my beauty.

Far outside in the wilderness in the desert, where Yochanan once walked, I will hide them. (the prophets/ the people of Elohim? I don’t know who He will hide there)

The well (fountain) of living waters, and it’s doors and gates I will open that the hearts get softened and can get in touch with that (living) water (become filled like a spongue).

Keep my commandments.

Human (man made) Laws, rules, statutes come and go.
But my Torah, my Word and my Love remain, because of the Covenant I’ve made with Abraham.
That covenant (with Abraham) cannot (never) expire.
It remain’s until (even) it is finished, until all the stars of heaven and the sand in the ocean are numbered. (parable)

Sadly most of the sand got washed away.
Washed away from the lies of this world.
Humanism after pride is the greatest hindrance to be able touch me (reach me in a relationship).