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2012/12/11 – Seeking for UNITY as the end is near

Prophetic Word from Yeshua, given 2012, December 11, 9:30pm.

Usually I don’t like to publish when there are words with dates as we know Elohims clock most times seem’s to run different then ours
But we know the time is short,
Yeshua is coming back soon in all this chaos and He will end it.
So clearly we see we are living in a time like in the days of Noah.

People think everything (will) continue as (always) before.
But it is not like that!
Suddenly… in spite of all warnings they will find themselve’s in the ocean of their sins
Less than 2 years and the world will see (global) changes they (mankind) never experienced before.
But I will be with those who love me and keep my commandments. (Instructions/Words/Torah)

Many (people) already standing in the rain but do not recognize the water rising

Out of many corners of the earth my voice is sounding but they (man) prefer to hear the quiet (whispering-like) voice of death.
The lies they believed year in and year out. (since the beginning)

As I have spoken it, it will happen.
The world spit on my word but my word remain’s firm.
They try with lies and manipulation to make My Word’s useless, thru, false and lying.
But I will do what I have spoken and the world will see

But even as they see all these things that I am going to do, they will not recognize (realize/see), nor will they come and believe in me.
Angels believe, Demons believe because they know who I am.
Only mankind get around, (trying to find lots of excuses) not to be change their mind (and to come to believe).
No salvation, no hope, no love

The ostrich breeding the egg which is not his.
The hen laying an egg that is not hers and the liar turning (changing) my word and (all) man to bring them up against me and my beloved.
Sarcasm, mockery is everything that they do.

Everything that the liar say’s to them they think is the truth.
But the real truth they cannot bear.
Blinded, blind from the light of darkness (= the darkness is their light)
Their eyes wide open they realize the Nothing (like “nothing” is a subject)

My friends got pushed into the corner but I have a place (for them) where they can be safe.

Do not get deceived by the temptations of this world.
The splendor of this world will pass away.
All that I once created so wonderful got perverted by homosexuality, jealousy, conflicts, grasping emptyness, meanness, pride, selfishness, quarreling, anger/rage and lies.

Many churches look (from outside) very nice, but (inside) there are many things rotten/stinky.
I would love to have a pure bride in churches (my bride, my church).
But they are not ready yet.
I still need to refine them and remove all the rubbish before I can use them for my kingdom.
To be a witness for me means something different then what many men are teaching.
Think about it.
I will give you more pictures in time to know.

High beyond the angel he wanted to go, but then (into) the deepest place he fell because his mind was only focused on himself.
He broke off the Earth’s crust to establish a dwelling there for him.
A place I already prepared even before he fell..
Who is going with him in there?
Who is going (in there/ to hell) with him?
Much, too many to count and every single soul (who end up there) cause’s pain to me!

Brethren in unity I am searching.
In Unity!

Do you know what it means?
No, because you have never seen anything like it before
You wanna see? Experience that?
I open the doors, that you will know, that there is nothing impossible for me.
Things you have never seen before, will occur directly, before your eyes.
Real, touchable, visible, tangible.
No theory, no theology, but my word, my hands, my feet, my veil, my crown, my light and my glory and beauty.

A beauty and a brightness where you will forget all tragedies and cruel fates of life.
Joy before my face (Yeshuas presence).
Come and fill up with fresh strength, life out of the spring of my love.
To love as I love, to praise as I am praising, to live as I live.
Be One with those who are One with Me.

No theory, no theology but the fullness of life!
The fullness of life!

In Unity!

Truly, truly I say to you, if you don’t come to me like a little child you will never experience what it mean’s to be my child.