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2012/10/10 – What about Circumcision?

This message contains Two separate prophetic words.

I removed only a few words that were spoken personally and individually to me.
It does not counterfeit the message but helps to avoid confusion.
This prophecy needs to be read in a complete context because if you take out some sentences it might contradict the scripture.

For information: This words were given in German language – so some of the translation became somehow difficult as it included a bunch of German word-games in that prophecy.
And also, it is only one word in German that can be used for circumcision and pruning/ trimming/ cutting so you need to listen to the Holy Spirit to get the right understanding.

The words in ″parentheses″ () are not originally spoken but added for a better understanding

Freedom for the souls, freedom only in me, freedom is my word that people are able to understand correctly (the right way).
True freedom (you can get) only IN ME. Freedom to live, freedom to love.
Freedom without being free is the freedom to boundage that depends on lies (and so it is not real freedom).
But freedom that sets you (really) free is LOVE.
Love which can only be found in Me, the Redeemer. The one who died for you and carried all the burden and all the sin.
One more time I will speak like in ancient times as Enoch fell in love with me and became ONE with me before I took him out from in the midst of his brothers because I couldn’t leave him in the dirt and filth in this world.
Like in the same way I will take my bride on the day when she has become ONE with me.
Until then I have to prune her a lot.
That’s why I have given this sign (of circumcision) to my people, that the world will see that I don’t like nor accept anything unclean in my presence.
Not all who themselves are circumcised (on the body), are circumcised because their hearts are full of refuse, thorns and weeds.
But if you are willing to become circumcised/pruned yourself then I will take away everything unclean out of you (your life)…
A people who are pruned, that it/they bear lots of fruit.
Because Thorns and weeds oppress the people that they cannot become ONE with me. And not bear any fruit and their faith cannot move mountains. But they are circling around all the worries and things in their daily life and twist my word and they are themselves self centered and pervert what I have spoken because the worrys of their daily routine pile up before their eyes and they are not able to recognize that it is ME who will prune/circumcise them that they can become free and ONE with me.

The second prophetic word I received as I was asking Yeshua about circumcision again because there is a lot of controversy.
So I asked Him if He could explain it to me (in a way I can understand).

Yeshua’s Answer:
Prayer is good, Fasting is good. Both together is powerful, but both together is not essentially neccessary.
To fast without prayer is worthless for the spirit.
To pray without fasting will have the same result if the heart is completely focused on me.
If the heart is totally focused on me you will (automatically) fast because like Moshe, as he went up the mountain in my presence he didn’t think about drinking and eating and things or worrys of daily life, but he became ONE with Me.
He didn’t seperate between prayer and fasting like the pharisees and many other people but, prayer and fasting were melted together like Iron when it is in the furnace (together it produces a kind of alloy, depending of what you put inside).
Circumcision on the heart is good and circumcision on the body is good. Both together have a power. And the same (like) with prayer and fasting (here as well): Circumcision on the body is useless if the heart is not circumcised.
This is what the pharisees and many other people are doing.
They are circumcised on the body but their hearts are full or refuse and tumors and behind all their weeds they cannot see what it is all about.
They are literally blind.
With their eyes they see but do not realize what I will show them and do not see who I am.
I did not want the circumcision that they would have another (proudful) law that leads (them) into slavery. But I gave it (the circumcision) that they recognize/realize what I want to do on their hearts.
But if they are circumcised on their hearts and circumcised on their bodys then their prayer will come together with fasting.
And for those who are not circumcised (on the body) I can circumcise (on their body) as soon as they have circumcised their hearts (through me).
Together it honors me because it honors my word but I will never cast anyone out of me if his body is not circumcised.
But I will cast off those out of my presence who don’t want to let their hearts be circumcised (even if their bodys are circumcised).
Because Filth and Trash cannot remain in my holy presence.