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2012/10/06 – People of אלוהם (Elohim) Come out of your desert

Prophetic Word given 2012, Oct. 06, 7:20am

People of אלוהם (Elohim)
Come out of your desert and be with me, the ″one″ who loves you.

Out of the wilderness I called my sons into green pastures.?
I will lead them, (have a desire to lead them in love) but they prefer to stay in the wilderness amongst the snakes, scorpions and wild animals.?

As long as they (my people/sons) are not in their destiny I cannot do all the miracles I want to do.?
They follow mens traditions instead of their Fathers callings, the blessings of Abraham.

How long, how long do you refuse to come to the spring of living waters?
How long do you neglect the one who love’s you and want to lift off the veil from your faces?
(the one who really loves you is ? ישוע Yeshua)

I am worrying, I cannot protect you as much as I am able to do as long as you are in bed with Jezabel and the Babylonians.?
(With my protection) Not one rocket will be able to hit your ground or destroy your possesions that are actually my possesions.?
But as long you do not keep my word, not doing my will and obey me you will have troubles from all your enemies (all around), the physical and the spiritual enemies.

You hold (keep) mens traditions higher than my truth.
But the higher they will rise the deeper they will fall.
And with every minute you believe more the pharisees and their doctrine’s you will get further away from my grace.

They (the pharisees) teach blind to follow blind and deaf to follow deaf.
Their eyes are full of rubbish and their eyes see the desires and the glory of this world.

The world will fall apart from corruption, blindness, hatredness and (false) idols.?

They (pharisees) claim to be THE jews but many (of them) are not.
They hide their faces behind false identity and lies.

Jews are MY people, Gentiles are MY people and no-one can say because of their ancestory’s documents, I am a better people.?
There (exist) only people IN or OUT of Me and it doesn’t matter the race.
(Only! the ones) Who are IN Me inherit My kingdom no matter if the ancestors have jewish documents or not.?
I make no difference because I love ALL people whether they are black, white, green, blue, red, jewish or gentile.?


And I love all people because I designed all of them individually and personally (in my image).
Not too many follow me and my word and it makes me sad when the devil steals their soul (because they give it to him by their free will).

But there is no difference in race.?
Those who love me and keep my word (commandments) will be with me, no matter their race, culture or inheritance.

Yes, many jews became lost (went astray) because they followed man and mans traditions instead of me and the word I have spoken.?

Many will not believe until they will feel the heat of hell.
But once they are there (in hell) it will be too late to return and repent.

Many won’t believe that, but it is My word, it is written.
And (all) what I have spoken will be, because I am,
I am the truth, the way and the life, the eternal light.