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2012/08/21 Fast, Pray, Repent, final Battle

Blessing’s to you and your Loved One’s.

It is time to Blow, to Blast the Shofar!
Those who know these thing’s below, Please Help Reach ALL our Loved One’s so we can make a difference.

This is the Time to Understand what is Happening, we are at the very end and Revelation is being fulfilled Rapidly without most even being aware.
The Beast System, I will call it, is at work to deceive all.
We have all already been deceived in part to let it get as far as it has!

This is the Time to get right, to fast and pray, to Repent, to be able to be effective in this Battle to be Victorious.
To have our armour polished and do what the Lord has purposed for each one of us.
By His Spirit!

We have made the mess we are in now, being complacent in our way’s and what we have followed.
It goes beyond even just what is happening.
So, no matter what country you are in it is going to effect all of us.
It is the beast system that is taken over and is in control and it will effect the whole world.
It is the Time to Intercede and fight against the system, the leadership is trying to bring upon the saint’s to oppress and overcome us thru that system.
To be a Voice to the congressmen and rulers against every thing the beast is trying to do in taking our right’s, and eventually everything that has established over generations and our Father’s fought for.

To get Right, is the key in Repentance. There is a pattern in scripture and may even be two witnesse’s.
Dan. 9 and Neh. 1, If you Look at them they are the same prayer.
This is True Repentance and what to pray and then do.

It is the pattern that also goes to the time of Yom Kippur (Yom HaKippurim), coming, which is an everlasting Commandment, not something that was done away with.
Specific in what and who to Pray for, for a reason, and to Keep all His Commandment’s.
It is time to get the Understanding of the Root of why we are in these time’s and This trouble that is upon us.
And the only way anything is going to change.
Because if we don’t change our way’s, it will continue to get worse and then it will become too late.

About the Commandment’s they were at the beginning and they are at the end.
Only some understand this, the many don’t.
So I will say that True Repentance will be to go back to the Root of the Word we all received and Just Obey it and keep All the Commandment’s that came out of Elohim/YESHUA’S Mouth/Voice.
All doing Simply what came out of His mouth is enough to follow.
Pray, Read the Root of the Word and if Necessary re-read it asking the Holy Spirit to reveal it until it become clear to know exactly what to Do and Follow Only, First.

It will bring us back into Unity with Him First and Foremost and end the Judgement which is upon all.
We will ALL have to sooner or Later.
Unity with our Lord first, Obeying Only Him, man’s unity with man will end and is ending if it is not with the Lord.
When I say go back, to the Root of His Word’s, I am not talking about 1600 A.D. and Religion.
Those time’s, word’s are from man’s tradition’s and way’s and system’s of man and they even go back further.
HEAR ONLY HIS WORD’S from the Beginning and HEED ONLY THEM, because they are All from YESHUA’S Mouth, He is Elohim and He is the Word, His Word’s when He came 2000 year’s ago are the same and in Unity and Harmony from the Beginning.
So as, To Understand they are, ONE WORD and ONE TRUTH.

True Repentance mean’s change, it is the Only thing that will stop what is coming.
If there is no change in our Heart’s and in the thing’s we do then keep Going back to the Beginning of the Book we all received and Read what Elohim Spoke out of His Mouth, again.
Like If you will Obey My Voice…., Thus Saith ???? (YHWH), A Word of ???? (YHWH) came…, the Red Letter’s out of YESHUA’S mouth Like what He tell’s the man
in Matt. 19:16- when He ask’s ???? (YESHUA), what must I do to inherit Eternal Life? and He answer’s and say’s Simply, Obey/Keep the Commandment’s….Of course He is Talking about All from the Beginning. I will follow up with more on

that, it is the Message that goes to the Everlasting Gospel and Good New’s, Rev. 14:6, from the Beginning which goes to Everlasting, see Deut. 32:1-, all of Chapt. 30 and Jer. 6:16-19, also Hos. 4:6 at the end of that verse is the key to the first half. all speak of Latter day’s. He even say’s in Deut. 32:7 to REMEMBER the day’s of old back then, even before it was written, What was Taught to Abraham
as in Gen. 26:5. So if someone tell’s you that is all done away with, they need to re-read the Word’s of Elohim.
It is the time to Restore what the enemy has wrought thru man that we have followed.
The Word is clear, what He Spoke. Elohim warned in the beginning,
We will see what your latter end will be, and Deut. 4:2.
Exactly what came thru man and what the enemy did thru man, that was controlling him and brought the system’s of man, tradition’s, religion instead of to just Obey and follow Only Elohim/YESHUA, and so here we are today.
But YESHUA has a Plan if we do our Part He will do His.
He want’s to use us, Time to Fast, Intercede, Fight, to Restore the Heart’s of the father’s to the son’s to bring Healing and stay the curse further.
To take care of the believing widow’s and orphan’s first and needy, the poor.
This is by Love, thru the Love that is needed to make a difference, Isaiah. 58 to bring Justice so Healing can go forth.
He want’s to Heal us, it’s our Choice?

Changing president’s who are just men is not the answer, it is what is behind it driving them, the beast system.

Only ???? (YESHUA) can put the right men in office to bring change.
He is letting these thing’s happen because we have changed His Word’s, Law’s, etc.
The system is corrupt, the men are corrupt. Only way to break it, stop it is do our part to bring change in each one of us.
If we think we are not the problem then we have a problem by not Understanding what is going on and Why.
We can watch it come and do nothing or we can come into Obedience first. It say’s before sacrifice.
So what do we Obey?
Simply His Commandment’s ( All ) out of His Mouth and alway’s His Word’s, Written/Spoken DIRECTLY OUT OF HIS MOUTH FIRST.
I enlarge them to Emphasize and Repeat them to help to Remember, they have all Power and Authority in Order of Importance.
YESHUA said in John. 17: 4 He completed/Finished the work He was given to do, verse 6, they have guarded/kept Your Word ( out of His Mouth ), verse 8, Because the Word’s you gave me, I have given them,they received them.
If He finished giving those Word’s, then they were complete, He did not leave anything lacking, nor add to nor take away, Matt 5:17-19John 7:15-17, 8:28, 40.
What Happened?
Should be the question all should be asking?
History tell’s us the answer.

If ANY MAN, does not matter who they are, try’s to tell you, you do not need to Obey them any longer or they are done away with.
DO NOT LISTEN to them. Just tell them the same thing every time.
JUST OBEY HIS VOICE FIRST, FOREMOST and ALWAY’S and Only Follow what He Directly Spoke, it is ENOUGH to FOLLOW and it is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND LIFE for all who will.
Man may disagree, until they come to Understand Rev. 10:8-11.
Right kind of Repentance and Right kind of Prayer’s and Action’s on our Part will make a difference.
It mean’s changing our way’s to His Way’s, to do, Keep, His Word’s, His Will, in our Walk, and is the Path to come into His Eternal
Kingdom for us and our Loved one’s. He said seek theAncient Path….
He say’s Choose Today Life, Blessing’s…………or the other and more of

What’s to come? I will send some thing’s to know about Rev. 12.
I Pray this be the time to get the Revelation for Us to just Obey, then to start to stop what the enemy want’s to do to us, to Intercede that His Plan’s ” FAIL” to be confused and destroy his work’s and he be Troubled on every side. Deut. 7:9, that is a long time, 28:7, send Him 7 way’s, then verse 1.
Then, He will become an enemy to our Enemy and begin to fight for us as in the day’s of old, He will go before Us, then we will have the Victory!