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2012/03/29 Original True Discipleship from YESHUA” and the “Eternal Good News”

Original True Discipleship from YESHUA”
“Eternal Good New’s”

May this Bless the Brethren May it Give understanding from the scripture’s.
His Word say’s He want’s to show us Wonderful thing’s, Hidden secret’s that have been concealed, Mystery’s Revealed.
See Duet. 29:29….. to do all the Word’s of His Torah, Psalm 119:18 open my eye’s that I might see wonder’s from your Torah, Jer. 33:3, Rev. 10:7 Mystery’s, Revealed, completed! He showed them to His Disciple’s, and His Patriarch’s and Prophet’s who were Taught by Elohim/YESHUA.
He Desire’s To Teach His Follower’s His Living Torah and Way’s. See Eternal ( Everlasting ) Good New’s, Rev. 14:6 below. His Torah/Instruction’s go thru His Whole Word from Genesis thru Revelation.
His Disciple’s received Revelation Truth from YESHUA!

I give some verse’s and partial verse’s below from either Hebrew or Aramaic Interlinear version’s.
Since there are many version’s of scripture but the Word is Spirit, Please look to what the Spirit is Speaking, alway’s with prayer. We need to rely on the Holy Spirit, not just the word alone.
Translation’s and Interpretation’s can be and have been misleading and have lead to many misunderstanding’s.

I Have mentioned already about the “Perfecting” work becoming Tawm/Tamiym,  (which means) Innocent (Blameless) in His Holiness ( WFY as sent out earlier), Complete and the Blessing’s that come by Obedience to His Eternal Torah/Word. A Thread, A Pattern in His Higher Way’s.

True Discipleship is another part of the Thread to show the One Thread or Plainly One Word and One Truth ( WFY ) out of His Whole Torah/Word and is a Picture He gave for Us.
Discipleship from YESHUA is the Result! The Result of the One’s we have read about in the scripture’s and what He did in them and thru them. He never ended His True Discipleship of Him nor His Eternal Torah, His Instructions.
Proverb’s 3:1 say’s, Son of Me, Torah of Me, Must not be you are forgetting, and Instruction’s ( Commandment’s ) of Me, He shall Preserve Heart of You. From the Interlinear Hebrew translation.
Some may have some knowledge of this already. The Knowledge He want’s to Give is the Fulness, Completeness of Him and who He is and All His Way’s that come by Him Alone thru Revealing by Discipleship. A perfecting work.

Is the Work He came to do in us Completed? Is there yet part of that Work needed in us to fulfill what He wanted to do thru His Word? The Result going to His Will and Plan? Our Destiny’s. (WFY)
Have we missed out on part of His Will and Work? It is clear in His Word He Commanded Disciple’s of Him/YESHUA.
To be Taught by Him as were all those before who were Taught/Discipled from Ancient time’s.
Is His True Discipleship different than what we have known and been in? Is there a way to “Compare” by Scripture and By their Testimony’s? See Below!

In Exodus 4:12, 15 Elohim said He would Teach Moshe what to “Say and Do”. He “Instructed” Him in His Way’s. YESHUA said He came to Speak what He heard from the Father and Do what He saw from Him. John 7:15,16, 17. YESHUA was Taught by the Father. YESHUA has said many time’s Those who have Eye’s to see and Ear’s to Hear! What the Spirit is saying? He said To His Disciple’s in Matt. 13:16,*17, other’s, 13:14,15.
A Question: (???)
Why are there so many different belief’s and doctrine’s, denomination’s from One Word Received?
See Duet.4:2. True Discipleship was meant to bring UNITY in YESHUA first, One Mind and Heart, One in Him! (WFY)! Act’s 2:1
Duet. 4:2 is a warning and is mentioned elsewhere. This was given because He knew what would happen.

Much of what He spoke was by Parable’s for a “Reason”, Matt. 13:9-13. A very good Reason Why He Commanded Disciple’s of Him. Only YESHUA can give the River’s of Living Water, His Spiritual Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. Only He give’s the (Hidden) Manna and Revelation. Knowledge of His Kingdom, to know His Word and Way’s. Can anyone’s teaching “Compare” or even come close with His? Is there One more capable to Feed Us His Truth, His Higher Way’s that Only He Know’s? He Desire’s to Teach Us and show Us and do even Greater thing’s in His Fulfilling. He did save the best for Last!

He has alway’s given Wonderful thing’s to His True Disciple’s! He has not ended that Command to make Disciple’s of Him, It is a “Pattern”. Do we “Hear” the Master’s call! He is Specific, He said in Matt. 11:29, “Learn from Me”, See Jer. 31:33-34. YESHUA spoke those Word’s! He Want’s to do it! It is an Inward Work. Only By YESHUA and from Him is it Possible to be in All His Higher Covenant Way’s. He is the Torah/Word to be “Put” in our Inward Part’s and Heart’s.

It was never meant for man nor could he do the Inward work. Man’s effort’s even our’s will fall short.
Otherwise, He would not have made Disciple’s of Him or Taught nor Commanded to become Disciple’s of Him.
YESHUA’S Teaching goes beyond what man can give.
There is a Difference, True Discipleship is the Higher “Way”. See also John 16:13, Whole Truth, Future thing’s.

The scripture Verse’s given are for the Purpose to show the Heart and Will of YESHUA (see also WFY) and “My Pure Word is a Light to those who Receive” “Pure Word’s” only come from the Mouth of YESHUA.
He Want’s us to Follow Him. That All His Torah/Word be in our Heart’s in “His Covenant” to Please Him. To serve Him in All His Way’s Taught by the Master. There is much for Us to Know that goes to Our Testimony. It is mentioned many time’s in His Word. It should be as those before Us and of course it need’s to Line up with His.
We can ask are we in His Covenant “Way’s” according to what He Spoke about it?

This is not meant for the purpose to be only a study. But a Time to Pray and Seek.
To Hear His Spirit as is mentioned often in Revelation, alway’s for good reason when spoken many time’s.
To encourage with what YESHUA has alway’s done thru-out His whole Word so we could come into a Greater Knowledge of Him, His Way’s and His Will. He is Restoring, Fulfilling, all Scripture and Prophesy as Originally given and written. Translation’s and Interpretation are not alway’s accurate so one cannot know by scripture alone.

YESHUA Has Alway’s Had Disciple’s!
Why Should it be Important to Us?
It is Important to Him!

He Want’s to give Us Knowledge from His Teaching, To Know His Command’s, To Know His Truth, To know His Will for Us, His Torah/Instruction’s in our Heart’s, To do His Will in our Walk with Him.

He want’s to “Personally” Teach us His Word to be in His Higher Way’s! He Taught before there was a “Written Word”! Isa. 8:16/ Gen. 26:5. Abraham was taught to know His Way’s, His Commandment’s, His Statute’s, His Torah, to do His Will, and to Walk before Elohim Perfect, Gen. 17:1 and was a Friend of Elohim! He wanted to Please Elohim in all His Way’s. The “Walk” is about Walking in “His Torah Way’s”. The Reason for the Covenant!

Also, He want’s to do in Us what He did in them. We Only need to be willing and come to drink from the River’s of Living Water. YESHUA the Tree of Life, in the Garden, that He gave to Eat from. ( see WFY). Also Gen. 3:22, Prov. 3:18.

It was and is For all, so we can Walk With YESHUA in Closeness and in All His Higher Way’s! He want’s our Whole Heart! To be Complete in Him!

It is to Walk in His Heavenly Kingdom Way’s by His Spirit of Truth. Not of this World, John 17:16,19, 21. His Prayer for His Disciple’s.

Matt. 6:33, Seek First the Kingdom ( Dominion ) of Elohim and His Rightousness…..( To Know All His Rightousness ). Then All these thing’s will be added unto you.

It come’s by the Living Torah/Word, ( One in the Same ) Who is YESHUA, the Only Teacher Jn 3:2, Matt. 23:8. The Word of Elohim come down from Heaven. Only YESHUA is the Possessor of His Higher Way’s, Isa. 55:8-9. That Only come by Him, by His Revelation to who He give’s it to.

The Last verse’s are not saying we can not Know them, or be Taught them! We Can! See WFY, “They will have MY Heart & Mind”.
“Highway’s”, psa. 84:5, in the Hebrew Interlinear scripture’s meaning, a course, staircase, path. literally, figuratively, A Picture for us, to know.

YESHUA giving the Way and is the Only One with All Truth, Jn. 14:6
Some of the Verse’s below may become New in the Knowledge (Revealing ) of some thing’s not previously Known.

His “Highway’s” are meant For Us also, To Possess them, in them! They are not of this World.
As His (Original True) Disciple’s were, Taught by YESHUA. They were Obeying His Torah, Gen. 26:5/Jer. 31:33, The Original word in the verse’s is Torah not law. It was put in their Inward Part’s and Heart. They were in His Covenant in His Higher Way’s because they were Taught by Him. and again Verse 34.
If He had not “Put” His Torah in Their Heart’s He would not have done what He Promised in His New, Re-Newed Covenant. In John 17:4,6 in His Prayer. …..Kept, (Guarded ) “Your” Torah/Word, they are One and the same, they are Both His Commandment’s.
He would not have “Finished/Accomplished” that work in them He came to do.
There are many Place’s where His Word say’s His Torah is in His People’s Heart’s before He spoke of it in His New Covenant.. I will give a few more below.

Matt. 6:10, Let Come thy Kingdom, Let be done Your Will, just as in Heaven also in the Earth. ( from Aramaic ).
That was not just about a future time only, but about Us Living not in the Worldly way’s but in the Kingdom Way’s.
The Torah came down from Heaven it is Eternal, If not His Will, He would not have given it for us to be in our Inward Part’s and Heart’s in His New, Re-Newed Covenant. Nor would it be in His Inward Part’s, Psa. 40:8. :9 Proclaiming the Good New’s of Rightousness in the Great Assembly! See Isa. 51:4,7. See also Isa. 42:4,6,21,23,24. YESHUA was sent to Proclaim the Good New’s of the Kingdom. To the Lost Sheep!
Who might that be Today? They Have become as the star’s of Heaven.
The Original Faith was Torah in Us by YESHUA and in Him, The Eternal “Good New’s”.

See Isa. 2:2-3 and Micah 4:2, Rev. 14:6.
Remember Torah was the Original wording before translation’s.
That it was for Us and to be in Us, and was alway’s. Disciple’s/Taught One’s, Isa. 8 :16, Torah, Testimony, Sealed,Vs :18…… One’s given for sign’s and Wonder’s!

One Only need to see the Picture of all His Disciple’s who had the Testimony and Torah who were Sealed, His Taught One’s. There is a Difference! Man has tried in His way’s bypassing the Source.
His Disciple’s were in His Truth! They were in His Torah. Those in it, doing it were Blessed Beyond all other’s.
Matt. 6:11 is saying give us Today our Daily Bread. Not simply food, But fed His Eternal Food

The Manna from Heaven His Torah/Word coming Down from Him! The True Living Bread.
YESHUA Nourished His Pupil’s, They were in His Truth to become Like Him, One with Him.
All were Amazed/Astonished by His Teaching. Remember, Where it came from, Jn. 7:15, 16/ Duet. 32:1-. He Taught with all Authority.

John 6:32. Mose’s received it! YESHUA is it, spoke it, Taught it and Obeyed it. He Quoted out of His Torah all the time.
Duet. 8:3,6 … Man shall Live by Every Word that Come’s from the Mouth of Elohim. The 10 Commandment’s in the Original Hebrew scripture’s are known as the 10 Saying’s or Word’s. The 4th being a Sign of His Covenant.
The One That has Remember in front of it. See also Mal. 4:4, Remember, a Reminder for Us.

His Word is Specific Matt. 7:24, “My Word’s” and “Does them”. His Command’s are specific also.

Specific in that He came and made Disciple’s of Him to do them not by Tradition’s of man. So all Could Know His Torah and Higher Way’s and Truth. They Walked With YESHUA, They were Blessed far above, beyond every one else.
A Picture for us to see out of His Whole Word, was Alway’s the Same and never changed. Mal. 3:6. The Disciple’s were Taught to Obey All His Commandment’s, They were in their Inward Part’s and Heart’s, His Torah.

I will give a few more Verse’s so One can see the Pattern or Thread that Lead’s to a True Disciple of YESHUA. That Lead’s to the Blessing’s that go with it.
YESHUA made it this way. The Only Way for us to receive His Knowledge, that Only Come’s by Him.
Only He has All Truth,
And the Only One who Know’s All His Way’s for Us, so we can Know them.
If we only Looked to His Word as it clearly show’s in it we would not understand it or we would add to it or take away from it as in Duet. 4:2. This is Exactly what has Happened and is Happening. HE Knew from the Beginning. This is why He was Specific in what we need to do. To be Taught by Him, to be Complete in Him, Serving Him and Pleasing Him.

Here are a few verse’s that go to Taught/Teaching or My Word/Instruction;
Isa. *8:16, 28:26, 54:13, Matt. 13:52, 54, Duet. 32:1-2/John
7:16, 17, 6:45, 8:28,31-32, 39, 51, 14:24, *17:8. Speaking of Discipleship I give only a few Verse’s, there are many more. Duet. 6:1-2, 33:3-4 Was Taught them then and is to this day. Mose’s was a Taught One/ a Disciple and then wrote the Eternal
Instruction’s, Torah/Word’s of Elohim on scroll’s! Also Abraham was a Disciple as mentioned earlier. I mention some verse’s more than once because of Importance.
The Result’s have been clearly seen since the time of the Disciple’s/Apostle’s. YESHUA want’s Unity in Him first. Then Simply all will automatically be in Unity with one another. One can know what Happened!
YESHUA’S Teaching goes beyond man’s reasoning, interpretation’s and theology.

Again the scripture’s clearly say that YESHUA came by Elohim and That YESHUA brought His Doctrine/Teaching, John7:16 and only Spoke what the Father gave Him, so His Teaching was not His but the Father’s. YESHUA did not bring a New Doctrine. YESHUA did come to bring Unity in Him first with each One of Us.
One can know what happened thru History. Duet. Chapter 4 and 5 can help in our further Understanding.
His Taught One’s were Obedient to His Torah/Way’s in One Mind, One Faith, One Truth, One.

That changed as we Plainly can see. Could it go to True Discipleship? Originally Taught by Only One Teacher? It is Important to YESHUA or He would not have Made them or Commanded it!

About His Torah in our Inward Part’s and Heart’s, Please see Duet. 6:6,7, 8:2, 11:18-19,22, 26:16-18, in addition to one’s already given and are in the Psalm’s and proverb’s also. See Psalm’s 119 and 19 in the original the word being Torah before translation’s changed it to the word law and Speak of Testimony. See Matt. 12:49-50 His Will.
About the Blessing’s, YESHUA’S Disciple’s were for sign’s and Wonder’s, The outpouring of the Holy Spirit was on the Disciple’s, they were in One Mind. They did mighty Work’s. John was given great Revelation. Matt. 13:11,16-17, Knowledge, John 20:22, Blessed Abundantly. They were in His Truth/John 17:17,19 and One in YESHUA and His Holiness. See above, secret’s, Mystery’s revealed, new thing’s, future thing’s made known etc.
Duet.7:6,9 Keeping Covenant, Command’s, His Torah. A Holy People, A Special People!
Those Keeping it, walking with YESHUA, Taught His Word, in His Way’s, and Obeying His Will.
They had His Torah in their Inward Part’s and Heart’s in His Re-Newed Covenant.
They all kept His Commandment’s and Covenant Way’s in those day’s and had His Testimony and Took “His” Good New’s to the Known World.

About the Original Word, It was alway’s about YESHUA and who He is, ( Psa. 40:7 ) And His Torah. A Thread from Genesis thru Revelation. The Whole Word Originally Pointing to YESHUA and His Torah.
One can ask where does He fit in the Scripture’s? And get the Knowledge and Understanding of who He is.

About the Everlasting Good New’s from YESHUA in Rev. 14:6 alway’s was and is for now. Matt. 24:14
It was from the beginning, His Doctrine/Instruction’s, Duet. 32:1-2, John 7:16, Rev. 12:17, 14:12, 22:14 thru the end. Was Alway’s about YESHUA who is the Living Torah! John 14:15.
His Torah and Word going forth ( Micah 4:2 ) at the end, it is Eternal.
It is going Forth because it will be fulfilled as Originally Written before Translation’s. As it is His time for Restoration.

About Discipleship, it is for Young or Old, is not about Religion or Ministry’s and gift’s or system’s, theology or knowledge from man, or how long we have been in the Word, but about Relation and in His Higher Way’s!
One only need to Simply Invite YESHUA to Teach them, and be Immersed in His Name. Just as Spoken in the Original writing’s as Given before Translation’s and Interpretation’s. The Word of Elohim.

There are Testimony’s to His Discipleship and the Blessing’s thru it by only looking in His Word. Other’s can be made available to those Interested. There is a Wonderful Difference.
We have not seen or experienced all there is for Us. He has much More!

YESHUA is Coming for His Bride. He does not want anyone to miss it. Preparing Her Now, Luke 1:16-17, Rev. 19:7-, In His Restoring Work. Matt. 25 we play a part in it!

One Only Simply need to Come, Please see “Word’s from YESHUA” to see what He is Wanting, Doing, Offering!