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2012/02/17 – about those who love Yeshua/Elohim and those who reject HIM

It is for/about those who love Yeshua/Elohim and those who reject HIM)
Note: I don’t know why Yeshua spoke about Russia and what it has to do with the rest of the word – but that’s how I received it
I do not have any interpretation to that…

Russia is on my target – look what I will do there
The media will tell you everything – but it is my hand.Just a little while and I will be there where the people are who love me to walk with them to be their shield – fruitfulness – the harvest.
They are hiding behind false fronts. But those masquerades will fall and the truth will get revealed.
Just a little while and I will come to those who hate me – and I will do something with them that the world will know that I love them anyway.
Just a little while and I will come to those who deny me – and I will build a wall between them and me. There will be no more blessings, no more grace.
And they will be behind that wall with them whom they worship. And him who they worship does not have and know any mercy. And they wish the wall would not be there anymore. And they will weep and mourn but I will not hear them (anymore) because their pride is too big.
Just a little while and I will come to those who love themselves. I will tell them that if they continue that way they will¡¡ perish.
Kings, Kings are coming and going but my kingdom remains forever.
Never, never ever would I give my scepter away, because no-one will be able to handle it correctly. If I would give it to men, they would abuse this power.
Would I give it to the accuser there would be nothing else then devastation – no-one would be able to escape his evil wickedness.
But I will never give away my scepter because I love you. Because I created love – the people – even those who have denied me. They go astray because of their own decision instead to turn their face towards me and have life – abundant life, a life in power and strength, life in glory.
They are going insane without me . It is sad that they are many who choose that way. Unteachable like dogs when they return to their vomit and gloat over it. Like worms they creep along.
I cannot wait – I cannot wait anymore. The end is close and I am looking so forward to that. To celebrate the wedding feast to eat and celebrate with you. Everything is prepared, it is ready – everything!
I will give you wisdom to do the right things. You, you who call my name, you who do not worship other g-d’s. You will not lack anything. You will not lack of any wisdom – nothing, yes, you will not lack of anything. Everything I have prepared for you. My faithful people. My faithful servants, my faithful maidservants, you who you don’t step into the traps of the enemy. You who do not get deceived by his tricks – you, who follow me – you, who follow me and do that what I have commanded from the beginning of the world, from the beginning of creation. You shall not have other g-d’s nor shall you make yourself any idols or images from them. Not anything that is in heaven nor is on earth. Take away your altars made of stone and build altars in your hearts.
Altars of love, to serve Me, to Love Me YHWH, who was, who is and who is to come. Every knee will bow and every
tongue will confess that Yeshua, Melech HaMelachim, King of all kings, LORD of all Lords, Majesty, powerful, sovereign. The lamb who sits on the throne, the light that shines in the darkness, the Hallelujah of all mankind.
Those who worship me will stand before Me and I will fill them. I will fill them with my Love – with my power, with my testimony, my word. With everything that I am. To do what I am doing, to speak what I am speaking, to Love what I Love, to hate what I hate.My word is truth, truth, truth, truth, truth. True, real, faithful.
Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua, the King, the wisdom, the power and glory and truth, the life, the way, the light.
Just a little while and I will come to you to talk with you as I spoke with Moshe, with Eliah. Through the mouth of my witnesses, the mouth of my servants and maidservants. And nothing will be impossible for you. Nothing anymore. Really nothing. Signs and wonders will follow those who love Me, obey my word and worship Me. It is not about great words – not about amazing speech – not about smart talking not about long prayers. It is not about godly religious mindset, not about good deeds. It is about my word it is about Me. It is about
the Love to Me and My love to you.But it is also about judgement. It is about the people who got lost when they
continue down their road as before. It is about hard hearts. Those people who are blind for my word, who are deaf to my word. Those ears are clogged with philosophy, with theology, with theory.
It is the simple people that I will send. The people who do not have a mouth for this world. Those people I will send into the harvest, in the last harvest.
Because they have been faithful in all the accusations and problems in their life. Because of all the challenges, handicaps and hindrances they remained faithful to me.
Those I will use who do not count anything in this world. They have no meaning in this world but a lot of meaning before me. They will speak about my wonders. How I lead my people out of Egypt into the promised land, the land of milk and honey.
Moshe, Yoshua, Caleb. Shepherds, farmer’s, simple people who live in tents.
Those who have nothing which counts for anything in this world. Although poor they are rich. Although neglected I have favored them. Yeshua is my name, they will call me. No other g-d’s. Nothing of that will be
found in their mouths. And even when they will be persecuted they will glorify Me. Many through their death, many through their lives, many through their works. But all of them together One with Me, in Love to each other (together).In holiness, in truth, in truthfulness, in authenticity, in faithfulness, in Love.
It is my inheritance to you, those who Love Me. It is the inheritance that I will hand out to those who keep my commandments, to those who are not to be above them to do something they did before. To go out on the water, move mountains, heal the sick, raise the dead, feed the hungry, the poor, to pass on life to others, multiply bread.
One more time I will speak like in the days of your father Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov. And I will reveal myself to those who Love Me and keep my commandments.
I will not visit them anymore who hide behind masquerades hiding behind their own religiosity. They look like they are holy but inside there is nauseous. Inside is darkness. They will remain captured in their darkness. Their heart is out of steel – harder then iron. And they will not stop sinning, in their way’s, then I will reveal it. And they will become ashamed from the top of their head to the sole’s of their feet. And they refuse to turn away because their blindness cannot see any light. And I will give them away into their Devastation. And the way will come when I will reveal myself to them and they will weep and mourn about how they have pierced me. When the wall will fall on them, the wall whom they have built by themselves they would desire to be dead and buried under that wall. But I will deliver them, I will bring them out from there. Some of them will let me do that. And even facing death many will not believe that it is Me (who will help them). They will not believe it is me who Love’s them.
The lies will increase. They will increase in that measure that it will become impossible to distinguish between truth and lie’s – except through my wisdom.
Not a single person on this earth anymore, will be able to distinguish between truth and lies except those who Love Me and keep my commandments. These are those who will carry my light and my fire into this world – and will set the earth on fire. And then I will come. When the wheat will be separated from the chaff – the ones
into eternal life and the others to destruction.
Look, my hand is not to short that I cannot save – ich nicht zu erretten vermag. But I have given you freedom to take/ grab my hand or to deny and reject my offer.
Also signs, wonders and mighty works will not bring all (many) people to Me. They will do the same tricks that the magicians have done before Pharaoh – until the time when I will take away the firstborn. Until the time when their tricks are finished and I have judged them – when my power of my Love is greater then their witchcraft. Then they will realize that I am. But those who Love Me and keep my commandments will not be affected by the plagues. They will be protected under my shield. And I will provide for them and wipe away all their tears and will make an end to their suffering.
A bride prepared, into my image. A part of Me which was taken from me. The same way as I took the rib of Adam to make his bride. Complete, perfected in beauty. The beginning is the end, the end is the beginning and I am the beginning and the end, the Alef and the Tav.It is impossible to distinguish between beginning and the end. When the book will get closed, the scroll will roll away and the earth will disappear, when I will make everything new. A new heaven and a new earth. The old has passed away, behold, I make everything new. From the beginning until the end for those who Love Me and keep my commandments.