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2 Words 2022-06-16 Twist and turn, sheep and goats

Prophetic words, given on June the 16th 2022 around 9pm

There are 2 prophetic words of the same day, first the one late evening and at the end the one in the morning

The word is very metaphorical, so please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in the understanding and for no misunderstanding.
There is no timeline given.

Beginning of prophecy (#1)

It won’t take much longer until I will twist and turn, shift and burn, shake and break.
Creation will create creatures and creations not to be identified as nature, but recognized by men.
An illustration of the orchestra that orchestrates illusions.

Science with it’s fiction all by tricks that lead to deep addiction.
A telephone became so smart, as like a man or as a woman yet without a womb.

The fire from the underground, more and more will burst with ultrasound the ring around and nations all on fire.
The fire, not the holy one but the perfume of the birds with fire in their tails.
They fly along and their paintings fill the sky.

Where will you hide when I strike?
Where will you flee when I disagree with all your sins and wicked deeds?
There is no way, oh foolish men where you can escape.
So many nails you already collected for your coffin, there where I will throw you in.
You think I do not see but yet you know I do.

All the money in your hand, o wicked evil rulers will burn forever in the place where you shall go.
Your desire you receive, not only this but more and even more than this.
As lava flows so shall it be of what you’re looking for.
It’s flow into your hand will never stop.
In all eternity you will drink your wealth.
The wealth of others poverty, your greed as sulfur rain.

See My hands and do not doubt, the blood I poured out was not in vain.
No, but as a multipurpose waterfall it flows through all eternity.

Glorious will be the day when I will take you home, My beloved children, all who trust in Me; obey My voice and do not care about the things all, that’s of this world.
But have your eyes firmly fixed on Me.

As the veil was torn and separated light from dark and right from left, so in these days the sheep and goats.
It’s now and here, so let tomorrow be tomorrow.
Obey today and now, tomorrow you don’t know.
Where you will be tomorrow only I can see.
For you it’s not to know how your life will be.

When I shift and twist and turn and let the mountains roar.
Then you will know the time is ripe for My bride to soar.

End of prophecy (#1)

Prophetic Word #2, given June 16th maybe 5am

I received it several times between waking up, awake and falling asleep again (crystal clear, almost audible)

Beginning of the Prophecy #2:
The day you hear the rooster twice, you will know the decline will go rapidly

End of Prophecy #2

It sounds like the story in Matthew 26/ Mark 14/ Luke 22 or John 13
How it related to the decline and what type of decline is not unclear

Ask the Holy Spirit for more revelation on that.

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