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Album Machshvoteicha

Gentle soothing music

Title: מחשבתיך – Machshvoteicha (Your Thoughts) —- from Psalm 92:6 / 40:2-6 – תהילים

As you see the title-song.
It is from the Psalms in the original Hebrew.
I would recommend to look for the Verses in the original Hebrew which are way stronger then through translations. And don’t forget also here to replace the titles with the Real Name of the Creator of the universe… because His thoughts for us are so wonderful we can hardly believe.

Any reason why this is not in the Psalms section?
Because it is only some verses of Psalms and not as typical for the Psalms album the complete Psalm.

To buy that song: go to the Collection at Pond 5, linked in the album-cover below