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Word/ Poetry 2024/03/13 Prophets, Politics and their tricks

Prophetic Word, given on 2024-03-13 around 9:00am (UTC+1)

Before you read or listen to the word, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you for wisdom and understanding, especially since this is in a form of a poem and has a lot of metaphors and the content is somehow a bit scattered.

Beginning of Prophecy :

To fight the good fight
you must stand on My side (site)

A battle in the flesh and politics will utterly fail
And at the end you might end up eternally in jail

Life is more precious than silver and gold
All things come to pass, as by My prophets foretold

Closer with each passing day the end will arrive
All earthly kingdoms like ancient Rome will not survive

A violent storm rages in the heavenly realm above
Against My kingdom that is solid rock with peace and love

It’s coming down in speed, closer to you
You have been warned, My word is true

Only a little time is left for anyone to chose their side
A final decision where in eternity you want to abide

The path to Me is narrow the Highway to hell is wide
To come to Me needs your repentance, no place for pride

Sheep and goats, one day I will separate those two
As clearly written in My word, nothing out of the blue

The final chapter is opened as written in My book
There is no need to have a closer look

Open your eyes and watch the world around
Blaspheming Me and my beloved is the relentless sound

Never before the people were divided so much
Emotions and words completely out of touch

Politics was never intended ordinary folks to minister
Like the kings of old, selfishness reigns, planned so sinister

Democracy and elections people shout out loud
But its only foolishness without a shred of a doubt

Selection is the reality diddled out behind closed doors
The details tweaked out by the puppet players chores

My true prophets are not allowed anymore to anoint a king
Someone after My own heart, great blessings it would bring

Political prophets roaming around now those that are not Mine
They flood the scene with the ruling hypocrites all in line

Anoint your king the one you desire and deserve, shall be
But don’t complain when only selfishness in him you’ll see

When he plays the plan of wickedness and sinful man
Signs up new laws for righteousness and truth to ban

Trials and tribulation come upon this world as never seen before
Soon will arrive in more wars and rumors right at your door

The only place you can be safe, is deep in Me
For those who don’t believe, judgment shall see

Not one, not seven but seventy times seven
The narrow path is the only one that leads to heaven

The choice in politics is reduced to vote or not
Yet I allow the leaders to continue with their evil plot

If you would truly humble yourself and turn your heart to Me
Judgment could be spared a Nineveh, grace again you would see

You could experience the same but it requires repentance of all sin
It truly would touch My heart and I would change you from deep within

But time is here all for things to come to an end very soon
As My true prophets saw and declared with a darkened sun and bloody moon

Peace and safety, war and chaos everything side by side
Then destruction comes so suddenly as much as I will take My bride

Not many are really prepared for the very hour that day
Ignorant theology and skeptics are not ready on their knees to pray

That day they will learn the lesson of My higher ways
When pure evil and horror will accompany their remaining days

Today you have a choice unlike in politics
Where you are fooled by all their diabolic tricks

By the choice in Me you’ll find love and all your hearts desires
I’m the only one who can keep you safe in all the coming fires

My words are true as I’m The truth, The eternal life, The way
Choose Me now, because beside salvation there’s nothing else to say

End of Prophecy

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