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Word/ Poetry 2024/01/24 The great Big show

Prophetic word (poem), received on 2024-01-24 around 9:00am while working

Please ask the Holy Spirit when you listen or read this word to lead and guide you for full understanding and complete interpretation of all metaphorical elements.
As it is a poem, sentences might also be a bit jumbled.

Beginning of prophecy:

Here we come, here we go
Into the great big show

Wars and rumors and evolution
Who cares about law and constitution

With every day that pass in high places
Reveals the wickedness in all their faces

Driven by the master or all lies
They dance and rejoice with ever child that dies

The writing is finished plain and clear on the wall
Someone else pretends to write nearby a wake up call

But who will wake up when all are asleep?
And everyone is lined up like innocent sheep

Now if you have ears, listen to Me and My word
There are still many out there who have not heard

Prosperity is not the thing you need to know
It’s deeper the matter that needs to grow

But before the grain can sprout, it needs to be dead
The seed in the soil one day will give you bread

Many who call My name are still somehow alive
But in the soil of this world they flourish and thrive

This was not the place I called you to be
And dreaming that politics might set you free

When do you truly repent and come to Me?
Instead hanging on idols, named it Miss liberty

I Am the One who gave you freedom of choice
And also the One who hears your silent voice

In leaders of this world you can never get hope
It’s delusional deception at the end of the rope

How often do I need to call til you finally return?
To come to Me away from your chronic concern

How have you forgotten My power, My blood and grace?
While thinking you can solve the problem of sin in human ways

Will you ever be ready, so I can take you home?
Or eternally bound on TV watching how the wicked foam

They want you dead – I want you to live
Because I have so much more love to give

Time will come to an end and then, where will you stay?
Are you ready for the great and glorious judgment day?

Too late, too late it will be for the wicked after all
Those who think in their pride they will never fall

Adams fall will return at the closing of this age
The great falling away is the following page

People won’t believe that soon all will end
When before Me, many try their sin to defend

All these fools the forbidden fruit of the tree they ate?
In blindness and greed signed their eternal fate

Holy is the only way you can stand in front of Me
Before My throne where every soul will bend their knee

Those who were made righteous in Me will go to My right
At the left are the goats, forever they shall dwell in the night

A night in horror, deep crying, sorrow and pain
Those who rejected My salvation or took My name in vain

Those who join My wedding, My friends with My bride
Will live forever in glory and delight

End of Prophecy/ Poem

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