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Word/ Poetry 2023-11-02 Winter and Harvest

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-11-02 ~6:30pm

As always please ask the Holy Spirit before you read of listen to the word for wisdom and full understanding, because it is in poetic form with a lot of metaphors and somehow incomplete with the sentences and grammar.

Beginning of Prophecy

Winter is at the door
A winter like never before

As hearts became cold as ice
People running to and fro, many pay the price

A price for foolishness so deep
You will hear a noise so loud Rachel will weep

Sins piled up to heaven so high
Lawlessness and wickedness and people die

Harvest in winter, people say, it can’t be
Souls covered in snow and ice I will set them free

Cry to Me to the Father in heaven with your voice
And don’t sit around TV or all other lying noise

You will see what I am able to do
All those without faith they have no clue

Nothing they know of My power and glory
When I shift the globalists deception story

Truth shall go forth to the 4 corners of the earth
The woman in the sky gives the baby boy’s birth

Hail, fire and brimstones waiting for release
The man of sin will declare a global peace

A prize he received – a price you will pay
If you worship him and walk in his way

his ways and Mine are further apart as the east is from the west
If you take his number you will never enter into My eternal rest

A place where there’s no winter and no freezing season
No sin, no wickedness, pain or suffering nor treason

If men would repent I would bring the winter of old
But as they refuse to come, it’ll be neither hot nor cold

Freezing hearts of stone not by flesh
Instead renewed by My blood and fresh

Not much longer My bride you’ll have to wait
The way to heaven for you is clear and straight

It’s as straight as your life, how you deal with sin
Depends if how you repent or not from deep within

There sheep and goats separated right and left
Think about, if you try to hide from Me in your cleft

Turn from your sins today, tomorrow might be too late
Unless you desire eternal hell’s fire and seal your fate

My arms are still open to receive you by grace
For eternity in love you can see My face

My blood I poured out at the cross, it’s enough for all
I promised it to Adam in the beginning his fall

Not much longer when the door will close you’ll know
This is true as in Canadian winter you’ll see some snow

Winter will come, winter will go and spring will arrive
But you oh sinner don’t know if you will be still alive

Regardless the season, today the reaper shall be on the field
Even in midst snow and ice with my salvation be sealed

I am waiting for you to go and call before the trump will sound
Before the big shaking will wash away all those on sandy ground

Stand firm stand firm upon My rock
So I can gather you with My beloved flock

End of Prophecy

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