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Word/ Poetry 2023-08-28 The world is going down the drain

Prophetic Word/ Poetry 2023-08-28 6:30pm while cleaning the room

Before you listen or read the word, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through it especially as this word is again in a poetic form and so the grammar quiet messy and the sentences sometimes somehow incomplete – and don’t forget all the metaphors.

Beginning of Prophecy:

When all the world is going down the drain
Selfishness with leaders who are utterly insane

Between all the fake and gruesome scary news
There is a love letter with My word to chose

Not many turn at the crossroad into the narrow path
Those who don’t repent very soon will feel My wrath

This world is at the threshold, at the last final days
Like in the times of Noach there men went their own ways

Darkness sneaked in as a paint of toxic venom so dark
Compared to what’s coming it’s still pleasant like a walk in a park

It covers the land each and every nation
A layer of sin increased like a hyper inflation

A little more time I would grant you
If you would obey what I called you to do

But also you need to stay very close to Me
Remember to share why I hung on the tree

I did it for all your friends and your enemy
It was an act of grace not works of charity

Then again I say to you over and over again
Cling to Me in every storm and don’t trust in men

I know what’s the best for you as I know the end
Forget about traditions, doctrines you want to defend

Even don’t love your own life or else you might lose it
And then you will end up in the eternal deep dark pit

If you lose it for My sake you will save it that’s for sure
You need to stay humble because a few more things you have to endure

Midnight comes, the clock in a second it shall strike
Except if faithful ones pray some as Joshua alike

To stop the sun and the moon until the battle is won
And then together with My Bride many more will be gone

The ones who will be left behind, horrors will face every day
Some be slaughtered or eaten, some be martyred, others will be as prey

Rules be gone, no more laws everyone will be on his own
Everything foretold as My Word has clearly been shown

The ruling mob never had respect for anyone’s life
Everything removed before them with dagger and knife

If no-one like Joshua will stand up and stop the ticking clock
Right after the strike earth will experience a huge big shock

How I wish those over whom My name is called to be
would humble themselves and cry in distress to Me

And also seek My face all the time every day
And on their knees in truth would earnestly pray

Including not to forget to turn away from evil ways
Far from the wizards you tolerated so much in your place

Then I surely will hear their voices from heaven and forgive
Their sins removed, their land be healed for them to live

My beloved, the time for you to rejoice draws near
When all world turns to panic you have nothing to fear

You know I’m in control above all and everything
Be confident like David with stones and his sling

The Goliath’s of this world in My presence have nothing to say
When I live in you I will kick them away

I will give the beast some authority for a short season
For the ones who will fall away is one of the reason

But during that time more souls than ever before I will save
While the wicked will slowly sink deeper into their eternal grave

The devil knows his time is up and this I use for My glory
The final countdown is here as evil will end his story

Again I say, rejoice as your redemption is nigh
The hour so soon to dance with Me and never die

End of prophecy.

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