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Word/ Poetry 2023-04-06 All falls apart – suddenly

Prophetic Poetry/ Poem, given 2023-04-06 7:30pm

And as always ask the Holy Spirit prayerfully for guidance, wisdom and understanding.
And especially since this is a poem, some sentences appear to be incomplete or grammatically juggled around.
I also don’t have scripture verses included, not to mess up the character of the poem.
However, I added some at the end

Beginning of Prophecy:

What will you do when everything falls apart
Will you be ready and willing for a brand new start
Or will you enjoy destructive cities called so smart
Live in midst sin with the stench of big brothers fart

Or do you prefer to come up to Me to be by My side
Walk in holiness to become My beautiful bride

Time is winding down to choose
Gain the world or your soul to lose

Most people asleep in their slumbers
But churches only concerned about numbers

The members in their books
So great for them it looks

It’s not the same book as the one before Me
Not all signed in My book of life I will see
Sad, sad, yes, very sad and horrible it will be
I am the one who once hung on the tree

The tree like the door to the garden
For the ones you say when they cross the Yarden

When some before Me will say as the devil ″I believe″
But have not been ready for the one who comes like a thief

Suddenly in the middle of the night
A moment in time, a twinkling a light

Left behind getting angry against Me
When I never saw them even once bent their knee

Not before Me but before the beast
All they had in their hearts was rotten yeast

A little pharisee leaven that spoiled the whole lump
Distracted their eyes so much focused on Trump

Their ears cloaked for My trumpet to hear
A warning to repent and to shed at least one tear

But dry as a morsel of dust
Not more than a hand full of rust

How their emotions will awake when I say
I never knew you, get out of My way

And to many not cold neither somehow hot
But deceived in the lukewarm mainstream pot

Oh how much I wish everyone would heed My voice
And come to Me as their eternal salvation choice

Me heart is breaking to know many will perish
In a place of torment where’s nothing to cherish

Today when you hear My cry to come
All of you, not only a few or some

When I say all I mean all with all My heart
To come to Me is better than to join the system called smart

From the very beginning this was My desire
That not one of Adams sons shall end in eternal fire

The lake so hot it can’t be measured by men
No water no air there, no light, no cooling fan

The boiling pot for the frog is pleasant compared to the fiery lake
It’s not a fantasy, not a joke, nor anything the liars label as fake

It is real, originally designed for the devil and his angels only
But all who will end up there for all eternity will be utterly lonely

Come, as long as there is time
Before My last final rhyme

Yes, those willing to harvest I’ll give more anointing
So their journey will not be disappointing

A harvest like never before
Like a tsunami of souls flooding to the shore

Fruits better and greater than ever seen
Washed by My blood purified and clean

But a tsunami of wickedness also on it’s way
Therefor you all My children the more you should pray

For you My beloved all you want to see
In My kingdom together with Me

I will know if you open your ears
And listen to Me with a heart that hears

And understand obedience and trust
And not live the desires of worldly lust

Holiness and faith as a mustard seed
Not pride or love of money nor any greed

Stay away from immorality idolatry and hate
Because all these things will be your final fate
One day without repentance it’ll be too late
Forgive and give your life to Me and make it straight

There is no such thing as impossible to Me
All sin I can cast into the deepest dark sea

Forever drowned, remembered no more
No waters can wash it back to the shore

Listen to the lion of Yehuda’s tribe, and be still
The bear, the eagle, the dragon with the horses gonna kill

They play together, make people believe, they are fighting
Punching back and forth with wrestling and biting

But no, its just a show of great deception
One will fall, one get tall and another insurrection

The horses dance with laughter, giggling and rejoice
But all of them are scared to death, knowing to hear the lions voice

One day the roar will blast and interrupt their game
The play of cheat since the beginning has always be the same

Peace and safety the towers soon will shout
When it comes I advice you to look out with doubt

Lies upon more lies, more than ever before
Countless lies that sound like truth, so much more

Do not be deceived when the cunning one
Who pretend to be a lion roars and imitates the Son

When you see him in the sky, do not believe
Mister Beam of blue is nothing but one to deceive

When I come, everybody will know without any doubt
A few (will) rejoice but most people in scary fear will shout

But until that day (is here), work as there is still light
Soon enough it’s finished with the coming deep dark night

And then the final triumph with all My saints
While you see how all evil and wickedness faints

And melt away by just a single word
Those who ignored my warnings they heard

For generations I called over and over to repent
To be ready for the final day, the last event

End of Prophecy

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