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Word/ Poetry 2022-12-26 shake quake – purge church

Prophetic Word/ Poetry, given on 2022-12-26

The word came in a poetic form
It came just when I was on the way to make a shake (Bananas, grapes, mango, carrot, sharon fruit, and all good stuff).
I forgot to write down the time when I received the words, but guess somewhere afternoon or towards evening.

Please ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and understanding as this contains some metaphorical elements and due to it’s poetic character with missed out grammar or sentences that seem to be incomplete.
And it sounds it jumps also back and forth in a prophetic timeline.

Beginning of prophecy:

Let it shake, let it shake
I will let it quake

I will purge
I will purge the church

Because soon it all will change
Everything that is artificially strange

Strange for me strangely pleasing for men
Derived of wickedness deep from the den

All in range of My mighty hand
The houses built on quick slick sand

Their collapse yes will be coming soon
When the pin is going to hit the phony balloon

In a moment swiftly very quick
Because this system is corrupted and utterly sick

Then you will hear a big big cry
As the greedy monster is about to die

Weeping and wailing over all the loss
The ones who never seek the one at the cross

My children, carefully listen to My voice
I know you’ve already made a precious choice

But do not be deceived by all of this
You know the term that ignorant is bliss

Wisdom from My throne you surely need
Destruction comes in hypersonic speed

Miss liberty will tumble and will fall
Just before the trump will sound, the urgent call

My little ones where will you be
When Babylon drops into the sea

How can I hide My thoughts from you
Of all the things I’m about to do

You can pray and pray and pray
Wherever you might stay

I will be coming soon one day
And take you home to Me, away

Then the world will last a few more years
But those in Me, wiped away their tears

In worship and praise My beloved sing
I hear you, I am your eternal King

You see the signs, the end of time
Rejoice because it claims the final rhyme

The melody of heavens above
Where I reign in boundless love

A love for those who keep my command
Who have not built their house on sand

The world is upside down but not for you
Because I promised you to bring you through

With every day that’s passing by
The hour draws nearer when you will fly

Into My arms into My heart
Not the ones who think they are smart

I have a place for you prepared
In heaven, nothing to be compared

Not of bricks and mortar, things men strive
But made of precious stones, pure gold and alive

Manna from heaven will be soon your food again
But will disappear as soon you start to complain

Yet, if you thankfully enjoy the taste
Each day it will get better, you don’t want to waste

A taste of My glorious wedding feast
While the left behind will deal with the ugly beast

Come and let the world behind today
The destructive road so wide leads only astray

But stay close behind Me on the narrow way
Through the door to life where you shall stay

Forever to be with Me and never apart
That’s where real life truly going to start

Many mansions are still not occupied
Of the ones who will be glorified

But soon when all be coming home
And leave the horror under the dome

No more pain and suffering it will be
The moment you will stay with Me

With Me for all eternity
Away from all absurdity

And rest from all useless activity
You had on earth between rotten humanity

No depravity, no corruption no more sin
My love shall flow deep under your skin

Never will it stop to flow
No end, unlike the worldly show

There is no real love in wickedness
all trickery blasphemy and lawlessness

My Word is true and will remain forever
And My beloved here with Me together

With Me for all eternity
Love and life in harmony

End of prophecy.

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