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Word 2022-08-30 Political Show and Winter Lockstep

Prophetic word/ poem, received on 2022-08-30 around 9:45pm

Please ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and understanding as this word appears to me very much fragmented

Beginning of Prophecy:

Look, the political show
Oh no!
It’s about to blow
Where shall we go?

Who would ever thought about this
Yes, yes, yes, ignorance is bliss

no, no, no one hoax chase the next
People fooled blinded and vexed

You ask, is there anything we can do?
When many in the streets are turning blue

Fire from heaven they say, no it’s all fake
May it be just a taste of the final burning lake

Weeping gnashing of teeth all day long
for those who did not stop to sing the devils song

A party they think there it will be
All those in rainbow colors completely agree

How comes, people are so blind?
What happens deep in a human mind?

A voice that is called (by) the father of lies
Words of deception of course, not a surprise

A perpetual license we have to kill
Is firmly believed by Mister Bill

The bill you will pay one day very soon
Not only for you, so bloody as the final moon

Too many millions from the harlot they drink
My nose smell the rats, oh, how does it stink

A winter with ice so hot
like a freezing boiling pot

Not only frogs are baking there
Creepy creatures are mixed in everywhere

Get ready My children, the cold winter will get very hot
When you will see the next poison rising in the mixture of the pot

Some will freeze, others will sweat
Some places dry with bones, others soaking wet

Look at the stars, see their vibration
Prepare to fall upon each and every nation

The people, the sheeple all cheer
But don’t understand how the end is near

Quick, quick, quick, it’s coming very fast
Listen to the sound, the trumpet blast

A sound so chilling and thrilling to hear
For some a joy, yet others in terrible fear

The lockstep is coming to a turn
As soon their laundry money start to burn

And then many will hide and run
Because it’s the end of any sinful fun

And the battle is going to boil
When billions will be turned back to soil

The sun/son will laugh and shriek
As soon all wickedness is on it’s peak

Out of My mouth only one single, one certain word
Is more than enough, close from far it will be heard

I will sweep the plateau of pride and sin
As dirt and dust everything will end in a bin

Every word and deed is recorded in the books in heaven above
Judgment is on it’s way in justice, righteousness and love

If you don’t believe, wait until it’s here
Then you may spill out your ugly warm beer

It will find you in all corners of fornication
all to be revealed deep into your motivation

Babylon you think will be a hiding place
But there you will know your identity and face

When suddenly I stand in the middle of your private room
It will be worse for you than every doom and gloom

And when your show will end
you have nothing to defend

Empty, naked before My throne you’ll stand
Gone is your house, pridefully once built on sand

End of Prophetic Poetry

Matthew 8:12, 37-50, Luke 13:24-30
Revelation 19:20, 20:10-15
John 8:44
Matthew 24:29, Mark 13:25

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