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Prophetic Word, given 2024-04-17, 6:00AM

Remember, we prophecy in part and it’s your responsibility to ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth.
This word is also not for the purpose to replace scripture, remove nor add unto it, not at all, not one of my prophecies, it just reflects some details in modern language.
We simply use now different words for many biblical descriptions like chariots, animals, creatures, fire out of the mouth or possibly even ships and so on.

This word sometimes addresses directly certain people or a group of people, but sometimes the view changes into a third person form or whatever is the proper grammatical term is appropriate, I have anyway no clue about grammar, but sometimes it is given from a perspective as when someone talks about someone else (we would say gossip, but in this case it’s the Holy Spirit speaking).

So besides this, it contains also metaphors and figurative elements (be aware of that).
And as always, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, to give you wisdom and understanding of all the things containing in this word.

Beginning of Prophecy:

you plant your children in front of TV and there they watch Disney-wonderland.
By it they receive a twisted concept of a cozy perfect world with bubble fantasy.
Wonders over wonders with beauty paint an illustration of a desirable world, but it’s a delusional reality.
You know it, but little children are not aware of the deception.

Disney plays with the innocent minds of children because their wicked movie-spirit has no moral limits, so their big brother Hollywood do the same for the older ones.
Very subtle the children receive some fictional food baked in an amazement oven, seasoned with witchcraft and idolatry.
Cunning and charming but clear and clever to wake the curiosity of their prey as demanded by the devil the master of their producers.
Yes, they display the devil as evil but dress him in a coat of innocence to stir up compassion for him, instead showing his real face with the Pinocchio nose as long as the east is from the west.

Yes, Disney and Hollywood knows exactly who the devil is, and this is… their best friend.
And so the children from the beginning are being manipulated while the small print of wickedness is being inscribed into their hearts as their future terms and conditions.
Children are so wonderful but I wonder about the parents why, and how many of them place their children at the entrance of the wide road that leads to destruction.
I could do many wonders through them if they would learn what it means to walk in righteousness like Avraham and (you parents should) guide them along the narrow path that leads to eternal life until they (the childeren) themselves know how to walk the difficult track.
Makes me wonder with those who said they follow Me, but dedicate their children to those who blaspheme My holy name.
Don’t wonder and be surprised when your days are numbered, and you’ll figure out, your reward is very small.

Wonderland with a joystick in the hand.
Action and reaction under the law of attraction.
Go faster for the master, the better the clatter, go higher with the liar.
To reach the top of high scores are the daily chores.

So many young people dive into their supposed ″wonderful″ virtual world that developed more and more real until it becomes the devils intended reality in their minds.
Explosions, elimination of real reality ends finally as an easy prey for the designers of wickedness.

They even believe all what counts are the counts, and oh wonderful, when at the end of the game the high score of stars is waiting with star wars as the final goal.
The honor rises with the numbers of death.
At the end of the game, all empathy, compassion and love is erased in the hearts and the only thing is left is a willing killing machine in human costume.

Once the toy’s screens will be replaced with the real thing, the mindset remains with explosions and eliminations and the joystick in the hand carry death under it’s wings.
Games to prepare for THE game of the gamer tamer.
The spiral of death becomes for them wonderful amusement, until reality reveals itself at the gates of hell, when it is too late to repent.
If you don’t repent now and stop, soon, yes, probably sooner than you wish, you will realize your wonderland of a high score attempt guides you into the abyss – game over!

Wonderland in parliament
A promise they make for each and every little thing.
All economy, society and variety of life shall become a wonderland they claim, and write it in BIG letters on the wall that’s build on sand.

The wonder starts right at the beginning with promise above promises just before every election.
A wonderful declaration of blessings and benefits on every level for the sheep who are willing to run to their own slaughter.
And then just the day after the people had wasted their time to drop the vote for their candidate… a smokescreen of Alzheimer appeared supposedly out of nowhere in the parliaments, and all wonderful promises and wonderful declaration of great things can’t be remembered anymore, but tyranny becomes reality.

And you wonder why your nation is not converted into wonderland but into terror- land.
A horror movie right in front of your door is the ultimate plan that’s written in the underground playbook of Mister Warlock and their sorcerers.
Oh people tongues and nations, when do you learn?
How many righteous kings have been coming and going throughout all generations?
Find the few between all the traitors, dictators and the wolfs in sheep clothing who have already received their rewards.
There is a big ″parliament″ in hell where great delusional wealth is stored and all the politicians who have learned from their very youth nothing else but to follow the money – it will be there.
From the ceiling of this parliament the roots of evil will reach down into their tiny chambers and squeeze them as much as they squeezed out their neighbors on earth.
And the roots will be on fire that burns forever.

School teach history with lies, and praise the wonderland of death, and at the end, inspired students join military and police and do exactly the same things they learned.
Established and carefully planned by clans behind closed doors to present a very sophisticated cunning way to train people in war and rumors of wars.
To learn and know how to initiate and execute war is exactly the purpose of history in schoolbooks.
If you would send your children into My presence, the school of love and righteousness, I would teach them to keep My commandments and love all their neighbors, of a life that is free of plunder and rape.
I have sent My Holy Spirit as your teacher who knows how to guide you into all truth and I Myself are your shepherd who lead you into eternal life.
But as you decided to give your children the milk of the devil to drink, don’t wonder when they are grown their desire will grow to devour meat of your neighbors and sometimes even your own.

Wonderland in all nations is the results of elections while democracy is lifted high above heavens, yet most of the people don’t see behind the bread and circus theater, were the partakers of a selection show are being handpicked and the voting is nothing but a delusion of an illusion.
Humanism and climate change is the religion of these deluded fools.

Though at the end of the line it is My sovereign will, if and how this fraud system works, because I am the one who give each nation their king they deserve, which is the king that serve My will, to fulfill My promise, My word, spoken in ancient times through My prophets, for the purpose to bring people, as many as possible to repentance.
How many people worship presidents and princes and vote for them, but how few are those who vote only for Me, the King of Kings?
Three were left who did not bow down before Nebuchadnezzar – how many will I see remain standing at the end of these days who do not worship idols, puppets in parliaments, materialism, Disney, Hollywood and AI fantasy?
You can’t vote for Elohim and for Mammon and it’s satellites at the same time.
I am the only one who keeps His promises forever.

And indeed it is a wonder to Me, when I see one of these puppets in high places repent and turn to Me.
Almost all of them walk away like the rich young man who came to Me asking, how he can gain eternal life.
Though most of them don’t even come to Me but built their own hopeless bubble in hope to gain eternal life.
Their hunger for power, money and fame makes it next to impossible to follow me.
If you doubt, ask the camel who tried to go through the eye of a needle how difficult it is.

Wonderland in technology, all their foundations built on sand.
The first wonder you can see, if you could look behind the scenes and know how all technology connects together.
The whole construct is so fragile that is is a wonder anything at all works.
If I would not allow it all of it would fall apart like a house of cards by the slightest wind.
Yet people believe it’s all rock solid as their sandy foundation claim a scientific proof – but… it’s all a vapor

Meanwhile the smart AI driven gods pop out on every corner.
Countless the amount of the followers of this Beast.
With joyful dancing people run into the latest achievement, and toss everything that does not shine anymore as much as it did a little while ago.

As like in Disney, Hollywood, gaming and politics, everything is built upon lies and deception.
But even through these frail eggshell-like constructs, you are able to talk with brothers, sisters and friends thousands of miles away from you – and this even in almost real time.
Not only this, you are able to see each other, as if they would be sitting across you on a table.
I hear on every corner, this is a blessing to share the Word, but most of it circles around within their clans within the community of clubs who already heard My word.
Does it ever go out from these places in a way that will bring the lost souls into My kingdom?

Don’t forget that the living word proceeds out of My mouth and I have given you a mouth to let it go forth to your neighbors.
And indeed I gave permission for a short season for My word to be shared through technology.
But the day will come when it will be banned as like bibles in bookstores before everything will collapse within an hour.

Almost all humans are so fascinated and distracted that they don’t see who gives permission that it all works, as it works.
Sadly too many spend hours of hours every day in technology wonderland but can’t find a minute to give Me thanks for all of this – and more, to give thanks that I still give time to repent before their days are numbered.
They take it for granted and give honor rather to the people who develop these things instead Me who gave them the skills and the breath to live.

All bits and bytes in digital devices, all machines and moving parts that supposedly makes life easier, and it makes most people to feel like a child in wonderland as they have been taught by Disney.
But then they go out and trample on grass and flowers and don’t realize these are great wonders, and though the grass fades and the flower withers, people are blind, as they don’t realize, their own lives is the same.
They trample on little children and don’t see them as wonders anymore but as a burden.

They trample on My word and yet, it speaks about the greatest wonder of all eternity.
The creator of heaven and earth who left His Glory and became flesh and dwelt among corruption – not as a show, not to bring another political system or another worldly kingdom, but because of compassion for His creation, to bring them all to Himself.
Most people laugh at the cross and truly it is foolishness to those who perish, but for those who are saved it is My wonderful power.
The power that overcame sin and death, My blood is free by grace and mercy.
Try to find anything greater than this.
As soon as you realize this, you would sell everything you have to buy this beautiful wonderful powerful pearl.

Pharaoh saw all the signs and wonders performed by My hand, yet refused to let My people go.
One day I will take My people out, whether the wicked Pharaohs of these last days like it or not.
Suddenly they will be with Me.
And yes, these wicked men will rejoice on that day when the restrainer will be gone.
But very soon afterwards they will regret it and start to mock me more than ever before.

Compared to the modern Pharaohs and tyrants, back in the days of Moshe, the heart of Pharaoh in Egypt was relatively soft.
He did not desire to kill his own children or his own people as like the modern ones hope to accomplish.
You wonder if I might harden the hearts of these Pharaohs one day or continue to seek if they might repent…
I tell, you, several of them, I have already hardened in their hearts and it is just a matter of time when they will drown in the sea with the millstone around their necks.
These ones will never see My wonderland of heaven but instead wonder why their master will be so rude to them, once they will fall into the claws of hell.
The will be wondering where all the promises disappeared, the devil granted them, as they did his bidding.
They will realize as much as they break constantly their own promises supposedly for the benefit of the people, the promises of the devil in exchange for fame and wealth will fire back on them a billion times more in a way they wish they were never born.
I gave them plenty of time to repent, but they refused like Pharaoh and soon enough they will reap what they have sown.
Too late too late it will be one day – it will come, that day.

And how often have I performed great wonders for My people Israel but over and over they rebelled against Me.
Then they don’t need to wonder when the enemy is coming against them after they have rejected the mantle of My protection.

I told them countless times, if they turn from Me and My ways and follow other gods who can’t speak, see, hear or smell… the result will be the harvest of their rotten trees.
Once they ate enough of it, their hearts will melt out of fear and some will turn to Me and turn away from their wicked ways and gain wisdom which brings them to the point to fear Me.

I see in churches many ″wonders″ that makes me wonder.
Yes, it is wonder to Me how many people join certain churches where My word might be occasional a side note, but then, when the baskets goes around, the people in the pews empty their wallets for a new plane or Ferrari for the leaders of this compound, instead investing in My kingdom and give their overflow to the poor and needy as I commanded, and more so, to listen to My voice.

It is a wonder to Me how many desire the itching of their ears instead the piercing of hearts, chopping off fleshly lust, the dividing of soul and spirit, separating truth from lies.
How few consider the day to come when I will separate the sheep from the goats.
Yes, there are signs and wonders in churches, but most of them are not of Me.
By deception and trickery, many wonders are being presented to deceive, but these signs and miracles are not by My finger.
False preachers, teachers and prophets use them for their own benefit and profit.
One day these preachers and their companions will stand before Me and I will say to them: ″I never knew you, depart from Me…″
Fake signs, miracles and wonders and a fake watered down gospel is not what I have commanded.

Do you like to see My wonderful works of the children of men?
Look into the eyes of your neighbor, look into My eyes and praise Me for My goodness.
The breath in your lungs is a miracle, a wonder you can’t imagine.

Disney and Hollywood seeks after the hearts of children and men.
Games seeks after your emotions.
Politics seeks after their own selfishness.
Technology seeks after the knowledge of the tree of good and evil.
And church seeks to pretend as holy as possible.
A few are real, a few are Mine, all a multitude that no-one can number, but few compared to the ones who willingly run into the place who enlarged itself and opened its mouth beyond measure.

If you, oh men, would seek Me truly with all of your hearts, you would realize how wonderful you are and you would understand that is is I, who made you as a wonderful man or woman without a single mistake.

Look into the sky and see how wonderfully I places the sun and moon and stars up there.
But the day will come soon, when the powers of heavens shall be shaken where the sun shall be darkened, the moon will not give its light and the stars shall fall from heaven.
It will reflect the hearts and sins of men and My tears.
And those, who will still be alive by that time, will be petrified and wonder, what shall come next, as they have seen already so much death and destruction.

Those who repented and asked Me for forgiveness, having made their vote for Me shall not wonder or be afraid of what will follow, because they know already now that real Wonderland in paradise with Me will be their eternal home.
The wonder of the cross and the blood I poured out is enough to bring you into My Wonderland.

And this is not a Disney or Hollywood illusion with flying witches and bitches or goblins in dark corners, but a place of peace, joy and love in My Holy Spirit.
There is no need to know how this might look like.
As I am the truth I speak in truth.
Enough for you is to know the beauty of My Wonderland is way beyond your comprehension; it is the beauty of My salvation.

Yet, it’s your free choice to join the wonders of My love or you may left to wonder why the horrors in hell will never end.

End of Prophecy

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