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Word 2024/03/06 Let the little children come to Me & the Total Collapse

Prophetic Word 2024-03-06 10:00am Let the little children come to Me & the total collapse

I had a hard time to process it, and was not really excited to see or share it.
Most words arrive actually in a visual form – and this one was ugly.
But before you listen or read this word, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy in all wisdom and understanding, including the metaphors.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.
Some say, my body, my choice, I say: No, your body is not your choice, this is the devils lie, or have you created life by yourself?
And more, for the girls; the body that grows in your womb is also mine, it’s not yours.
You have not designed your body, that is able to grow life in it, so if you touch the life that is within you and remove it, it’s murder.
You women know, when you go into bed with men (for sexual interactions) it can happen that you will get pregnant.
And many, really most of you run from man to man like a prostitute, one after the other, and don’t think with your brain, that I have given you to think, first of all, you might become pregnant, but more so the bonds you make with that man (of these men) whether it’s with five, or with hundreds of men, it doesn’t matter.
It will cause your soul to be contaminated and mingled with all things this men carries in their soul and spirit.
I have given a man to have one woman as wife and one woman to have one man as their husband, everything else is adultery.
My blood can wash it all away if you come to me and repent, but it’s not an easy process, except if you have a lot of faith.
Ask the Samaritan woman whom I met at the well, how it feels to be freed from sexual addiction and slavery by My blood.

Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

When they get born whether within a marriage or any other form of living… they try to grow and become mature like a beautiful tasty healthy fruit, but you hinder them to come to Me, and by that their souls got filled with worms and sinful rotten substances.
Only a very few teach them My ways, My thoughts and My word.
The rest (of the population) teach them blasphemy, violence, ignorance, perversion and all kind of sinful behavior.

So often they are placed in front of TV as their teachers, where they watch Hollywood and other programs, that are filled with diabolical lies and distractions and teachings, witchcraft, sorcery, murder and so on…
Even in most children’s programs witchcraft is dominant above everything else, whether you see and recognize it or not.
Most is hidden in a very subtle way, yet enough to spoil the innocent highly sensitive children’s heart.

Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these

And then they are forced to go through the matrix training and learn perversion, witchcraft, lies, deception, hate, robbery, violence and all imaginable evil. And those who run those institutions, called school or universities or such, and most teachers, without consciousness teach them what they have been instructed and commanded.
No common sense, no real education, nothing what I commanded you to teach your children, but indoctrination of fake science and diabolical knowledge from the twisted tree of good and evil.
You hinder them to come to Me, you have banned My word from your well designed brainwashing-centers.
You have banned them by intimidation, even by using severe punishment for the attempt even just to discuss about Me.
You have led them into a framework of humanistic slavery that is worse than the slavery in Egypt for the children of Israel.
You have trained them to be obedient and complicit servants to authorities, to those which I have not given any authority at all.
They have only gained their so-called authority only through channels of witchcraft and dedication to the devil’s command for the purpose of power and control.

Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these

At a certain age you cast them out from your homes into a filthy depraved society, where the reality of life has been twisted into virtual reality, like computer games, that taught them how to kill, steal and destroy.
And the virtual reality with AI have brought them to a place that they don’t know anymore what real reality is, neither the purpose of life nor their own divine calling.
The reality according to My design, according to my commandments is, to love Me and love your neighbors as you love yourself.
And indeed, they have been taught to hate themselves so much that many don’t see themselves anymore as a girl or a boy or even a human.
And if if this is not enough, when someone now dares to claim to be a boy or a girl they are silenced by the Censoring-Gestapo.
Twisted reality have carried these children far away from My truth.
It has brought them to a place where they believe, and even are convinced, that good is evil and evil is good.

And you, who run these institutions and you, oh obedient teachers will reap what you have sown.
How many of these children grew and came into positions as young leaders of nations with inspirations from the pit of hell, to torment their neighbor with every possible method, in every way and form of how they learned it from their diabolical inspired teachers and demons who placed the thoughts in their minds.
If the children could have been born and grown under the influence of praise and worship and in My word and even as little children would be permitted to be leaders of this world, I tell you, the world would be a paradise.

But no, you leaders say, they have no voice, no choice, because they are stupid, they are fools, they are unlearned.
But the greatest fools are you in leader positions, fooled by the greatest deceiver of all, the devil himself. Exported from people in high places down into the education system to deceive anyone from the very beginning.
Repent now, or else, when I come and judge you, the day, when you see the millstone around your neck, I won’t hear your cry for mercy anymore, because you hindered the little children to come to Me.
You harmed them, you abused them in every possible way that they could never grow into the individual personality I created and called them to be.
Only with a few, a very few exceptions all the little children you have murdered mentally and spiritually.

The unborn and the little ones whom you have murdered physically are with Me and waiting for you to repent and turn to Me
Ask for forgiveness for all your sins and all your transgressions will be washed away by My blood.
And by that you can have eternal life and see the children you have murdered.
No, they will not be angry against you.
They will be more than happy, like for the one sheep that has gone astray and has been found, more as the 99 which went not astray.
So much more joy they have like Me for the one sinner that repents than the 99 which need no repentance.

I have placed in every heart the awareness of heaven and hell.
But as you teach and indoctrinate the children that hell is only a metaphor, a symbol for something bad or just a Hollywood fantasy – you bring them to a place where they believe it.
Meanwhile you present it not even a symbol for anything bad anymore, but it has become a symbol of excitement, party, joy and celebration and something very desirable.
And the children in their innocent hearts have believed it and still believe and are those who grew up taught and teach it to the next generation.
It’s all a lie from the pit of hell and the truth is, that hell is worse than anything you can ever imagine, but you don’t want to hear.

The turning point has already passed.
Not much longer when the downfall reaches the bottom.
Like an aircraft when all engines fail, for a little while it continues to soar in the sky, but slowly declining and gaining speed, then closer and closer it comes to the ground centered to the bottomless pit.
The majority of mankind have no clue how close it is to the final cataclysmic crash.

It will be as much devastating for those in leadership, who have been drifting away in their delirium of greed, celebrating their supposed success, sitting high up in their ivory tower like in the airplane, but as much worse for those who are called the useless animals standing on the ground.
Most can’t see the coming disaster, only assume something weird might happen when it’s already very close to the impact.
And then… what are they gonna do?
They take out their smartphones and capture the scene with the intention to post it on social media to gain a lot of attention to boost their ego.

But I tell you, the coming impact, the crash of all things will be different to anything ever before or compared to the one of an ordinary aircraft accident or a train collision.
It will not only become a regional shaking, a local destruction or something idiomatic, even if it will hit first a certain area.
Within no time, it will spread across the entire world.
By that, people will start to get desperate, because they hang on to their material world, all their belongings, when suddenly they will lose everything.

The only ones, that will not be shaken by anything will be the ones who put their trust in Me, those who have their treasures stored in heaven, where no moth and rust can destroy and corrupt.
These are the one who trust in Me – the ones who have hope and joy and confidence in My provision and protection – and beyond that… in eternal life, when the world turns into utter chaos.
Some countries sooner, other countries and territories later, some more, others less – but everything, everything will fall apart.

Choose Me today to escape the coming collapse.
And even in peril, turmoil and tribulation, let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

End of prophecy.

Hinder the children not to come to Yeshua, Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:14 and Luke 18;16.

Have your treasures stored in heaven, Matthew 6:20

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