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Word 2024/01/15 Trump, Trump, Trump… in the white house

Prophetic Word, given on 2024-01-15 11:30am (while plastering)

Please, before you listen or read or both, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you for full understanding in all words, metaphors and parables.

Beginning of prophecy:

Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump in the white house.
Everybody cheers, no-one fears, who’s gonna shed some tears?

He is coming back some say; impeach him others cry as like a rooster with turbo testosterone under co-weed steroids.
The choir sings forth for Mister Warpspeed to return.
Oh, by-then the one there claims and stutters in his actors voice, let’s make a choice and America be rolling in a democratic Rolls Royce.
The twins who sit high above the dollar with their collar, the black van with the guardian rock, roll the dice of ice and laugh about a peoples voice or choice.

I can bring him back as president at any moment, regardless of any circumstances or attempts from anyone trying to prevent it.
No elites, nor the devil can do anything against My sovereign decision if it serves the purpose why I came in the flesh.
But remember, you can only serve one master.

Unless you invite Me back into your nation oh America, it doesn’t matter who sits in the white house.
Bring Me back into your homes, into your churches, into school, universities, government offices, police, military, hospitals, work, society and especially into your lives.
If you do so, it still doesn’t matter who sits in the white house, because I can bring the fear of Me upon each and every president, for My will shall be done.
And if you do so, you will see the blessings.

When your Trump comes back as president then watch, what he will do for the widows, orphans, poor end needy, as well for the elders, children and even the unborn.

How will you and he accomplish all of this without true repentance?
Does Trump has that much compassion for the sick and the poor as I do?
Will he call out a day of repentance for the entire nation and ask Me for forgiveness (for himself and all of you)?
Does he have as much a heart like Me, full of grace and lovingkindness for the prostitutes and drug addicts including the ones in charge, but behind the scene, so that he wants them to repent and turn from their sinful self-destructive lifestyle and find Me, the way, truth and eternal life?

Some compare him with My beloved King David.
Can you show Me his heart that clearly indicates he is a man after My own heart?

You can fly from east to west, south to north and look around.
How many presidents will you find today that can be compared with King David?
I see many like Ahab, Rehoboam, Manasseh and Ahaziah, and some like Shaul.
No shepherd to tend their flock.
All hirelings, they do what their master say, people behind closed doors, hidden in their secret perverse chambers, those driven by a destructive and deceptive mindset.

Sowing and reaping is here.
The further away from My truth, My word, the closer you are to destruction.
Return to Me or perish.

My heart grieves to see so many people walking on the wide road that leads to eternal damnation.
How I wish, the people who once walked the narrow path of righteousness but turned away and grew lukewarm, would come back to Me, their first love and then preach the good news of My salvation to all the world.

Time is running out and if you don’t wake up now, the troubles that will come upon the whole world will shake the foundation of your very being.
A physical shaking, yet also emotional, spiritual, economical and throughout every aspects of life on earth.
It’s coming and the time to get your house in order is like the hourglass with only a few more grains of sand left to drop.

You better wait on Me and listen to the sounding of My trump than to stare at Trump and listen to his words.
His good intentions for America are not enough to save this nation from chaos, war and terror.
The CIA and FBI with other forces rejoice in ecstasy on terror, but not to protect the people or prevent it from happening but to pour kerosene into the fire to cover their own evil actions – and finally tap on each others and their own shoulders under the coverage of a big media spectacle with lies to appear before the people of the nation as if they have done a great job.

I don’t want violence, terror and death, but you have chosen it by your free will I have given you.
I want you to obey My commandments, My word, I have spoken out of My mouth to love Me and love your neighbor as you love yourself.
My desire is to keep you from trial and harm, and I like to see you prosper in your hearts, so you can be filled and overflow with My love, and by this to see each person the same way I see them.

Even in midst of My wrath there is mercy.
Except blaspheme against My Holy Spirit, there is nothing I can’t forgive.
Even those who signed a blood covenant with the devil have the possibility to repent and come to Me, so I can come into their hearts and completely change their lives.
Yes, sadly many and especially those in high places will never accept My love and the forgiveness of their sins.

My blood can erase any contract with the devil or any other blood covenant signed with any entity.
The power of My blood breaks every chain, regardless the size or how ancient it is.

My children, I’ll bring you home and you will be surprised how much better My monarchy is, compared to any democracy or the thing you believe is democracy when indeed there does not exist such a thing as democracy nor ever did.
It’s an imagination of an illusion to entertain the people with the result like an empty sound of a trump.

End of prophecy

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