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Word 2024/01/08 Wars and Rumors of wars // Oh Jerusalem

Prophetic Word, given 2024-01-08 ~7:20pm

Please ask the Holy Spirit prayerfully for wisdom and understanding of this word also not to misunderstand the parables and metaphors.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Wars and rumors of wars.
Where do you kiss your knees when the living waters heats up and beats your death?
″Tomorrow I do this and that and accomplish many things.
Celebration over celebrity’s celebration and we will sing and dance and rejoice for the world will soon me under our feet″, says the wicked.

They never repented but laugh if anyone mention this word even in the last corner near the cornerstone.
But woe to you oh wicked leaders and masters of deceit.
You will, one day, pay the price for your deeds, for your murder when you killed those whom you sworn to serve.

You laugh now, not one day, you will hear the laughter of your master, the devil himself.
For him you are only useful idiots.
If you would understand that you are the greatest fools who live on this earth, in sackcloth and ashes you would repent and run to Me, the only truth.

But nay, you continue to follow the root of all evil, down to the bottomless pit, like a dog you sniff along the path of money where you will go all the way down to the source.
There you whore after Jezebel in all your delusion, but don’t realize your end will be like hers.
The place in the outer darkness with the gnashing of teeth you desired to enter – you will go.

I already hear you mocking in that place out of your indescribable pain, eternal pain and agony.
You laugh about repentance but brimstone, fire and sulfur will teach you what you have missed as you rejected My love and mercy.

Wars you love because by killing innocent people your wallet get filled with the blood of Abel.
My prophets have warned you over and over again, from ancient days til this very day today, to turn from your wicked ways but you refused.

My ax is laid on the root, and soon it will chop it off.
Yes, afterwards you will be standing and worshiping the tree of knowledge of good and evil that you have turned upside down when you declared evil to good and good to evil.
And there next to the tree you placed the golden calf to dance around both.
Yet in a moment of time, when the storm will come, the tree will drop and the golden calf will burst into powder.
You will be mourning and present the population a melancholic charade in order to play your next card.

Then for the show you will set up another tree, the one you have already prepared in your technocratic nefarious laboratory behind closed doors.

Mellow yellow and the fever will bring the master deceiver in position.
Lifted out of the pit, rising up from the sea, your worship will turn to him who will promise prosperity beyond measure.
Always the same, always a game and always someone to blame and another one bring to fame.
At the same time people perish because of the lack of knowledge – and the more of the twisted knowledge.

Oh Jerusalem and your inhabitants, what have you done, you city of Mine?
You play the same game as the nations, wage war and scatter rumors of wars while I have called you to be a city of peace.
Do you ever learn to trust and obey My voice to be holy?

When do you stop refusing to keep My commandments?
Then you say; ″Oh, we keep all the laws!″
Yes, you keep all foolishness, teachings and traditions of men but no, you don’t keep My commandments to love Me with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and your neighbor like yourself.
No, no, you love yourself only as far as your wallet, but have profaned My Holy Word with religious activities and empty rituals.

Shall I tear you apart in order that you learn?
Will you ever learn?
The homeless, widows, orphans, poor and needy you neglect and plunder for your own benefit.
And all of you in high places, who suppose to lead this nation are worse than Rehoboam and Ahab together.

You erect idols of blasphemy in high places, kiss iconic tyrants, share your bed with pedophiles, run after sorcerers, bow before Baal and join the deeds of the servants of idolatry while worshiping corruption and greed.
You have blinded your eyes to your own people and war is your mantle, that keeps your seat warmed up.

Forgotten, you have Me and what I am able to do.
Crooked games you play and whore with your enemy in ecstasy.
Is there any repentance in the land that I may heal you?
You are full with tumors throughout all leadership.

Holiness your lips speak oh you rabbis, but inside your hearts, I see disgusting filth that I can hardly find even in midst the heathen.
Babylon the whore is your raw model.

Elisha had no need for a monster military machine.
He knew me with every fiber of his being, and he trusted Me in all wars and rumors of wars.
He knew and could see the hosts of heaven that are always ready and willing to rescue all those who seek Me with the fullness of their hearts, from their enemies, even if they (the enemies) come with myriads of myriads of high tech armed forces.

A blade of grass and even less are they, against My Holy warriors.
Not one shot, not one missile, regardless the size is a match against only one of My angels.
Light is slow motion for them.

So, will you wicked leaders hiding in your bunkers until the day when you will shout: fall upon us you rocks from the wrath of the one who sits on the throne.

Without the small remnant you would already be a heap of rubble.
They are the ones like Joshua and Caleb when they came out of Egypt.
They were the ones who made it all the way into the promised land that flowed with milk and honey, while all the others perished in the wilderness because of their unbelief and rebellion.

Unless you repent, there is no way you will make it out of the desert.
There, thirsty and hungry for My word you will cry out to Me.
Pierced within your hearts you will mourn that day upon Him whom you have pierced.

My children, fear not.
Don’t fear the one who can kill your body but afterwards he is not able to do anything anymore.
Fear the one who is able to cast you into Gehenna.

Trust Me that I will be able to keep you even if your enemy will cast you into the fire.
I have been with My three friends in the burning furnace when they did not bow their knees to a dead idol, a god that cannot speak, hear, see, smell or taste – and I rescued them.

And remember, I am the same yesterday, today and forever.
If you walk in Me and love Me by keeping My commandments, I will walk with you to the very end of your days that are numbered for you, and even further to the days where there will be no end of days.
In Me and My kingdom there is no end.

Heaven and earth will pass away but My Words will never pass away.
And if My Words are your Yes and Amen, My Yes and Amen will be with you forever and ever.

End of prophecy.

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