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Word 2023-10-02 Alert, warning, emergency test for October 04

Alert test, warning for October 04, Prophecy, given on Word 2023-10-02 10:30pm

I heard about some sort of a test-run, emergency alert or whatever they name it on the 4th of October.
Guess they might do it again another day.
Some people give a warning to switch the phone off because by 5G it will trigger blah blah blah, in the people who are injected in their arm or drilled into their nose, or whatever.
Or maybe it will be a welcome message to all the millions of illegals to ask them if they already received their house and new car.

However, I am 5000 miles away from America.
And when I look around and see the amount of cell towers, it might be 5 or maximum 10% the amount that I saw in the smart city where I escaped from and I think I have seen only one of them that looks like 5G – you see the difference size and especially the shape – new shiny 5G.
I have anyway no working phone here to know if there is 5G here around.

However, Adonai put on my heart to say something about this emergency alert.
But I had really no clue as mentioned being far away from the US.

So I asked Yeshua what I shall say – I also told him I am not really interested in that.
And this are His words:

Have you forgotten the power of My blood?
Where is your trust, where’s your faith?
Who is scary?
You from the government or the government from you?
Do you not know the power of prayer anymore?
Some claim, the devil is the prince of the air (in this world) and so the airwaves are his.
But do you not know that he can do nothing without My permission?
If you had prayed and repented and did what I told you to do long ago, things would not have became so rotten.
But as it is the time (now), for this things to happen, that’s why I let it happen.

Yet for those who are mine, read Psalm 91 and believe that this is My word and the Truth of My word.
Did I not speak also through IsaYahu (Isaiah 54:17):
No weapon formed against you will prosper and you will condemn every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of Adonai’s servants— their vindication is from Me.” It is a declaration of Adonai (YHWH).

This is My declaration for those who love Me and keep My commandments – yes it is.
Let them switch on everything to full power – the only thing it will accomplish is, that their power plants might get a burn-out syndrome.
But for you My children, plead My blood upon yourself and upon those whom you love.
This alert test might affect those who worship the beast and those who don’t fear Me, but MY faithful ones and the righteous who are under the shelter of My wings and covered with My blood it shall not touch.

No evil airwaves can penetrate through My blood.
If you need to repent, do it now.
If you need to bring your house in order, don’t wait til tomorrow.
There is a time for everything, but the time to pray and to seek My face is always, it is endless, it is eternal.

You shall never forget what I have done at the cross if you humble yourself before Me.
If I am in you and you believe and trust this is true, you can say or sing, ″He who is in Me is greater than he who is in this world″, namely the devil but also his servants.
And I emphasize also the WHO who wants to reign the world.
Corruption above corruption is all they are.
Their father is the one who came to steal kill and destroy.
Their empire is gone – it’s just a matter of time until you will see them no more.
Soon the time will come when I will say like Moshe spoke to the children of Israel: “Don’t be afraid! Stand still, and see the salvation of YHWH, which He will perform for you today. You have seen Pharaoh and the Egyptians today, but you will never see them again, ever!

I can turn around their tests and their boosting of wicked waves into My waves – if I want.
But if you don’t stop to stare constantly at the beast you will find yourself one day in his arms and between his fangs.
Turn from your sins and sit at My feet and listen to Me.
My Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth.
All truth means ALL and not just partially.
But you need to stay away from worldly propaganda as much as possible.
Yes, you can’t avoid completely to see it because it is everywhere: on billboards, while shopping, often at work, in schools, in gas stations, along the roads… everywhere

Okay, so far this was what Yeshua said.

I don’t have to add anything
It’s up to you whom to fear.
Fear YHWH that you will gain wisdom and knowledge and know what to do in these last and final days of this world.

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