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Word 2023-10-01 The coming global/ universal AI bible and deception

Prophetic Word, received 2023-10-01 around 10:00pm

Please ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom when you read or listen to this word and don’t lean on your own understanding.

And as every now and then I say; when is speaks about I, Me, My, Mine, it’s not the goofball here sitting on the couch but Yeshua through His Holy Spirit.

Beginning of prophecy:

People are waiting in line to get the first copy.
It will be the book of all books in this world.
AI, the Vatican, UN, the Antichrist with the approval of the devil himself working together to finish it.
Eagerly they look forward to release it.
The first Universal United Bible, translated into all languages simultaneously.
Hardcover, softcover or the digital app-version, everything available – and all in all colors even in rainbow glow.

Days become eons, Daniel will marry Daniela with 7000 years reign in peace and safety until the earth is healed back to be the eternal garden, the kingdom where all will live in harmony with nature and everyone will be their own god.
The definition of holiness will be a program of perfection gaining immortal bodies.

Deception upon deception is coming.
Be ready and prepared because deception will increase to a level that even the elect are in jeopardy to get deceived.

Remember the fear of YHWH is wisdom and knowledge and understanding beyond measure.
Only with a humble heart heart you are able to stand, and in My wisdom able to defeat the arrows of the devils lies.

Feed the poor, the hungry, the thirsty, clothe the naked, invite the stranger, visit the prisoner, care for the widows and orphans and you will have done more to me than 10,000 preachers every Sunday behind their pulpits.

I have called you out of this world to be with Me while you are still in this world, but you are not of this world as I am not of this world.

The new bible is designed to lead all astray.
With pomp and glory and glitter it will be announced.
Many will buy it, even just out of curiosity.
But be aware, because it is similar to food sacrificed to idols.
It tastes good and sweet in your mouth and when the eyes look upon it, it looks great from your perspective.
But if you eat and swallow it, it will turn bitter in your stomach and soul.
It’s not the words (letters), it’s the evil spirits that are connected and where it is dedicated to, that creates the toxic mixture.
A little leaven but enough to infiltrate the whole lump.

At first glance that book sounds full of love, grace and compassion for all people, but its dedicated by a blood covenant with the devil.

Don’t listen, don’t read, nor talk or discuss about it.
But listen to My Holy Spirit and keep My words in your heart.
Guard your heart because out of it springs forth life.

Be ready for the next peace plan to usher in the next pandemic.

Rejoice for your redemption draws near,

When people come to your door to offer you the new bible, don’t (even) touch it.
Tell them you are already covered, but don’t let them know you have My words, because then, they will make a notice and you will be signed into their system as a number one target to erase from society.

Pray and stay close to Me, so I can lead and guide your every step.
Repent daily, ask for forgiveness and pray for those who are blind that they will see My truth, so I can set them free and redeem them out of the hands of the devil.
Pray for those who have ears but can’t hear because of too many noises they hear around them.
If you pray for them, I can open their ears and they will become Mine and will be saved from eternal destruction.

Let your beloved friends and families know that repentance is the key to the door to everlasting life in Me.
It’s not religion, it’s not politics, it’s not technology that can save them.
Only in Me, My salvation, eternal peace and life can be found.
Let your heart rejoice in faith and trust that I am the one who saves and I am able to do it, to do everything beyond your understanding.
A humble heart I will not refuse to hear.

End of prophecy

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