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Word 2023-09-07 Not much time left: Prepare NOW

Prophetic Word, given on 2023-09-07 about 5:30am

Though this word is very short, still ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you and give you wisdom and understanding about this word

I was actually already awake – for a morning person the usual time, which is also around the time when the mosques come up with their first blast of the day.
It came to me around 5:30 in the morning and it was clear as a bell, almost audible.

Though the word itself was very short, it carried a lot of additional information.
I may have forgotten some of the additional things but I will try to give my best to share all the things I received.

Beginning of Prophecy:

″You have not a lot of time left, Prepare NOW!″

End of Prophecy / Beginning with additional information.

First again, this was clear as a bell

However, we already saw not so long ago how the world completely changed.
But it will change again in a way that it will be no more as it is even now and much more as it has been before the last change with the plandemic.

Prepare means in all ways but most importantly our hearts, minds and souls because things will change so rapidly and quickly that is will become almost impossible to catch up with the progress.
This speaks about the spiritual preparation which includes the preparation for our eternal life after we leave this world in one way or another.

To prepare also means as much as anyone is able to do it also in the physical, natural way.
And that might differ from person to person, unique and individually.
There is no general advice to give but everyone should ask the Holy Spirit what it means for him/her personally.

Not a lot of time is difficult to say because our timing is often different than Yeshuas timing.
It could be a few years, but also could be a few months or only weeks or days from now.
From my impression it is not too many months away when everything will turn around.
But don’t throw rocks at me if it will take longer than you think I said.
I don’t give any timeline.

Prepare means also to live in permanent repentance, get rid of all sins, forgive one another, anyone who has offended you in any form, regardless how hard it is to forgive.
Live in holiness all the time – holiness also means to be set apart from this world or the sinful ways of this world.
More details what holiness means you’ll find in scripture, most in the Old testament.
Spend time with Yeshua as much as you can.
Obey and trust Him in everything and don’t doubt about everything He has promised.

Fear not men that they can or what they want to do, but fear Adonai.
Believe that Yeshua with His Father in Heaven is on our side and remember that Yeshua has conquered death.
And by that we can conquer it as well.

And for those who don’t have a personal relationship with the Lord and Savior Yeshua, don’t wait til tomorrow, because first of all you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.
And if you are not prepared and ready when things will shift and everything will shake, you will find yourself in a very bad place.
So, invite Yeshua into your heart today to be your Lord and Savior, repent of all your sins and trust in Him as the way the life and the truth.
There is no other way to heaven but only through Yeshua.
Some translate it Jesus or whatever in their language.
He will take care of you and especially your eternal future.

Not a lot of time left also talks about the moment when He will take His bride home to be with Him at the place He has prepared to be with Him forever.
Make sure you have enough oil in your lamp and the wicks be trimmed, which means basically filled with the Holy Spirit.
When the bridegroom arrives there will be no more time left to buy oil and you will be left outside in the dark and cold world.

Not a lot of time left until the world sinks down in utter darkness and lawlessness.
We already can see that tendency in many places, but it will come in areas where you would not expect.

Pray and seek Adonai and the Holy Spirit for wisdom and cling to Yeshua.
Listen to His words or read His word.
But also in all the doom and gloom that is in near distance – actually not on the horizon anymore.
Rejoice in gladness with thanksgiving because the day of our final redemption is very near.
Prepare to be ready to fly home, whenever it will be.

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