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Word 2023-08-21 If there was ever a need for… – it’s now

Prophetic Word 2023-08-21 21:30

Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word by His truth so you won’t misunderstand the metaphorical elements but understand what it means and perhaps how to translate it into your life or into this world.

Beginning of Prophecy:

If there was ever a need for repentance, it is now
If there was ever a need for forgiveness, it is now
If there was ever a need for compassion, it is now
If there was ever a need for grace, it is now
If there was ever a need for love, it is now
If there was ever a need for truth, it is now
If there was ever a need for righteousness, it is now
If there was ever a need for holiness, it is now
If there was ever a need for salvation, it is always, it is now
Now or never – NOW OR NEVER !

Do you see this world?
If you have eyes to see you realize how far it has gone away from Me.
I am the source of all love and life but the world has rejected Me.

There is no road that is wider than the one that leads to destruction.
And that road is packed full with empty people, all blind, blinded, deceived and ignorant.
Without hope and future they stare at the emptiness of worldly pleasures that cannot, and never will fill their hearts.

Some walk along and try to fill it with riches, others with exercises and vain labor, others with hobbies in all colors and variations.
Others in rainbow colored delusion to compensate the deception to become a most-admired exibit, thinking by that they will be someone special.
Millions upon millions invested their personality into naught and cast away their true identity to keep the show of insanity, running around selfishness and pride.

Dust rises from the ground when the wind is blowing and settles down then the wind calms down.
It cause a lot of stir but at the end the next generation tramples on it.
So the people.
But more, look at those who rule this world.
Do they not appear all like clones?

Have I created men as clones with a voice of a parrot?
All the same mindless minds with ruthless selfishness.
All the same walk, the same speech, the same fake smile when the cameras are running and a bright smirk towards destruction and death.
They walk all in one direction, same words, same ideology, same mentality of psychotic vanity.
They learned it from their father.

But look at them when they are alone, isolated and abandoned.
Not one of them is able to bear the pain.
They can’t bear it now as long as they have breath in their lungs and less will be able after they breathe the last.
They have already stripped off their true identity like a mantle and traded it for fame and riches.
The promises of darkness gave them all they asked for.

But one day they will see My light and then they will stand naked before the Throne.
Their mantle will burn and the outer darkness will send the welcoming message.

If there was ever a time for them to repent, it is now.
The attraction of darkness led them to a road where they think, they themselves are shining like a glittering star.
Yet tangled in deep blindness they don’t see the true light that came into this world and became flesh.
I AM the light of this world, the only light that brings salvation.

Wait for the day when pure evil is being poured out upon all the world with the one who will come soon and claim to solve all the problems.
Problems created my himself through deception.
Words so freezing cold out of his lying mouth.
With his blue and green army he will force everyone to dance his song.
A song, filled with hidden blasphemy where only … ***(here I fell asleep and continued a bit later) a few will sing it til the end
The conductor beats the desk and the score.
Wild, very wild he lash the forces of darkness for them to pass it on, first to the ones who follow the lamb and then to all who sit in the skeptic rows and finally to everyone, young or old.

With the stick he does the trick to deceive
A miracle they say and there, another one.
The trick with the stick is in it’s powder and liquid within.
Stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper into the flesh of men until the music stops.

Sheep and goats will be separated
The sheep will be set apart in beauty but into horror and darkness will be for the goats.
Do you see those who followed Baphomet?
Yes you do!
For those who have eyes to see, bright as the sun on a clear day at noon.
A disgusting view for those who have a heart to feel.
Like full in ecstasy, deluded and blind are those who follow the Beast.
A short joy that will turn upside down into eternal sorrow and pain.

The sheep… ?
Do you think heaven is like this – abandoned, empty, void?
Many people do; boring they think.
They believe what they have been told and brainwashed to the core.
But it’s not a boring place, not a place that has been like the place of Tohu ‘V Bohu (***see note at the end) before I separated light from darkness, before I created this world you live in.
Heaven is full with wonders, beauty, excitement, joy, love and peace, marvelous things you have never seen.
All the precious gold of the streets in heaven is like a simple pavement compared to the beautiful surroundings in a gorgeous garden, but both that you can comprehend with your human mind.
And all of this is the works of My hands.

How dare are you oh men, wicked people, that you think you could be, you are more clever, intelligent and powerful than Me?
Dust, a grain of dust you are.
Only those who walk in my ways in righteousness and truth will shine like the stars and even brighter.
Those who keep My commandments will be the light that will defeat and cast out all darkness.
My glory surrounds them and fills them up with life and joy and peace above all understanding.

Yet on the other hand, wicked men just running to and fro trying to destroy every seed that holiness has planted.
They are after those who walk with Me, My disciples, My beloved, My children, My friends.

Wicked men, nothing but dust, that rises up, claims to have authority and after a while it sinks down to the ground and the memory of them may appear in history books of this world but not in My book of life nor in anyone’s mind that enters My kingdom, those who are written in My book of life.

These wicked, evil men have no boundaries, they are like wild animals they go around and look for the sheep so that they may devour them.

It is the final hour, it is the end of the final hour.
And all things come together.
You will see if you have eyes to see.
You will see a separation like darkness from light like in the beginning of creation.
You see a separation like from land and sea.
You see a separation like day and night.
It is the separation of sheep and goats!

My children, My bride – I rejoice when I think about you.
And you will not be able to comprehend what I have in store for you.
But soon you will know and see and feel and touch everything I have prepared for you.
Forever, forever will be new heaven and new earth and it will never pass away like My word can’t pass away because it is the truth.

And there will be no more corruptible seed.
But don’t think or believe this will be far in the future.
Your days are a speck in time and so your homecoming is near.

When you think how wicked men try to manipulate everything and try to overcome the limits of human life.
I laugh at them because I know how they will fail.
Though it seems like they are close to be successful (to even be… immortal), they will be like the one who shoot himself in his foot.
Their selfishness will destroy themselves and at the end their own precious soul – for all eternity.
If they don’t turn and repent, their flames will be as high as their pride.

High and higher, but not up to heaven because there will be a wall between.
No evil can penetrate ever again new heaven and new earth.

End of Prophecy

*** Tohu V’ Bohu is Hebrew and used in the scripture to describe how the place looked like before earth was created there.
Genesis 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
Tohu: without form, vain, confusion, nought… (Strongs H8414)
Bohu: void, emptiness (Strongs H922)

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