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Word 2023-06-02 The Twinkling of an eye

Prophetic Word received on 2023-06-02 around 5:00pm

Note: This prophecy is given on my journey while on my journey with the boat.
While anchoring I was reading the book of Mark of the AENT version and there in chapter 15 when I received the word

For this word, ask prayerfully the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you.

Note also that this is a prophecy in poetic form, so the grammar might not be correct and also sentences can appear somehow incomplete.

Beginning of Prophecy:

There will be a twinkling of an eye
Where people will go and never die

Transformed into beauty and glory
Forgotten the pain of this world, it’s evil story

How Eve and Adam got deceived by a lie
The snake who told them they will surely not die

But there in the garden, the tree in the center of all
The beautiful looking fruit caused their final fall

Yet nothing new under the sun until this very day
Where people set their hope in iron mixed with clay

Eyes fixed so sharp on shiny glitter, all worldly things
Other hope all problems got solved by election of kings

Most never look at the King of Kings and listen to His voice
But instead run to and fro make a destructive choice

Two choices for everyone either heaven or hell
The one is blessed the other doesn’t end well

The majority chose to run on the big wide road
While carrying all rubbish and heavy burden load

Who will go, whom can I send in this final hour?
To speak of repentance, so people become like a blossoming flower

The harvest is plentiful, the laborers are few
Church is busy with themselves, so what to do?
Do you hear My voice, do you hear My call?
Or will you end up for the great big fall?

The hour is late and I am coming so very soon
Repentance is urgent before to blood turns the moon

Yes, often the moon turns red, but this will not be the same
The terrible day when people fall into My hands in shame

Don’t think this all is far in the future from now
Or you will be able to bypass all troubles somehow

No, things will change quickly and then?
Be ready, prepared for the son of man

There will be a day when it will be too late
For those who praise Sodom and Gomorrah their ultimate fate

Eternal destruction, eternal blasting fire
Sadly it is the most people’s hearts desire

I never wanted anyone to perish eternally forever
But most people respond to My grace with ″no″ and ″never″

Freely given, mostly rejected by a depraved mind
But let them all hear it again so that real life they may find

Salvation, eternal life, love, truth and the only way
To My Father in heaven, open your mouth and say

And don’t be quiet as a rock on the ground
If you don’t speak they may cry out with an alarming sound

The sound of heaven, the final call to return
To come to the cross, receive forgiveness, the sins to burn

No soul should burn eternally in hell
This is one thing you should surely tell

Tell the world about repentance of sin through Me
I promised you signs and wonders that you shall see

My word is true and it can never break
Unlike words of men filled with lies and news so fake

Til the end I am with you, it is true
I’ll bring you home, I’ll get you through

Whether in a twinkling of an eye you will go
Or I’ll need you for the tribulation show

Yes, some like to go but I still need their hand
As well their voices to warn people who built houses on sand

The last call will be the greatest of all time
And it does not finish with this final rhyme

End of prophecy

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