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Word 2022-12-13 The battle is raging

Prophetic Word, given 2022-12-13 4:50am

Keep in mind, the word speaks first of all about the battle in the realm that is invisible for human eyes and only secondary of a battle in the physical.

With prayer and the guidance of the Holy spirit you may get the pearls out of this relative gloomy prophecy and understand the metaphorical language.

Beginning of Prophecy:

The battle is raging.
You are not able to imagine the intensity.
The battle is for each and every soul.
And this goes on since before you were born.
It is a permanent fight.

Nonstop it continues (for you) until your body dies.
And it increases on a worldwide scale.
Soon, soon enough this battle that has been hidden will become visible for the natural eyes.

The time comes when you shall see demon possessed people on a level never known before.
The man in country of the Gerasenes was only one dim example of what will come.
What you think will be, when millions of them will be roaming the streets?
But they will not be hiding in the tombs anymore but enter cities.

Human blood is the petrol for the devil.
Human blood from sacrifices to build a kingdom of darkness.
Remember, life is in the blood.
Humans, animals, everything that has breath.
Blood sacrifices will increase.

The time will come, when I will take My bride.
But the time also will come soon when you see blood sacrifices in the streets.
Openly it will become visible, of what has been going on since centuries in the secret.
At the beginning it will be by night, but quickly as this will become known to many people, it will be a standard even in daylight.
No more conspiracy when you will see it.
And one day the guillotines will be at every corner.
Everything concealed and hidden will be revealed and visible in the light.
And it will be bright (in the spiritual sense).

You think, this can’t be?
Have you heard about Sodom and Gomorrah?
Have you been there before fire and brimstone rained down from heaven?
Human sacrifices… was their daily bread.
Foreigners who traveled that region have been slaughtered in the open and eaten alive.

The coming standard (the defined normal, the new normal) will be the same, like these actions that have been before as nothing new is under the sun – what was, will be again.
And the (coming) target will point to the ones who find The Way, The Truth and The Life in Me
On the market places their blood will flow.
Everything is already prepared.

A few more buttons to press, a few new regulations and you will see it again (by the sons of Nero).
Yet the things you have heard from ancient times have been moderate to what will come.
The brutality and bestiality will be worse than anything known.
Men will kill men and eat them like bread.

Who can stop it?
I could.
I could speak one word and it will stop (immediately).
Yes, just A single word and evil with all their demonic forces will run into their burning caves.
But it would not cause one person to seek Me by turning from the walk on the broad road the leads to destruction.

Yet, when those who will be persecuted for My names sake will rejoice in midst their physical torment – and it will be a testimony, and bring many to Me.
When Stephen got stoned publicly, where so many who saw him shining like a star in the sky turned to Me.
Did he feel pain?
No, not at all – in Worship He was already in My presence while his body got treated like a quarry.
The last final harvest it will be.

(And again I say) I could stop it with one single word, and you can continue spend millions of prayers and tons of effort to even not save one soul.
But I have spoken and revealed everything through My chosen prophets what will come.
And My words are true.
It’s time NOW that these things must come to pass.

The real storm is about to hit the earth.
A storm with Tsunamis that will wash away the last doubt together with those houses that are built on sand..
It will shake like never before and wake up the last who is asleep, even those in their church sleep.
A worldwide Sodom and Gomorrah is on the horizon.
Sooner than you wish it will hit the shore of ignorance.
You heard about the end of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Don’t be surprised when the fire will hit after I have taken My righteous sons and daughters out of that place.
Not a fire for a few seconds, minutes or hours but a fire that will burn for (7) years with increasing heat and deceptions.
A nuke and another nuke and another system of fire.

End of prophecy

regardless of how horrible and surreal it sounds,
Matthew 24 give these words:
For then there will be great trouble, such as has not happened since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will.

Then look up how the days in the times with Noach ended and how and why Sodom and Gomorrah received their judgment.
These words in Matthew of Yeshua describes something more horrible.

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