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Word 2022-12-01a Don’t worry; the turnaround comes

Prophetic Word, given on 2022-12-01 around 6:30am

But please ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and insight in this prophecy as this word is very much metaphorical.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Don’t worry, the takeover will come, a turnaround!
Control, control, control it’s all about our control says the wicked.
You name them globalists, blackhats, whitehats, psychopaths, megalomaniacs or whatever.
The ruling elite will take over the entire population.

The horses are confused.
All 4 of them are already out of the stall.
But you have not seen yet their full potential as foretold by My precious lover Yochanan (John).

At this time now they meet in diverse places to coordinate their coming actions.
Not everything they want to achieve I have given them permission by now.
So they meet again over and over and as a little boy in the sandbox who is not allowed to destroy the toys of all the other children in the same box, they run to the mother, crying and telling her lies.
With these lies he hopes, mom will call dad to come and punish the father or this one other boy, who is the only one restrainer left in the playground.

The day will come when the liar boy with his father of all lies is going to have a big court case with the father of the restrainer.
On that day the horses will rejoice and run wild to all the four corners of the earth.
With violent force they will bring about the trigger of the great final harvest.

It will be the final harvest of all things, the seeds that have been planted generation after generations.
A harvest of lawless plants, well designed with artificial injections in the field of corrupt soil.

That day will also be the day of a complete takeover.
Not in one human day but at a rapid warp speed.
While the horses are removing and trampling down billions of people, the boy finally gains control over all the toys.
Total control?
Yes, he wants to have total control!
Total control over everything?
Yes, above all, even above Me!
This is what he wants…

But there are a few in the playground left on their move, that are sitting on the swing he can’t reach in his fury.
And the ones who are resting in My peace in the hammock that is bound to the rock and the olive tree.
His father will send the Big Brother and give him charge over all the sons in the playground.
They want to have even control over the CO2.

But they have forgotten to consider My breath.
As they force to have all emissions reduced to zero in a few years.
The day will come, when they will stand before Me.
Afterwards they will not be able to breathe fresh green CO2, but the stench of their sin in pain and horror.
In total control their end will be, when they will be chained with burning chains and their own body will be in the playground of demons.

Don’t worry My children, then they will cast some of you into prison.
Don’t worry My beloved sons and daughters when some of you will be beheaded as a witness against their own transgressions against My commandments.
But they will see a testimony of My grace how My faithful servants will not bow down to the lust of the flesh and carnal desires.

Don’t worry (but) say sorry for your enemies.
Their worries will be unbearable if they refuse to repent.
And indeed so sad the most will not repent but mock the more against Me in their plot, and more, when the horses will start trampling upon those who love trampling down the poor and needy.

Don’t worry My remnant for I have a shield, a hiding place for each one of you.
I am in control over the horses and even the father of all lies, his nasty son in the sandbox with all his Big Brothers.
They are not allowed to go beyond My permission.

My mightly Hand and outstretched Arm will be the remnants mission

End of prophecy.

Revelation 6:1-8
Matthew 24:15, Revelation 13:1-18, Daniel 7:6,
Matthew 28:18
Genesis 2:7, Job 33:4
John 8:44

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