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Word 2022-11-14 End time, Changing of times

Prophetic Word, given on 2022-11-14 around 11pm

Please ask the Holy Spirit prayerfully to give you more insight and understanding in all details as in the metaphors and everything else

Beginning of Prophecy:

End time Prophecy!
End time of all ages, end of time!
No, it will be all different – sooo different that everyone will be astonished.
There is no end time, only time will end and turn into endlessly.
A moment in time when time will be removed.

An end will come for those who laugh and rejoice in death.
Their smile will end suddenly and turn into an endless trauma in fear, trembling and pain.
A time for them to repent will be no more when their time has come to an end.

And this will be different.
So different that no-one is able to imagine.
In a twinkling of an eye it will come.
Time is already rushing by quickly and it’s going to accelerate.
So much it will speed up that even (human) time itself will not be able to catch up.

Your time is in My hand.
The sand of human history in the clock is almost all down at the bottom.
I could turn the clock around and give you more time in the glass, as I turned it already many times throughout history.
So now, time has arrived that a turn will be no more,
for the people to turn to me.
Time will come to an end for the opportunity to turn and repent.

When the last grain of sand is dropped down, the earth will hold their breath from all the 4 corners and angels will look up for My father to give the final sign.
A glorious time it will be, when, at the end of time, time will change to it’s original timing.

I created time for humanity and for the devil.
For humanity time is created to repent and come to Me.
Once in Me there is only a vapor of time because with the rebirth of a persons spirit, time affects only the physical appearance for a little time.

Time I created for the devil and his angels to let them know their evil deeds on the playground in midst mankind is limited.
Yet time for them to repent does not exist.
Never ever will I give them even a single second to repent.

One of the criminals besides Me on the cross used that tiny window of time to ask in repentance in his heart to remember him.
Yet the other decided to reject My invitation for eternal life.
Two will be in the field, one will be taken, one will be left.
Two will be grinding at the mill, one will be taken, one will be left.

There is just a little time to fill your lamp with oil.
When the bridegroom comes, no more time will be for the foolish and ignorant.
Then there will be no more time to discuss the end of time because it will be the time and the last song is about to get finished in Babylon.

End of prophecy

Psalm 31:16
Revelation 7:1
Luke 23:39-43
Matthew 24:37-44, Luke 17:26-37
Revelation 18:(1-) 21-24

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