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Word 2022-10-28 Fear of YHWH and Fear of men

Prophetic Word 2022-10-28 ~11:00 in the morning while cleaning

Please ask the Holy Spirit for more understanding of this prophecy and how it apply for you personally. I hope and pray it will edify you.

Beginning of Prophecy:

The fear of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.
The fear of men is the beginning of foolishness and stupidity.
Why do you wonder about so many people who are going insane?

They don’t listen to Me, they don’t know Me, nor want to know Me, and most people even laugh when you tell them that I am alive.
Fairy tales they think of Me.
While at the same time the seed of eternal life that I placed inside every soul, clashes with and in their minds.
By that, in confusion their reaction drives into confrontation.

No, I am not pointing to the ones, who already made their final decision by a firm choice.
They, most of them are located in high places on every level as public figures.
They are the ones who sealed their eternal fate by a covenant with the devil.
Yes, they can still be saved, as My blood is strong enough to cancel their agreements with evil and set all captives free.
But I will not much longer warn them and stretch out My hand towards them to rescue their soul from the eternal damnation.

But yes, I speak and address those in confusion, which is basically the majority of the population.
Brainwashed with lies and deception, their minds are wrestling constantly with the spirit and the soul.
Distraction and entertainment brings them away from the path of righteousness into the sand of delusion where they stick their heads.
In that sand they fear all man-made illusionary visions and their fake world.
In a loop they walk from hopelessness to desperation, trying to find hopeful food for their inner emptiness.

But I can’t be found in a loop, nor in the sand, nor in a box.
I am outside everything, and yet at the same time I am inside everything.

When do you pull your head out of the sand and look up to the mountains, where your redeemer comes from?
When do you stop circling in loops, take a break and think about the one who is able to snatch you out of the spirals of death.
When do you break out of your selfish box and run to Me, seek Me there at the cross where I died for you?
When do you tear down the box where you placed Me inside but (instead) to fear me in righteous reverence, adoration and delight, to gain wisdom and knowledge, to be able to turn away from the fear of men?

I am waiting for you 24/7.
You can come as you are.
You don’t need a pinstripe suit and tie or a beautiful designer dress in order that I will accept you.
Come to Me as you are, but allow Me to change you from inside out.
Let Me transform you like a potter the clay or a caterpillar into a butterfly.

I may crash your man-made clay into it’s particles, into dust – where you came from.
Trust Me, that I will, and will be able to form you to the vessel in every detail.
The vessel I have planned for you to be from before I laid the foundation of the earth.
You are already beautiful in My eyes, but with all the surgery of eternal life you will become the one that you should be.
A man or a woman without the fear of men, clothed in wisdom and knowledge of My Glory.
With the belt of truth, righteousness to protect your heart, a beautiful priestly garment deep within where My light can shine out of your eyes, My words out of your mouth and living waters flowing out of your belly.
Foolishness and stupidity shall be not anymore found within you but wisdom and knowledge of My resurrection power of My blood.

End of prophecy

Psalm 111:10, Proverbs 1:7, 9:10, Job 28:28

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