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Word 2022-10-18 The end, The beginning, The new

Prophetic Word, received on 2022-10-18 around 8:45am

The word arrived just as I was on my way to go out and do some work on the boat and repairs on the house – so my work got postponed a bit until I finished writing it down.
It came a bit unusual more as an indirect speech like from an angel instead directly from the Lord Yeshua

Please let the Holy Spirit give you more insight as some things might be more figuratively from the meaning and others metaphorical.

Beginning of prophecy:

We are just at the end.
The beginning of the end and the end of a beginning.
The beginning of something new.
The new beginning when the news tell us lies of the old news – nothing new under the sun.

Yet one day everything will be new.
The old and the new liars will be no more.
Truth will prevail and lies be burned in the fire.
People will go through the fire, yet those who let the lies drop will come out of the fire refined by the truth.

There is only One Truth, One Way and One Life.
It is The Truth that sets you free.
People fighting for freedom, crying for new leaders.
But they forget to ask for the renewal of their minds.
Deep inside the renewal need to start.
New faces at the political stages in this world circus will only carry a different show and laughter with another jester.

If you want something new, listen to the old good news of Truth, spoken from the beginning of time, through Moshe, the prophets and the son of righteousness – if you have ears to hear.
Good news on every page you can see there if the Holy Spirit teach you.
If you listen to men, you may get some colors of truth, yet mingled with more or less leaven, but also some twisted truth.

By that, the good news will become twisted news and the way can become like to road from Egypt to the promised land as it was for the children of Israel.
A 40 year diversion journey through the wilderness.
The only source of living waters there, was and is the ancient rock.

Rebellious people died as they did not trust nor obey the words of Truth.
At the end of their journey they crossed the river.
The altar of Truth and Grace in midst of the waters marked the beginning of the new.

A fortified city they saw and the tumbling of strong and mighty walls.
They heard the commandments not to defile themselves with the idols of the old new home.
Yet in disobedience they they neglected to burn every abomination.
They would never been driven out of that land of milk and honey, but because of their disobedience again, they went into captivity.

When you, oh people of this world will cross the Yarden (Jordan), in this final hour, you will not be able to enter the new without smashing down your walls of ignorance and disobedience against the eternal good news of The Truth.
Regardless of how small the idol might be, it will not pass through the eye of a needle, no matter the size of the needle.

Leave everything of this world on the altar and enter the holy of holiness.
There you will meet the holy One of Israel, the son of the most high.
This is the end of the beginning and the beginning of the New.
Everything will be new, nothing will be old or become old anymore as time will be no more.
To the tree of life nations will go and the leaves will be their healing.

People left behind will be in the wilderness desperately searching for the living waters of the good news.
Life still can be found yet it will be through troubled waters with many tears to wash away idolatry and all rebellion.
By grace a way still be given yet a bloody and painful one.
Whether it is the hand or the foot of offense or even the eye.
They better cut it off to enter the Kingdom of Elohim.

The end is coming and it is very near.
Angels are prepared and dispatched for the righteous sons and daughters.
A new pandemic is on it’s way, which is not new but of the old serpent with permanent new lies.
The final deception is on the road, with new technology that is not new but introduced as new and brilliant.

Repentance as your daily bread renewed by the old and new covenant will be a shield against the wicked arrows.
Invisible arrows in the air, presented to the world as new by news of new old lies.
With increasing speed these arrows made by evil hands to hit the minds of men.

There is but one escape and this is by the blood of the innocent lamb who took away the sins of those who ask.
Forgiveness is a free offer, a gift like as your daily bread, and you can eat it anytime.
Eat it while you can.
The time will come when the living bread can’t be found anymore in this world, baked in many different variations.
Then… the hunger will be great.

The end is near, but closer is eternal love by grace.
Your end is the beginning of the new.
Hold on to the one who redeemed you.
When the old will pass away, behold, also for you everything will be new.
(It will be) a new beginning without an end.

End of Prophetic Word

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