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Word 2022-10-11 Satanic leaders will not go free

Prophetic Word from 2022-10-11, given around 5pm

As always please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy.

Beginning of prophecy:

The satanic leaders of this world think they can go free.
But nay, by no means they shall go unpunished.
Yes, My blood and grace is strong enough to forgive and erase all their wicked deeds.

I told the wealthy young man to sell everything, give it to poor and then, come and follow Me.
With sadness he went away.
When I speak to the real wealthy people today the same, instead of going away in sadness, almost all of them mock and laugh the more.

Greed ate their brain and human compassion.
So they continue to pile up wealth, so much that they can never spend.
But greed does not even have common sense.
It’s connected to the love of money the root is very deep.
Deep in the abyss where the devil and demons demand human blood, so the sacrifices continue.

Don’t believe numbers of abortions and human trafficking that are presented to you on slippery charts.
Even most contraceptives have the spiritual power of murder.
People will surely not believe, don’t want to achieve, have no grief that all of this comes from the devil to deceive.

Have I not told you, not to be deceived?
And yes, so many are literally hungry to get deceived.
They send their children to places of witchcraft and sorcery.
Some of these little ones die slowly, others quick.
By that, in the spiritual realm there is no difference of these actions to those of pedophiles and rapists.

Millstones, many are ready for many necks.
When I will cast these people with the millstones into the ocean, they will not drown and die within seconds.
Some yes, but others will drown slowly within minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months or years.
Deeper and deeper they will drown in the ocean of delusion.
The deeper they sink, the further away they will be from Me.
Their cry for forgiveness has to become louder and louder in order for Me to hear, so I will have mercy on them and pull them out of the miry clay of destruction.

And destruction is at hand.
Over and over the leaders of nations called out for peace and safety.
But suddenly… they will get it, according to My words.
The rocks will laugh at them when they call to fall upon them.
But they will not obey their voices.
The rocks, all of them have to obey My commandment.

As soon the time arrived, the rocks shall do what I will tell them, like as the sun, the moon and the stars are under My control.
None of them will leave their position until I tell them to move and fall upon the earth like unripe figs dropping down by a mighty rushing wind.

My children, fear not.
It’s time for you to get ready and prepared for the final hours.
If you stand with and in Me, there is nothing to worry about.
My arm is not too short that I am not able to deliver you out of Egypt.
Remember what I have done to Pharaoh, the land of Egypt and how I have spared the land of Goshen.

Now, the time is at the door when you will see the signs of Egypt unfolding.
Not like in a movie or a Hollywood show.
No, it will be as it was in Egypt.
The many pharaohs today, so-called leaders in this world will not believe and will not want to let My people go to worship Me forever and ever.

But one day, you won’t see them anymore.
And pharaohs army as today police and military and all kind of arrogant and tyrannical forces will be left behind.
The sea will open for the righteous.
But unlike in the times with Moshe, the army will not be able to step into that sea of joy.

Yes, the tsunami of wickedness will be flooding over the entire world like never before when the restrainer is taken away.
You think the world is almost a hellhole already.
Wait for the moment of that separation and you will know better.
But you better repent instead to wait for that moment.

Then, many wish they’ve never been born.
Others will wonder and still continue to follow orders from the new world order.
They will not even realize their own destruction until they find themselves in eternal destruction.
The hour is late and many people are on the way to go to sleep.
Watch the beginning and watch it til the end.

The giants are excited to move again across the land as they have been doing it in the days of Noach.
The ark is ready, be ready, come in and don’t let your heart be troubled.
Don’t look back to Sodom and Gomorrah when you have to run up the hill.
There is nothing worthy to hold on to from the city of sin.

As Babylon will fall, so Rome shall burn again.
If I would not fulfill My word and pour out My wrath upon this evil and wicked generation, I have to deny Myself and apologize
for what I have done to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Watch the temple mount as it gets prepared to mount up the golden calf.
A red heifer you will see while the red horse is running rampant throughout the entire world, until the amount of blood is collected in it’s fullness.

The clock is ticking while ears going to tickle.
Many shall stand before Me expecting to receive a big crown for their works, but I will say: “I never knew you”.
Have all the signs, wonders and miracles been in vain?
No, not in vain for many, but for money.
The money given from many to feed the poor and hungry got transferred into pleasure for some.

Don’t be angry against them, nor judge, so that My anger will not rise against you and you will not be judged
by Me the same way in return.
Stay away from sin.
Yes you will sin daily as I will be your daily bread.
But you shall not live by bread alone nor by sin but by My word, the word that sets you free.

My Holy Spirit will give you the sweet taste of understanding and wisdom if you eat of Me and drink of My blood.
Yet, do It unlike wicked cannibals and cabals who drink the blood of their evil sacrifices.
My blood is holy, it’s spiritual and its life, affects the physical realm you live in.
The more you eat and drink of Me, the more you will live in the real reality of My Truth that I will show you.

Obey My commandments and trust Me like a little child.
I will be with you til the ends of your days, the days I have numbered for you, before I set the foundation of the earth.
If you stay in Me, you shall not miss a single day or second.

You think, how then can it be that the most wicked people all are getting so old, while many righteous die relatively young?
Unless you understand life and death you won’t understand young and old.
Collect for Me one single grain of sand from the vast ocean and then I will let you see the lifespan between a young and an old person.

There is no time in heaven nor are there old people, and there is no time in hell, nor are there young people.
The concept of time as you know will pass away when heaven and earth will pass away.
And when I create a new heaven and a new earth by My word that will never pass away, the concept of time as you know, will be no more.
Only in the lake of fire time will continue (as it is today).
All those who will find themselves in that lake will desire their unbearable pain and sufferings will come to an end.
But no; it will never end and their stench will rise up forever and ever.

End of Prophecy

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