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Word 2022-09-16 Simchat Torah, what you miss

Prophetic word, given on 2022-09-16 7:30pm during worship

It speaks basically only about one subject,
Simchat Torah
And this is a Jewish feast.
It might not be to interesting for anyone… but maybe it is.
If you don’t know what it is, look up on different reliable sources from liberal to ultra orthodox explanations to get some extended information.

And of course… ask the Holy Spirit for more understanding and wisdom how to look upon this word.

Beginning of prophecy

Simchat Torah…
You celebrate cycle after cycle and most of you do well with it.
But where is Simchat Torah in your midst?
Why do you not rejoice in Me and what I have done for you?
Do you not know that I am the living Torah?

Section after section it speaks about Me and My Father in heaven and you have reduced us to titles.
So many of you read through it as if they are on a competition, on a race and who is going to win.
No moment between to stop for a moment, take a breath and meditate on Me (and My grace).

The only thing you meditate on, are human opinions and men’s teachings with ancient doctrines from people whom you lift up and worship as great hero’s of wisdom and knowledge.
But I tell you, every little child has more wisdom and understanding than most of you and most of them.
Children don’t cover the cover with philosophy.
They only paint the cover with simple truth.
The truth that flows out of their innocent hearts.

You think, you have great knowledge about Torah but all you know about Torah is nothing.
A hand full of sand has more understanding than you.
As long you don’t insert Me in your knowledge about Torah you circle and circle in La-La-Land of your own fantasy.
Constantly you stumble over the rock of your salvation and the cornerstone.
You are called to build My kingdom, but your builders, long ago and generation after generation until this very day reject the cornerstone that has become your stumbling block.

A day for a day that is coming, when I will open your eyes as I lift the veil.
Truth will fall like scales from your eyes, and then, your tears over the one you have pierced will wipe away the blur of your blindness.
Just another day it will be in (human) history.
But a day of whom it is written by the prophets you did not want to hear, instead you killed them and you think you killed them all.
Don’t believe, I have no more prophets to warn you.
Eliyahu was not alone and until this very day today, there are still true prophets in various places.

If you don’t turn from your crooked ways the harvest will be, what you have sown.
A fire for a Shekel and brimstone for a grain of gold.
30 coins of silver for a cup of blood, a drop of sweat on a rock, to split the veil.

Behold the nail, behold the hand.
The tree of life for the saviors death.
Yes, it was the tree you desire(d) to reject.
When the times of the gentiles are full, the wood will turn it’s face towards you, and your mourning will flood the soil where you set up the tree (in ancient days).
And your tears shall be the water for the tree to blossom, like the staff of Aharon.
Then both (of them), you will see and finish the work I have called you to do, to carry the truth of the living Torah that came in the flesh, from Yerushalayim and in Yehuda, in Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

End of prophecy

Zecharaiah 12:10, Revelation 1:7
Psalm 118:22, Mark 12:10, Luke 20:17, Acts 4:11
1 King 19:14-18
Matthew 27:3-10
Luke 21:24
Numbers 17:8
Acts 1:8

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