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Word 2022-08-19 Little Girls, seduction and addiction

Prophetic Word 2022-08-19, given, maybe around 18:00 on the bicycle cycling back home from the ocean.
It came around an area near a certain car wash and when continue riding along, passing the cemetery

It speaks a lot in a metaphorical language or somehow coded, if this is the way I can say it in English.
In any case, make sure you ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word to get a proper understanding of all the details.

Beginning of the prophecy:

Young girls:
At a tender age you start to poison your body.
Many of you have been pressed in by your supposedly impressive friends.
The lack of knowledge makes you unaware of the depths and dangers behind it.

A voice whispers in your ears: ″You stink, you are ugly!″
But I tell you: ″No, your smell is perfect and you are beautiful″

And then, penetrating ads arrive on you addictive deception toy in your hand.
Relentless they pop up over and over, more and more.
Perfectly designed and designated only for ″you″, everyone individually picked and specified.
You look at them and go for it as your deluded friends have convinced you also you shall too, to remain a member of the club.

As you go for it, the first useless toxic medium enters your body, mind and soul.
Then the smell of your body, and the fluid inside start to alter and cry out for the next application.

″No, that’s not enough…″, a voice cries out through your pores: ″You are still too ugly to be accepted in the team″.
The social queens and cheerleaders stir up your hormones and the crowds of toxic artificial cells applaud.
The mentor gives you extensive sinister advice in your hand, telling you by this you can grow into maturity, yet it is truly the road that leads to the consummation of addiction.

Woe to those, who reject the cancerous guidelines (they say).
Big Brother will arrive and convince all of the dissidents to be streamlined or else to be censored and blocked from the victorious team.
Then… you will be alone, alone, alone…

Do you really want that?
Alone – all alone?

But not enough: You will be rejected like nasty weed in a colorful garden where artificially intelligent created flowers are growing.
They will declare you as a disfigured eerie critter.
And above all that, the shitstorm with overwhelming scum will be poured upon you to make you less desirable as a stinky brown ball in the loo.

Do you like that?
Do you want to be an alien in this world?

Come into my arms of love regardless if ″the system″ declares you as an abhorred pest when you reject their venomous deceptions.
I accept you the way you are because this is how I created you even before I laid the foundation of the earth.
Your natural smell is like a unique fingerprint.
No-one is like you.

And there is a prince for you who will enjoy your smell like the full fragrance of a field with fresh blossoming spring flowers of beauty in midst of the dark backyard of all poison, created in Sodom and Gomorrah.
No prince is able to find his ordained princess in the pit of a dense chemical soup.
But this is what the mentor has convinced you, almost all of you, that your prince desires to find you in the city center of Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah outside Noachs ark.

They claim to make love for you and with you.
But their definition of love is 100% contrary to My love.
Perversion is all and everything the team of the beast knows.

Come to Me, I will show you a better way.
I created heaven and earth and from My garden I can send spices for you to put on your crown and living waters for you to bathe your spirit.
The balm for your soul is available in many variations.
None of them is toxic or dangerous for your eternal well being.
If you dream of your prince, sweet little girl, ask Me, come to Me and I will bring you into the garden of the palace where he dwells.
Listen to the song he sings for you while he listens to the sweet melody, any word or your true holy identity.

He does not seek a chemical bomb or a bio weapon but for a precious pearl found in the garden of creation.
A jewel, ordained to sing a duet and wait for the King of kings to arrive.
The King will tell you when you shall take off your shoes.
This is, when you step on holy ground and enter His Holy of holiness.
There He will meet you.

Seek Me first and My kingdom and all you need will follow.
Don’t follow the Beast and his dominions.
I will take care of your natural astonishing beauty and much more of your soul and spirit.
You will never be alone because I will never leave nor forsake you.

Put away the distraction controller and take My solid word in your hand but never let it go.
The deception toy one day will forsake and even betray you if you unite it with your hand and heart.
As like a idol it will bring you down the road through the city of excitement down the tunnel of addiction into the outer darkness.
The lies of the Beast system will lead you astray, straight into eternal destruction and darkness.
But My word is a light that fills you with My eternal light.

Little beautiful girl, let My light shine within you in your school.
Don’t put it under the table.
Let it shine and let Me shine through you.

Yes, many will mock you but don’t be afraid.
Stay strong in Me and trust that I will take care of your enemies to make them be scared of you.
Spend your time in My presence and My radiation will be around you, the same way like when Moshe came down the mountain.
That will scare your enemies to the core.
Holiness is the key in all details.
If you trust and obey Me in every way, My fire will burn within you and around you.

Don’t worry about what you shall say when the pot starts to boil the frogs.
I will give you wisdom that is far higher than all the knowledge of teachers and bullies.
No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
Never, never ever!

And you oh parents, pray without ceasing for your little daughter(s) that she will not be consumed by the lies of the chemical tongues out from the Abyss and of Big Brothers propaganda conglomerate.
Do you like to see your daughter ignite an entire school with My holy fire?
Cast all unholy items out of your home:
None, not one shall be left, even if it includes family history regardless how precious they appear to you.
It has to be done in fasting and prayer, diligently.
Don’t leave a single one in your home or else you will end like the Israelites when they entered the promised land because they did not destroy everything as I commanded them to do.
And that was their downfall in later years when they followed foreign gods and idols of gold, silver, wood and precious stones who cannot speak, smell, see and hear.

Come in holiness daily before Me for your beloved daughter and expect in faith that I am able to perform miracles through her beyond your wildest dreams.
But she needs to be set apart from the unholy beast system of lies and deception.
Dedicate her daily to Me and plead My blood over her as a holy protection.
You have the responsibility as parents as the authority is given to you from Heaven above.

End of Prophetic word

it addresses only young girls, not boys.
And the chemicals are basically pointing to all the stuff from the cosmetics industry, not about pure natural components.
I can’t say for certain the age group it points to because I don’t have children.
But it might be somewhere between 9 and 13 (maybe).

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