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Word 2022-07-01-02 Get ready and prepare

Prophetic Word, given in two parts:
#1 on July 1st 2022 around 8:30pm
#2 on July 2nd 2022 around 7:30pm

Both are in a poetic form with rhymes.
So keep in mind, poetry sometimes appears to be incomplete.

Please ask the Holy spirit for more details and understanding, especially the metaphorical elements.
Adonai use the German word “Autobahn” as a representation of the broad road that leads into destruction.

Autobahn are the highways in Germany, built by Hitler.
They were of excellent quality lasted for many decades, unlike modern roads that are falling apart after a few years.
However, the main purpose was not to give all the people work but to have a way for a fast transportation of the war machinery into… yes… of course, into destruction.

Scriptures for #1:
Matthew 7:13-14
Ezekiel 34:17, Matthew 25:31-46
Genesis 1:3-5
Leviticus 11:44-45, Leviticus 19:2, 20:7, 20:26
1 Samuel 15:22
Zechariah 11:12-13, Matthew 26:15, Matthew 27:3
Matthew 27:51, Mark 15:38, Luke 23:45

Beginning or Prophecy #1

I have a word to share
Get ready and prepare

It is a clear concern
and something deep to learn

Go now and cleanse yourself from sin
That I can come and finish it from deep within.

Your road My children is very hard and I know it well
Unlike the wide Autobahn where most people run straight to hell

Open your ears and listen to the trumpet sound
It’s almost here right at the corner around

The next blast will blow your breath away
For sheep and goats in different ways wherever they might stay

For the sheep their breath, refreshed will be
The goats will breathe like Pharaoh deep down the sea

Who are the sheep, who are the goats I’ll show you in a minute
Floor your knees and listen carefully to My Holy Spirit

There is a darkness coming, the world has never seen before
But also light that shines so bright increasingly much more

As the separation of creation into day and night
Long before the rainbow colors seen again, will be in black and white

The sheep all on on My right and goats then to the left
Different to be seen the giver and the others with the theft

Life and death so close together yet without connection
My victory ….. sin and grave, but broken at My resurrection.

Now listen you My children how much longer will you stay between righteousness and sin
Do you not know there’s no path in midst those two for you to walk within

Have you not heard the time is short
That lawlessness is not a tolerated sport

Playing worldly games won’t give you a single point in My Holy score.
No matter the level of your theology when constantly ignore widows, orphans and the poor.

Your eyes so much are fixed on high society and all their pride
But set My Commandments, My Word the truth far, far aside

When do you learn obedience is better as it’s sacrifice
Have you forgotten what I’ve done and why I paid the price

A price, more than all silver, glitter and gold
Yet for 30 coins My precious blood was sold

A field they bought and thought by that it washes all their sins away
But no, it’s only by My love and death and resurrection that will make the way

The veil is torn but few are those who trust in Me
But soon the truth will come and all will see

You may believe it or you may not
It’s very soon and then it will get very hot

Be ready and prepared for this will come
Many people left behind, taken home just some

When I will tell you more another time
Let’s finish here today with this last rhyme

End of Prophecy #1

The next day July 2nd around 7:30 in the evening it continued.
This part also start with rhymes yet at one point it will turn to a standard speech.

Scriptures for #2:
Revelation 6:16
Genesis 11:1-9
Matthew 7:24-28
Genesis 1:27, Colossians 3:10
Exodus 20:3, Deuteronomy 5:7, 6:14, Matthew 22:34-40
Psalm 7:15, Proverbs 28:10, Ecclesiastes 10:8
Exodus 15:4
2 Timothy 1:7
Psalm 46:10
Matthew 10:16
Luke 12:4-5
Romans 14:11, Philippians 2:5-11
Matthew 7:13-14
Matthew 25:1-13

Beginning Prophecy #2

Get ready oh you wicked people for the impact from above
As hail grows and gain in speed on it’s way to the bottom, so My wrath

Your sin from the bottomless pit, will bring you also hiding deep deep underground
your laughter a disgrace constantly a pain, to My ears a diabolic evil sound

While your clowns do play a show for some of you
But I will interrupt the game, in a way, you have no clue

The bowls of sin filled up, like lots of air, tires on your abominable giant truck
The day is near, it will explode, it will erode and all expose, when I pull the rug

You’re not alone, your master is with you, the one who only knows to lie
Once the hail will hit the ground your clowns will say bye bye

The lies you built up just as Babel re-constructed up to heaven high
Your foundation nothing but of sand, all it stinks, it’s end is very nigh

When the hail with storm and flood will wash it all away
Your house of cards will tumble down, and you will mourn and cry that day

But for my children their umbrella is a solid rock
They will see your wealth be washed into the dark, and you in fearful shock

Then I will give you one last chance to repent and come to Me
So you may receive forgiveness of the one you nailed there on the tree

You can activate you beloved Greed, go down the pit into the outer darkness there forever
Or you can call upon My name, the light and love and be with Me together

Yet I see your hearts, and only very few of you will chose My light
Greed and power hunger ate your brain away, only evil is inside

Though you think you are more clever than all other, as Mister Pride has convinced you so
As he gave you fame and wealth, success in every form, in this nasty diabolic show

But no, every little child can beat you more than thousand times
That’s why you want to kill them all and try to hide your crimes

The only thing you want preserved it the user manual their DNA
And try to copy all My images with your own design, a different way

Humans yet not humans are your plans yet miserably it will flop
No souls no living breath they have, they’re even less than just a bubble that will pop

Without a soul, ignited by My holy breath nothing has eternal life
And I will not breathe into your wicked try prepared with butcher’s knife

But yes: Demons they will enter them with joy, but you may not realize
Yet the result return to run into the sea of sin, and you will pay the price

By this experiment the difference will be seen by many eyes
Between My love and life and all the devils lies

Surrender, surrender My people, surrender everything to Me.
I will take care and will separate everything you give to me whether in Glory or to Garbage.
There are things you have I want to use for My kingdom.
But everything useless will end in trash.
Yet only the things you surrender regardless of useful or not.
For everything you don’t surrender you have to deal and carry them on your own.

It doesn’t matter what it is.
Your belongings, emotions, faith, obedience, money, failures, sin, weakness, strength, longing, passion, desires, fruits, talents, praise or worship, behavior, personality, health or sickness, character, love or hate, big and small, all things, everything and even more than everything.
Your life and death.

Surrender all and I will take care of it.
Yes, most of My children struggle a lot to give up things they don’t really need, big or small.
The more, obey and do what I have told you to do.

You shall have no other Elohim beside Me, and love Me with all your heart soul mind and strength, and don’t forget to love your neighbor.
Those who are created in My image deserve the same love from you as I love them.
I have not given you a spirit of fear but of strength in love, and a sound mind.
You be still and know that I am Elohim and I will deal with the wicked in righteousness and justice.
Yes My people, justice is coming and not a single person in this world will be able to escape from it.

I Am and remain the I Am and I do not change unlike the foolish leaders in this world.
Look, how many people have changed drastically throughout all human history.
As soon they have been lured with money and fame, very quickly you could see all their changes in character and behavior, basically in everything of who they are.

Remember what happened to the great king to whom I gave more wisdom than any other person in the entire world that ever lived.
Don’t think, this can’t happen to you.
The devil knows where to put the trap against you, for you to fall and be ensnared and entangled in his lies.
Only if you fall on your knees or your face before Me, and humble yourself like My servant Moshe, you will be able to defeat the serpents voice and attempts to snatch you out of My hand.

But his traps are the pits he dug for you to fall, but at the end he himself will end up falling in the same pit deep deep down if you hold onto Me.
The accuser mostly use pride as this is a very strong evil spirit, a mighty cage.
But against a humble heart he has no power, not at all.
His power against a humble heart and against My blood is less than the effort to crush a rock of granite with a single feather of a small bird.
Be meek as a dove but wise as a serpent.
Ask My Father in heaven for guidance in My name and I will send the comforter, the Ruach HaKodesh to lead you in the path of righteousness.

In this final season in front of your face you can’t rely on your own understanding anymore.
The devil is raging and always ahead your natural abilities and know how and where to deceive you in countless ways.
He is far behind Me.
So, if you walk in and with Me and I am allowed to walk in you, and live in you, you are able to outrun the accuser by far, even if necessary with the possibility to walk on water.
The devil can’t swim in My presence and on water he walks like Pharaoh when he was behind the children of Israel.

You know whom to fear, the one who can cast you into Gehenna.
Wicked people have no fear (of Me) in them.
Lost, stolen by the enemy out of their hearts.
But when they stand before Me, they will bow their knees.
Not in adoration but in scary fear, w hen all their supposed strength and power will melt like snow in a hot frying pan.

As they go and continue to boil the frogs more and more with their evil bio weapons of mass injections;
At the end, if they don’t repent soon, I will send them to the place where they will be boiled for all eternity.
No, it was not my intention but they chose that destination by the free will I gave them.
Though (most of the leaders) want to eliminate any free will for all the people yet not themselves.
Yet it’s their body, their choice and free will to walk all the way til the end of the wide road that leads to destruction.
Both, the wide and narrow one running parallel in human time, the one to death the other into life with Me where only few thereof who walk along.

Yes, the end of the road of human history is near.
The son of lawlessness is getting dressed, soon to come on stage.
Who will recognize him?
Not many, only those with eyes to see, ears to hear and a hearts to understand what My Spirit has to say.
So, don’t close your eyes and don’t cloak your ears and don’t harden your heart and rebel against My commandments like the children of Israel in the wilderness.
Trust in Me as Joshua and Chalev, that in Me you will be able to defeat the giants and cross the Yarden into the promised land.
The final crossing into a land of Glory and Joy.

Oh yes, and at the end of days the giants will be coming back, out of their hiding places, where I have set My angels at the gates.
They will not be able to get out before the set time.
And for you My bride, make yourself also ready for the Bridegroom to come.
Fill your lamps with oil and have them trimmed, so you won’t miss the wedding.

Though it’s currently not the time for Pessach, but keep the blood of the innocent lamb on the doorposts of your heart, so all the plagues of Egypt will pass by your home.
The spirit of Antichrist is here already and is working effortful.
That spirit will be given in it’s fullness to the son of perdition, but those who trust
and obey My voice will not see him but rejoice in the Spirit of holiness with Me.

End of Prophecy

There are many more verses that could be connected to this word.
But I’ll leave it up to you to search the scriptures on your own – with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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