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Word 2022-05-27 Gods perspective of revival

Prophetic Word, given 2022-05-27 late evening during worship

In order not to misunderstand this word, carefully ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word.
And also keep in mind, when this word speaks about I, Me, My, Mine, and you watch the video, it’s not the goofball sitting on the couch but Yeshua speaking through His Holy Spirit.

Beginning of Prophecy:

You ask for revival?
Is this all you want to see?
Another Azusa Street and the rest of the world shall remain in darkness?

No, either I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh or leave you with your man-made efforts alone.
Yes, by your efforts you may win some souls, but I don’t want anyone to perish but come to repentance and have eternal life, life with and in Me.

I know how many hairs are upon your head.
I count them all – and even it is every day a different amount, I know it exactly.
I also know those who lost all their hairs and even know why.
I know when you go to bed and when you wake up.

I know your dreams and know the difference between those dreams that are sent by Me and those of the accuser and deceiver.
I also know when your soul speaks to you by night.
You dream all sort of stuff; things you desire, you like so much, things you think you missed throughout your walk in this world.

And then, I also speak in dreams and visions.
Yet, most people don’t like to hear what I tell them.
I spoke to kings and rulers in ancient times where some of it is recorded.
But how many of them have listened to my warnings?
No difference today.
They reject my calling, in pride and selfishness lift themselves up, high above Me.
Yet the ones with a humble and contrite spirit I will revive.

Most people ask the flickering box in their homes to Tell them a Vision.
It is something that is painted in propaganda factories with many obscure screws.
Screwed up to deceive as many as possible.
Others look into the world of the wicked web if they can find somewhere someone who speaks about the truth.
And yes, there are some who share My thoughts there, but these are a very few in midst all the sweet desirable dreams.
Yet all truth there is a tiny fraction between all the lies, perversion and filthy darkness.

Why are you not listen to Me on your knees?
Be still and know that I am still the same today as I was yesterday and will be tomorrow.
Pick up the book where most people have on their shelves to gain dust.
The Holy Scriptures, printed for you to read.
Then, open your eyes and hearts to listen of what I have to say.
Though My truth is more than words can say.

My Holy Spirit knows how to communicate with each individual, the way they understand.
He also knows how to revive dead letters in this book you labeled “the bible”,
because without Him you will never understand the way My word went out of My mouth and don’t return void like the rain that waters the ground.
Sadly most people don’t like to hear what I want to say today.
Hearts like a rocks, where the seed can never grow any root to bear fruit.

Revival you are looking for.
Shall I revive unrepentant hearts?
Shall I revive Nero, Mussolini, Mao and Hitler?
Do you like to have them around you in My eternal Garden where I want you to be with Me?

Pray for nations that are forsaken and forgotten.
Most of the people today pray for the nations that are in the headlines of the liars propaganda machinery.
Do you know where is Burkina Faso, Andorra or Tajikistan or what’s the current weather in Uruguay?
Have you ever taken a world map and prayed for each and every nation?
Yes, you won’t be able to pray for each tongue and tribe since many of them are not recognized by the world system.
But I see them all in My kingdom.

Can you hear the sound of joy, when they all will stand before Me and I will pour out My love upon them?
Redeemed by the Blood of the lamb, revived, out, so the lake of fire could not swallow them up.
Do you think a revival here and there will accomplish that?

Repent of your sins all My people!
Your programs in your church machine has too many bugs in your operating system, your man-made software.
Erase and re-format everything and start from the scratch.
Take My commandments, statutes and ordinances and follow them.
Don’t forget the first and most important commandment but also don’t neglect the ones you don’t like.

Pick up your staff and follow Me.
I showed you the way as I A m the Way.
Twelve disciples I picked out of their routine to follow Me and eleven did well.
I showed them the way of life, the life that is eternal.

They learned from Me as I learned from My Father who is in heaven.
I taught them to keep My Fathers commandments as I do.
I showed them to wash the feet of each other.
They have seen how I fed a multitude with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread as I Am the love of your daily bread.
All the time they have been with Me while I performed all the miracles and confronted the scribes and pharisees.

I was in the boat with them in a tired human body in midst a severe storm.
They have seen how I commanded the storm and the waves to calm down.
But did I not say you will do greater things?
Trust and obey of what I say!
But where are you now?
Look into history and try to find where the signs have been gone…

Yet, until my disciples were filled with My Holy Spirit, their tiny faith got stuck in human revival mode.
A revival syndrome where they thought My kingdom is of this world to be worthy to fight, against flesh and blood.
If My kingdom would have been of this world, My Servants would have fought for it.
I told them to wait in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) for the time, when they will be revived with the power from My throne, with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Torah I gave at Mount Sinai, the fire of the Holy Spirit at Mount Zion.
But both work together and can’t be separated as the water and the blood, the Father and the Son.
Both you need to carry into the harvest.
As much as I will write My Torah upon the hearts of men, I will pour out the fire of My Holy Spirit to burn within you.
Let it burn and use that fire to kindle the fire of repentance throughout all nations.
Don’t quench My Holy Spirit or else you may experience (one day) another fire.
A fire where the worm never dies.
Be holy for I am Holy.
I am coming soon.

Forget about revivals, forget about your numbers, go and make disciples in all the world, preach the good news of My grace and mercy and the blood that I poured out for all creation.
Teach them to love Me with all their hearts, minds, souls and strength so they will keep My commandments in joy.
I will revive those whom I can revive if you trust and obey of what I have called you to do.
I look into the hearts of men, things you don’t see.
It’s not for you to set revivals.
Never forget, without Me you can’t do anything.

Look at the fields, they are ready, white .
A harvest is waiting.
Let the dead bury their own dead, but you My children, follow Me to preach My Kingdom to come and I will show you what revival truly means.

End of prophetic word.

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