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Word 2022-04-19 Fukushima, what’s up

Prophetic word written down on April 19th 2022 around 9pm.

This word is a bit unusual as it came 3 days in a row yet I did not had an unction to write it down until the third time while taking a shower.
Then after writing the first word Yeshua continued speaking

And so this is the word:

Which is the only word that arrived several times throughout 3 days.
Then finally after 3 days under the shower my question: ″what’s up with Fukushima?
Something glowing, something big coming, or what?

Then the word of the Lord continued…
Fukushima, Futschi-Kasino
(this is actually a German word construction which can go to several meanings)
Kasino is basically Casino, and as we know, but could also mean Casino as the well known metaphor of the fiat money or thin-air money markets/ stock markets.
But futschi (futsch) means something like:
″burst, down the drain, kaput, bang, there is goes…″

Then after “Fukushima, Futschi-Kasino”:

It’s not a ballerina in the sky, dancing on clouds.

The water is rising and the next tsunami is ready to roll.
But there will be several tsunamis at the same time.
Some to death, some to life.
Make sure, you catch the right wave.

Three short waves, one after the other with hardly any delay.
When the first is (mostly) gone, the second in a second will be bigger and the third will wash both of them away.

There are rocks in various places, all surrounded by sand.
There (in the sand) most people have build their future.
Quicksand here, dusty sand there, sand of locusts and flies and lice (lies).
All will tumble, fall apart and fly away when the storm will carry the tsunami.
Don’t get too far away from the rock, while you want to invite those on sand to join the rock.
There is not much time left to jump on the rock when the tsunamis are rolling.

Oh people in Japan, why are you still follow your idols that cannot speak, hear, see or smell?
How often do I need to shake you up?
Yes, Fukushima is still burning, but you oh people there, think (unconsciously)
the lake of fire is cold as ice?
No, a nuclear fire is like sitting around a comfortable campfire compared to hell’s fire.

Come to Me before it’s too late.
I am the only one who can redeem and rescue you from the everlasting fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels.
I prepared the way to the green pastures where you find eternal love, peace and joy.

Fukushima radiates the ocean.
My love, grace and mercy eradicates the ocean of sin.
You fish the fish there and wondering why you become sick.
Go and fish souls for My kingdom and I will feed you with two fish and some (5 pieces of) bread and give you living waters to drink.

Time is short and soon be cut in half.
One half for My children and the other half for the goats.

You want to be washed in/by the tsunami of love?
Get down on your knees, before the cross and let My blood wash your sins away.
If you refuse, you will face the tsunami of destruction and then…
your knees will be ground by someone else.

Deutsches Bier [German Beer] is liquid bread they say [usually the Bavarian].
Yes, they say a lot of things all day long.
But I hardly hear anyone saying:
Yeshua is the bread of life.
Drink My blood, eat My flesh is nothing for cannibals as some stated in their interpretations.
Life is in the blood and eternal life is in Me and My blood

Horses are coming, red, black, pale, while children being indoctrinated with pink, purple, rainbow, green and blue.
Not much longer (and) Fukushima will burn and the walls of Jericho come tumbling down.
Jezebel and Jezreel is in sight.

End of the Word

In what way or form the Tsunamis are spiritual, physical metaphorical, or whatever mixture I can’t say.
Yet with the help of the Holy Spirit you should get the best understanding.

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