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Word 2022-04-09 What is your choice?

Prophetic word, given on April the 9th 2022 around 8:30pm

Please ask the Holy Spirit for discernment and understanding of this prophecy.
Most in this word is for the Children of Elohim – ask for wisdom how to respond

Start of Prophecy

If I would let you chose, My children…
Would you prefer the outpouring of My blessing or My love?
Oh what a big temptation I hear many saying.
Can we not receive both?

Any preconditions? I hear someone asking.
I pour out rain upon the righteous and the wicked.
The sun shines upon good and evil.
The wind blows upon all people and creation, all that’s not in the sea.

But do you think I will pour out My love into the hearts of people who reject Me?
Yes, I love them and plead for them to come to Me before it’s too late.
The door of the ark is coming to a close and will not be opened again.

The outpouring of My blessings many want to receive.
Yes, I can do that – but what will you do with it?
I see beyond and see also how some will fail to use it to bless others in the way, the blessing is intended to be.
Most churches have broken down the blessings to all kinds of materialistic matters (like finances).

But look close at a blade of grass.
Is it not a blessing to see My life in the green (structure)?
Look at the flowers and small it’s fragrance.
Is it not a great blessing?
Imagine flowers without a smell at all.
Yes, man-made flowers don’t smell at all, they all stink.
Manipulated from deep within.
But today a flower shines in it’s glory and tomorrow it’s withered and gone.

So My blessing, if it falls on stony ground.
It will not produce any fruit.
Ask Me first to remove your heart of stone and to give you a heart of flesh before asking for the outpouring of My blessings in your life.
And perhaps, if your heart has changed from a heavy rock into a weeping willow, you don’t want My blessing anymore.

If you have flooded your bed with tears, you might only ask for more love.
The love that will wipe away every tears, except the tears of joy.
My love will bring you down on your knees and your crown before Me.
Then you will keep My commandments.
And My commandments are not hard to keep.

Men’s laws are impossible to keep, because when you keep some, you will break others.
And when you change it, you will end up in an everlasting loop.
Laws of men are designed by the author of confusion.
People with a lot of money just buy the laws and eat other people up as popcorn.
And everyone who is in their way will be crushed between their teeth.

Yet, when they, one day will stand before Me, I will hand them over to the Master of confusion – and there, they will be gnashing their teeth forever in pain and agony.
Yes, swiftly their end will be, but that end will never end as much as they wish (it would end).

If you pray for them for they may find salvation, don’t waste 99% of your time for that 1% and 1% of your time for the 99% who are squeezed between their teeth.
I will ask you at the end what you have done with the most precious blessing I have given you: ″Your Time″

If you can’t go, pray.
If you can’t preach or teach or bless others with things they need what you don’t have, or comfort them with comforting words…
You can pray and ask me to send laborers into the harvest.
Soon the harvest will be on it’s peak and one day (suddenly) it will come to a halt, when My angels will start to gather the fruits.
In groups they will be send out, one, two, three, one after the other.

Well done, good and faithful servant I will say, if I will find you on your knees.
I am not a respecter of persons.
As the poor widow at the gate who gave more than all the wealthy, the scribes and pharisees together, so I will see all the labor in your prayer closet behind unknown doors.

I collect your each and every tear you shed for the sake of My kingdom.
Not one will be forgotten, even not the ones who dropped from your heart, when your eyes were already dried out from all the weeping.

End of Prophecy

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