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Word 2022-04-05 Fire and 7 mountains

Prophetic word, given on April the 5th 2022 around 3:50pm

Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy.
And again, when this word speaks about Me, My, I, Mine, it’s not the opinion of the goofball
sitting on the couch, but the Lord Yeshua speaking through His Holy Spirit.

Start of Prophecy:

My children, remember My fire.
The fire was there 40 years, shining in the wilderness.
You ask: ″where did it go?″
Yes, you are asking the right question.
The same I want to ask you.
Where is your fire?
Why did you let the devil extinguish your fire?

The princes of this world come together
and discuss how to squeeze the last tiny bit of light that is flickering like a fading candle.
Ask Me for wisdom, how to use this last little bit of fire to ignite the explosive kerosene of the enemy to use their foolish fire for My glory (and your benefit).

Don’t steal it, no, take it by force.
Their plans is to kill, steal and destroy.

Elazar (Lazarus) was dead 4 days when I called him out of the grave.
How long are you already dead?
Many are sleeping since generations.
Whole nations sunk in apathy, their bones are dead and dried out.

Chezekiel is getting tired crying and asking if these bones can become alive.
Yes, some did but there are more.
Some became alive yet died and dried again.

Where did you hide the seed of the mustard?
Have I not called you to use it?
How will you (be able) to remove all the mountains that has been growing throughout the centuries
and especially the last few decades?
Try it without the mustard seed and then look how far you will get.
Religious doctrines will not bring you anywhere.

The devil and his dominions are constantly piling up tons of rubbish upon these mountains.
As they were not be able to build a tower to heaven, they try all kinds of mountains to climb up to Me.
7 mountains of lies and more lies and more…
War machinery, Science and Technology to split the curtain again.

Fools are they, saying, there is no God and yet then their double-foolishness is so foolish that they fight against Me.
Do you really take them seriously?
Do you not see their… this stupidness?
Fighting tooth and nail against someone they don’t believe exists.

No, though they deny Me, deep in their hearts they know and believe I am.
Their hate have blinded them.
There are some of them who are already unredeemable but still they know that I exist.
Even the demons believe and tremble.

Now you My children, why do you watch them piling up their mountains?
Come up to Me, to My holy mountain and see how little they are.
Like ant hills, not more in My sight.
Come here and stick your staff into their hill.
Then watch the panic, how all of them will start running around insane.

Do you not want to to take a little of My fire and throw it in midst their camp (the ant hill)?
Then see, how all the dry needles will get engulfed in flames and their mountains will burn to ashes.

End of prophecy.

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