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Word 2022-02-11 A tree… what is it good for?

Prophetic Word 2022-02-11 19:40 during worship

This prophecy is kinda metaphorical and flips very much around as much as I would say.
So, listen carefully with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you may get the pearls out of it.

A tree, what is it good for?
To give food for the hungry, to give shade on a hot summer day, to give birds a place to nest.
But what have you done oh men?
You spoiled it and took out the seeds from it’s fruit.
You separated what I put together.

Oh, but it’s so nice (to eat it) you claim.
But I say ″no″, it’s not how I designed it.
So the unity between a man and a woman.
You obscured it, disgusting your arguments.

No, your so-called scientific knowledge ate too much of the tree, where I told you not to eat from it.
But daily you hang it upon your fake news screen trees.
You shoveled your own grave by your lies.

I am closing the doors soon as I closed the doors of Noach’s ark.
Your knocking I will not hear.
As I will not open the doors for the fools who don’t have oil in their lamps, how much less for you, oh liars.

I will expose your diabolic face behind the masking.
And there I will write ″liars″ in the middle of your face.
It will be more visible than the nose of Pinocchio.
I will give you a nose that is as long as far the east is from the west, as you spread your lies even beyond the borders of this earth.
There, in the ice it will stick and you can ask your father to bring some coals (from hell) to warm up your lies – and your nose.
And yes, they will be fired up for all eternity.

The trees you poisoned, the bees you killed and with fake fees you feed your greed.
Shall I treat you like you treat the poor?
Will you beg Me for mercy if I will do so?
No, you will the more get angry at Me and mock and blaspheme increasingly day and night.

And if I will give all your wealth to the poor?
What will you do?
Will you come to Me and beg for mercy and say, oh, we will change in the future and support all the poor, so that they have food in their house?
No, you won’t, because you want to please your father to kill as many as possible and to steal what is not yours.

Mine is the earth and all what’s in it and I give it to whom I give.
Yes, your father is still somehow in charge of this world.
But not much longer (and he knows it).
When I have exposed the deepest darkness to all the world and executed My final move and the outpouring of all things with good and evil, I will bind him for a 1000 years and rule and reign together with My beloved with the rod of iron.

Hear My roar.
The lion of the tribe of Yehuda is stepping through the door.
Listen and don’t be dismayed when things look different as you wish or think.
But it has to happen that way or else, by men’s effort it will take too long and finally all of My children would give up.
A short nightmare is more pleasant than a never ending nasty dream.

Wait, for your redemption is near.
A tree is waiting for you My children.
No more knowledge of good and evil with two different opposing fruits, but with leaves you don’t know yet.

Don’t be afraid of warships warlords and spaceships.
Lift your hands up as Moshe (Moses)to defeat the Sons of Amalek.
Lift up your hands as long as necessary, until you will see them no more.
Will it take years?
How long did it took for Moshe?

Stand up in prayer and let Me fight.
I know how to defeat them once and forever.
If you fight (in your own strength), yes, you might have some victory.
But that will last only for a little while.
A few years later they will be back, better equipped than ever before and you may wonder how this could happen.

Don’t forget, who redeemed you.
Walk in righteousness and in My commandments.
As soon as you look away from Me,you will be sinking like Shimon Keypha (Peter) when he walked towards Me on the water.
Keep you eyes and hearts fixed on Me and (then, soon) you will see your enemy never again.

And the tree, if he does not give shade or fruit?
What is it good for?
And what are those kind of trees, you are planting?
Even not good enough to give warmth of a fire.
Like stubble, (only) a lot of smoke, but no heat at all.

Not even useful to give enough heat to warm up your house or for cooking something.
All you know is cooking of wickedness behind the smoke.
A smoke of lies and deceptions to hide your true identity.

My ax is already laid on the root, moving and working.
Soon it will be down to the deepest roots and they will be chopped off, and never anymore will a single bird nest in your branches.

The praises and their songs will (only) be heard in the garden of righteousness.
No trap will be able to silence their beautiful voices, a sound that I love to hear.
In My garden that I will share with My bride and My righteous, they will all come and sing.
In the branches of the tree of love and will sit in unity and (real) freedom.
In harmony with My trees and flowers they will sing and rejoice.

At the end after I’ve edited the video I realized a very likely metaphorical connection of a tree and Pinocchio as He mentioned both.
Though this is just a fairy tale story but there is some truth behind it and this prophecy seem to pick that up in a very subtle way.

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