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Word 2022-01-21 Shaking Breaking Forte Fortissimo

Prophetic word, received at night around 2:50am on January the 21st 2022.

Make sure you ask the Holy Spirit to give you more understanding of this word.
As usually prophecy hides a lot of words between the lines.
With the Lords help you will be able to read it and also to understand the metaphorical elements.

A shake a quake a break and a break of the wicked neck they hide under the deck.
Awake, awake My children and take a break for in the lake the evil ones be cast.
As for My sake you gonna shake and take the spoil away.

Just wait a little moment til I send you to the end for you to see what I will shake.
Trembling bones in places high where men has tried to reach and build.
A Re-start will be coming soon when I press the button.

Oh Jezebel, Oh Jezebel your days are numbered and you can no longer harm My prophets.
They all will come out of their caves but your witches and priests, one by one will not be able to escape.
Your prophets, all are liars, and their lies come crashing down.

The house of sand it’s fall is soft compared to yours, as for you, your servants fall will be much bigger.
Not one stone that will be left upon each other.
Run and hide is your advice is what you will say to them, but I will cut off all their legs.

Forte Fortissimo My bride and Trumpets sound to every corner all around in every place.
Listen to the lions roar, I’m standing at the door.
No more sitting on My throne, No, I’m standing up.
The sins have reached the boiling point, overflowing bowls in heaven.
To pour them out upon the earth back to where they came.

Yet I prepared a way My children, now make ready (to) go, awake and take My cup (of righteousness), the overflowing one with honey for the lost.
(But) if you stand still against My will then I will cut you of and you will be no more.

Scripture for this prophecy:
Revelation 2:20
1 Kings 18:20-40
Revelation 16:13/ 19:20/ 20:10
Proverbs 20:2/ Hosea 11:10
Revelation 10:3
Genesis 6:5/ Daniel 8:23/ 1 Thessalonians 2:16

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