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Word 2022-01-02 People are blind for The Truth

Prophetic Word 2022-01-02 21:30 – during prayer (with medium migraine)

Let the Holy Spirit be your guide through this prophetic word

Yes, people are blind, people don’t see the truth, they don’t see the truth, they don’t see the light.
And if see the light (the few of them who see anything at all) they see it like Ididyah** (explanation at the end).
Just a blurry something but not My shining glory and splendor of My true light of My Truth.
Thy even don’t want the truth.
Hardly anyone seeks the truth anymore.

Everyone is just happy in their own illusion of party.
The truth is so close to them and is constantly knocking on the door of their hearts.
But even then they ignore.
The mind of men – who can understand?

Philosophers, Psychologists, Scientists trying to figure out and out of the mouth of these 3 (men/ groups) you get 10 different opinions.
But none of them reach the truth.
With human understanding and knowledge they build up mountains of theories.
But no-one, not one of them come to Me to meet Me on My holy mountain.
Here the truth they will find.

My word they ignore, thinking they are all above, higher than Me.
And little child, every toddler has even more understanding than all these groups together.
Men has drifted so far away from My truth and light that they can’t see it anymore.
With big telescopes and technology they scan in the darkness of nothing but don’t realize how they all look into the wrong direction.

Empty space is not empty space.
I have not created empty space.
I have created space for My truth in the hearts of men.
But all they fill in their hearts is doctrines of men and doctrines of devils.
If they would fill it with My fear, with My wisdom, (then) the truth will become a light that will shine and they will see how their empty space is filled with My Glory.

But all their focus is on this tiny little dark spot, the black holes some say, that is the outer darkness where evil and wickedness unites and resides.

The sky is blue you say.
One day, suddenly it will be black.
And then?
What you gonna do?
Will you run and get a bucked of blue paint, a brush and paint it back to blue?
Or will you run and hide under the rocks?
Or will you run and hide under the shelter of My wings?

I was in the grave 3 days and 3 nights but death could not hold Me.
If you are in Me, darkness are not able to hold you.
It has to flee from My light.
But for those who live in darkness and reject My light and My truth will face darkness like the Egyptians while My children had light.

The separation is already on the way and almost finished.
Light and darkness was separated at the beginning of creation.
Then I separated darkness from My presence I drove them away (from Me) into the place I created for them.
There, all the Philosophers, Psychologists and Scientists are looking to – staring at them as if this is the real and only truth.

All they see is darkness in the souls of men.
And the see right (correctly) somehow… somehow…
But they don’t use My light to cast out darkness.
And at the end of the day, darkness still remains.

You can’t solve darkness with darkness.
You can’t extinguish fire with (more) fire.
You can’t beat death with death.
You can’t remove evil with wickedness.
You can’t turn lies into truth with more lies.
But blind men think they can do this.

My children, listen:
Don’t follow the path of the wicked.
Don’t drink their blood of unrighteousness.
Don’t let their lies be your guide.
Don’t feed the hungry with good (and great) promises.
Don’t let darkness be your king.

I showed you the way of righteousness.
If you love Me, keep My commandments, as I kept My Fathers commandments.
Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t or don’t have to keep them or not anymore.
My word is eternal and with Me is is (even) a joy to keep all commandments.
My commandments are light and My yoke and burden are easy for you.

If you are in Me it’s (by far) easier to keep them as you to switch on a light in your house.
Electricity can fail.
The switch can break.
The light (bulb) can blow and die.
But My word will never fail.
If you trust Me I will show you the way.

Trust and obey and even more than just keeping All My commandments is possible.
I have so much more that I would like to give you.
Walking on water, stilling storms, healing the sick, raising the dead is just the beginning of greater miracles.
But you can’t ignore My pure word, spoken out of My mouth from the beginning and expect greater things to come.

I cannot go against My statutes and ordinances and against My divine order, that I have set in place from the foundations of this world.
Yes, the foundations will shake and tremble at My voice.
But My word can’t be shaken.
My truth stands forever.

Moshe and the prophets gave you the foundations and I came to finalize it.
They painted the picture and I came and finalized and framed it.
Not one single tiny strike of the brush I added, removed or modified of the painting.

Not one word can be changed.
That painting will remain forever for all to see.
The image of the painting is you.
It is all of you who were created in My image.
The image, the devil tries to spoil and destroy.
My Word that is written in midst the image can’t be destroyed and I will make sure it will remain.
My bride on that painting in midst the garden of peace, joy and holiness.

Many will see My light and repent.
Some will not.
Wickedness will continue and lawlessness will increase.
But in midst all tribulation I will bring My people out of the bondage as I did in Egypt.
A few foreigners will join, not many.
But Pharaoh will see them no more and will be no more.

Now is the time to get ready.
Put on your shoes, the belt around your waist the staff in your hand.
Eat your bread in haste and don’t look back when the sound of the Shofar will call you to go.
The day is near.

Amen, end of prophecy

About the name at the beginning
** Ididyah:
That’s the name of an old man I took care of for a while.
Became blind supposedly by diabetes.
He was by definition completely blind yet he could recognize if it was day or night or if there was a light switched on in the house.
Possibly 99.99% blind or so.

His name means something like friend of God.
Guess this is a great picture how many people who God desires as friends are simply blind – in this case of Ididyah speaking for the Jewish people, though it may also represents all others.
Spiritual blind for His truth.

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