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Word 2021-12-10 freedom fighters and Gods word

Prophetic word, given December the 10th at 5:30 in the morning.

Freedom fighters…
Do you really know what true freedom is?
Look at my Hands:
There, you’ll find true freedom.
If you look through the holes you will see where freedom is.
There you can see the future.
Out of My side where I poured out real freedom.

You won’t find true freedom in this world.
Yes, I appreciate your effort and see what you like to accomplish.
But if you would hold My hand and walk with Me, I could make you able to carry real freedom to the nations.

You fight is with humanism.
This is a sword without power, not sharp at all.
You may only chop some pieces of soft cheese.
But your fight is against granite.

Take and use My sword and you will know the difference.
Spiritual powers are not impressed by humanism.
Yes, you may slaughter here and there one or the other wicked servants of the devil.
But then, when you chop off a head, the demonic hydra will develop another head or two that will be even worse than the one before.
Only My word that comes with Holy fire can smoke these powers to nothing.

Hold on, be still and put your hand into My side.
Where you can receive the flow of living waters.
The place for real freedom is not in this world – it’s in Me, in My Kingdom.
And those freedom fighters who fight with and in Me don’t need high education, rhetorical skills nor any physical training, or any high position in society or business.

I can use little children, old poor widows and all the unknown between.
Those who worship Me in Spirit and in Truth.
Watch them…
They are the real freedom fighters.
They are the ones who will heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the death and release the prisoners out of their captivity.
The prison of sin is the largest prison in this world.
These are gigantic, where the humanistic freedom fighters of this world don’t understand.

Hold on a second and wait for your deliverance.
I am knocking at your door.
Your redeemer, your freedom is waiting for you to bring you out of Egypt, into the land overflowing with peace joy and love in Me, in My Spirit.

For the freedom fighters (of this world):
Yes, fight, but don’t fight alone.
Take My hand and fight with Me.
Alone your freedom will not last very long.
But with Me it will last forever!

Referring scriptures:
John 4:23-24
Matthew 10:1-ff
Ephesians 6:10-18
Romans 14:17

For the freedom fighters:
don’t fight alone!
Yeshua want to be part of your battle.
With Him there is eternal freedom

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