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Word 2021-12-03 Two Rivers, death and life

Prophetic word, received on December the 3rd 2021 around 6pm during Erev Shabat worship.

As this word is mostly metaphorical (yet not too complicated to understand).
But in any case, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word

There are two rivers.
The river of life and the river of death.
The river of death is a wide stream.
Amazonas, Mississippi, Ganges and the Nile are small brooks, compared to the river of death.
Millions of boats floating there along – all into the same direction; down the river into the ocean of sin.
Many boats/ ships are entertainment, and there are the pleasure cruises.
Hardly to be seen there.
Most of them gave up long ago, since they could not find any fish anymore in the polluted water.

And (then) constantly they get bullied by the water sports brigade, and also by the coast guard ships.
They tell them to go away as they disturb their fun fair.
And the guards tell them, they are a danger for the pleasure cruises.
If one of their fishing hook accidentally hit one of the cruise ships (even the big ones), it is possible that they will sink and then thousands might drown.
They say, fishing might be tolerated if the hooks are wrapped with a piece of foam around and a soft 3-layer covering protection on top.
But it shall thick and soft enough, not to scratch the paint of other ships, because the paint is very expensive and extremely valuable.

The end of the river is getting very red, even more as the river itself that is already bloody.
It is the blood from the ocean of sin that flows back into the river.
And the level of the ocean is rising constantly.
The coastline is in constant increasing danger of getting flooded.

People along the shore want to build dams but the government says: ″No, this is forbidden!″
The green activists say: ″Nooh, it will spoil the nature, and then people also can’t see the magnificent beauty of the ocean.
If the ocean floods the land, it will bring the fertile soil of the depths of the ocean into the nations.
Yes, we need the fertilizer to bring our nation in unity and harmony.
As a sustainable nature – sustainable humanity.″

Where is the river of life?
This tiny brook, hardly anyone take notice of it.
But I look upon it and I’m weeping and crying.
It’s not a wide river where anyone can travel with a boat, even not with a small canoe.

It’s a river, where people walk against the stream, because they want to know the source, the well, where the water springs forth.
They say:
″If we will be completely exhausted or even drown there we will not stop walking up, upwards the stream.″

You have not walked up very far, but with every step you feel refreshed and excited.

Most people who walk there hesitate to drink from the water (of the river).
Because you have been taught not to drink from any river, but only from the man-made bottled liquid.
You heard of people who were drinking from the river of death and heard their testimonies as they collapsed and ended up with all kinds of diseases and problems.
Cancer, worms, parasites, viruses, aids, addictions and the list goes on and on with all forms of destruction.
And that’s why you hesitate also to drink from the river of life.

May you think, the people who walk before you have some diseases and it will contaminate the water that flows down the river and then this will harm you.
How can true life corrupt your life?

Men try to heal diseases with diseases and want to treat death with death.
And yes, (in some way) death will treat death.
It will cause you the second death.
There is nothing except the river of life, the way, the river of truth that can heal death.

Dark arrows flying from both sides of the river of death.
Some people passing by on their pleasure and ignorance boats.
And they continue already with several arrows in their bodies but don’t realize where they are heading to.

Where are the fishermen who walk on the river of life and cast their nets and fishing hooks into the river of death?
Have I not called many?
Where are you?
Watching the scene from afar?
Why are you afraid of the bullies and the self-appointed guards?
Let them know who I am and I will let them know who they are and whom they shall fear.

Let them intimidate you.
At the end of the day, they will all bow their knees before Me if they want or not!
Yes, you won’t see many of these bullies in My kingdom, only a few.

But there are boats loaded with poor, widows and orphans and all kind of strange people.
They look and wonder if there is a way to get out of their overloaded boat of stupidness and vanity.
Cast your hook (and net) and get them.

From the pleasure cruises you may catch some, but not too many.
The water sports people you better avoid.
They only want to damage your fishing equipment in very subtle and sneaky ways.

Chanoch (Enoch) walked the river of life all the way up to the well – and he was fast.
Eliyahu (Elijah) had a short dive at the end.
All the others I picked up somewhere along the walk.
Most of them were very much at the beginning even – and still are there at the mouth of the river.
But most of those who stepped truly into the river, into the river of life are with Me.

Yes, there is a good amount of people who started their walk on the river of life but turned away.
These are the ones who have been taught it will be easy and full with pleasures.
Then, when they figured out they have to walk against the stream and everything but easy…
they turned and went back into the river of death.
Some were expecting prosperity as they also have been taught.
But as it did not come to pass after a certain period of time, they also turned back into the river of death.

There is only one guaranteed promise in the river of life and this is life, life eternal (no other promise).
Blessings are there as well, but not the kind of blessings designed and developed by men.
I have a blessing for each one of you but these blessings may not look the same as the teachings of men have printed in your minds.

My ways, My thoughts are higher and My blessings are also higher than yours.
But don’t put Me in a box of how blessings must look like.
You could be far ahead in your expectations but you could even be far behind with your expectations (of what you think or thought My blessings for you will look like).
Let My word and life be a blessing to you and leave the rest up to Me!

Referring Scripture to that word:
Matthew 7:13-14
John 14:6
Matthew 13:3-9; Mark 4: 3-8/13-20
Matthew 4:19; Mark 1:17
Isaiah 55:9
Romans 14:11; Philippians 2:10

If you are a fisher of souls, go and cast your nets and hooks!

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