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Word 2021-11-21 Sowing and Reaping

Prophetic word/ Poetry given November 21st 2021 around 9pm (21:00)

There we go – and reap what we (will) sow
Today we sow – tomorrow we go

You better pray today – and I will tell you what to say

Don’t grief about people who don’t want to be with Me
But pray for those, those with eyes but cannot see
For those with ears that they can hear
To let them know of Who am I, so they don’t have to fear

But fear the ONE who’s able to cast you in the fire
The burning flames is not what I desire
Fauchi is the one who will be going there to burn
Not many in high places are willing to repent and turn

Away from all their wicked plans and deeds
They are the ones in midst the field those nasty weeds
But soon when I will send My angels as the harvest is ready now
Don’t hesitate and don’t ask questions all that you don’t know

The plow that’s in your hand, only forward you can look and go
What’s left behind is history but future is where you shall sow
Joy and peace is coming soon for those who sown with tears
As righteousness is on their field, the fruit of Glory no more fears

The wicked ones what’s on their fields you better stay away
Poison deadly snakes are there in midst of iron and dark clay
My flood will come, fire, brimstone, all together with my wrath
Be swept away as they ignored the Truth and Life, The Way, the narrow path

Note: as always, ask the Holy Spirit for more guidance in every prophecy.

Related Scripture to that word:

Psalm 126:5/ Galatians 6:7
Luke 9:62
Matthew 22:1-10
Revelation 14:10

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