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Word 2021-11-17 Gates of Heaven are open NOW

Prophetic Word 2021-11-17 (maybe 10:00am)

The word came while trimming some kind of a hedge at a friends garden
about 12 hours later I was able to write it down – (again some kind of a miracle for my weak memory)

The gates of heaven are open
Bring up your requests Now!
I don’t want to wait a long time.
The sooner you bring up up your petitions, the sooner I can start working.

I am not like the tax bureaucrat, the paper shuffler, who prioritize his coffee before any work.
Even though they are paid to get their job done – whenever someone gets a tax return, the envelope miraculously find it’s place again at the bottom of the high paper stack.
They act as if it’s their own personal money (they have to return), but don’t realize this is anyway only fabricated ″nothing″ made out of thin air.

When someone sends Me a petition, plead, question, request or praise or thanksgiving, it will always be on high priority, especially when the gates of heaven are open (wide open).
And when I send My angels to react and respond with the answer, they don’t delay or have a long conversation on their way with another angel (nor a coffee or cigarette break).

Yes, sometimes they have a battle with demonic forces on their way, but will never fail to go what they are called to do.
And what they do, they do it out of love and compassion and lots of joy.

But often the people, who send the requests forget about it and/or start to get busy with many other things.
And then, some of them even don’t expect anything.

They are like someone who orders a a birthday cake and then… forgets the birthday.
Or like others who call someone to fix something in their homes and then go on a journey for holiday.
And when they are back they wonder even why the problem is still there and not fixed or repaired.

Others make appointment with someone who shall pick them up the next morning in their home (to go somewhere), as similar to call a cab/taxi…
And then the next morning in deep sleep they wake up around noontime and complain why no one came to pick them up.

Don’t be such fools.
If you see the gates of heaven Now open, expect the answer very soon!
And More: Be Ready to receive!

A delivery of a parcel you know and in your order you are prepared in a specific known style and form (how the parcel will arrive).
But if you do the same with the answer of request in heaven, you will very likely fail.

I may not come in a way you would expect.
And compared to a parcel delivery, there is no tracking available, because it can come in an instant.
But (regardless of the timing) expect it to come.

Whatever you ask in My Name, I will do it.
If you ask in your own name out of your own desire of worldly pleasure I might not be able to deliver anything because My Kingdom is not of this world, and there might not be such a thing in stock in heaven of what you ask for.
Ask and it will be given – the gates of heaven are open for those who ask with a righteous heart.

But for the wicked even the doors of salvation are closing.
Tell those who are asleep to wake up and get their house in order.
Fill your lamp with oil and be ready for Me to show up.

Note: as always, ask the Holy Spirit for more guidance in every prophecy.
Referring Scripture to that word:

John 14:13-14; 16:23-26
Matthew 25:1-13
John 18:36

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