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Word 2021-11-06 Word is MORE, stop fighting

Prophetic word received on November the 6th around 10:15am

The earth is a globe, the earth is flat,
the earth is round you scream and yell and fight against each other – but you have no clue!
The truth is, the earth is Mine and My footstool.
You surely want to know the truth of how the earth is made (and looks like).

Come up to Me and you will see.
A waste of time is all your science, Scientology, technology, theology and theory.
None of these things will bring you ever into My presence.
And then you know nothing, and you are nothing.
Like an ant, running back and forth, working and carrying dust from A to B.

Do you not know that everything is in My Word?
No, not in this book.
My Word is alive and without My Word nothing is made and nothing can remain.
If I would withdraw My Word from the world, nothing will remain.
Everything hangs on My Word, spoken out of My mouth.

And you, oh little ants fighting wrestling against each other, (where) everyone thinks he knows more than Me.
Have you created it all?
Your creation (instead), look around where it leads to.
War and death is all you know, but of My Word you know nothing.

Yes, your tongue is powerful, yet most people have abused it’s power for their own profit of greed and wickedness.
Only a few are using it for what it meant to me: to bless, restore, built up broken ruins, strengthen peoples faith to trust and obey Me.
And to worship Me in Spirit and in Truth.

The devil and his servants know well the power of words, yet My people perish for lack of wisdom to know what they (the wicked) do not know.
Moshe knew, EliYahu knew.
The will come back to teach My people how to use their tongue.
Oh, how much is the devil afraid when they will come.
He does not want My children to walk on the path of righteousness as Avraham did.

All you see of what is going on in this world is, to prevent My Word to be in the mouth of men.
The big lie of deception has been built over centuries and many, way too many have been fallen.
Fallen into the trap like a fly in the spiders web.
Yes, the web they say the world wide web was and is the big deception of what makes you believe the lie.

They who built it made a pact with the devil as he lied to them (as well), claiming, this is the ″final solution″.
(Die ″Endlösung″ of what Hitler would say)
The ″solution″ to remove all problems of this world.
Did I not say to you, the poor will always be with you (but me not)?
No, it is not and never was My plan that anyone shall perish.
But the day will come when the rich will be poor and the poor will be built up to hold My gold.
The gold, 7 times refined, deep in their hearts, that is My Word, which is alive forever.

There exist only ONE solution, One final solution.
The devil knows that and that’s why he is so obsessed to steal, kill and destroy as much as he can.
But his days are numbered.

I am ready to turn the tables.

But I wait for My children to declare and speak My Word.
Yes, I know the weakness of translations but all I hear is theory and theology (mingled with pagan traditions), but not My Word.
I don’t need to hear your stupid teachings like as sheep who think they know everything better than the shepherd.
I don’t need your baah’s and meeh’s.

Open your mouths and speak what I have told you..
Speak out loud the letters from the book you named the bible without your baah’s, meeh’s and mooh’s.
…and then see (and experience) of what My Word truly is.
It’s not letters in a book or scroll but more.

Stop fighting about how the earth is created.
You will see when you (read and) hear My Word out of your mouth – and even out of the mouth of infants the truth of all creation.
And more; your neighbors will hear My salvation.

Don’t waste your time with nonsense, because time is short and I am standing at the door.
The door of each and every soul, of human history, of all the earth is closing soon.
A new season is waiting behind that door.

If you label yourself a Christian, believer or follower of the Messiah
This word here is for you.
Test it for some months and then see, what happen…