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Word 2021-10-13 Enough of Knowledge, Bride shines

Prophetic Word, given October 13th, around 3:35 after prayer when I woke up from my sleep

Note, that part of this prophecy is like to hear the words of wicked people, about their thoughts, their plans, and what they think about Yeshua (God), His people and the bible.
So read carefully of who is speaking

No one knows the day and the hour
Is this important (to know)?
Men wants to know everything but how many want to know Me?
Fornicating with the tree of knowledge is all they do.

My presence?
″Pah″, what a nonsense they say.
We want to know how to extend life to become eternal, and we are close to get it (done) with our technology (by knowledge), science and medicine.
All we develop is for sustainable life, so we can live and be gods.
Everyone their own god – in the image of knowledge (perfect’ed).

Evolutionary revolution, revolutionary evolution.
Who needs a fantasy God, from a fantasy book, a fairy-tale story?
We know now how to cut and paste our (own) DNA together, so we can now become immortal.

And then we can go up to (outer) space and conquer planets and galaxies.
Our genius brain(s) gives us the fire to travel wherever we want to go.
Our ″new″ genes will create new skin that will last forever and never whither.

The fairy-tales of the living God is just a stumbling block that needs to be removed, so we can walk towards total victory of freedom.
Free to live forever, free for (our) liberty.

Remove Him, Remove Him they say.
2000 years ago, these stupid idiots did not make a good job.
But NOW with all our knowledge we will finally succeed.

Oh you foolish leaders of this world.
How little are you, you grain of dust!
Yes, you will try and try and try to remove the stumbling block.
But you will never be able to remove Him.
A solid rock, the rock, that laid the foundations of the earth.
A whisper from his voice and your technology will crumble in pieces, so small that you even can’t see it with your Mega-Microscopes anymore.

And your telescopes and telephones will start to fly.
No, they will not fly to the sky but out of your hands into the dust – the same dust you were made of.
Particles over particles between the dust, smaller than (the) thin air that you use to create all your lies.

I’m gonna spit/vomit you out of My mouth.
I have enough of your sorcery.
Darkest sorcery and witchcraft, all your (evil) spells, that you scattered all over the world.

Your system is about to implode.
Your days are numbered, oh wicked scientists, paid off with money, created out of your thin air.

My Bride you will not touch.
Before your eyes you will see Her, shining like the stars.
She is Holy to Me.
Yes, She is not complete yet.
But soon you will see Her in Glory and then…. no more

Darkness is all that will be left for the left and the left behind the scene.
Dancing and singing, rejoice My Bride, for your dawn is about the break forth.
Clothed in righteousness and beauty of holiness.
All you need to do is so wait.
Wait in My presence and the expectation of My call.

When I shout, when My Spirit of holiness will shout, will you shout with Me?
Yes, you will, because I will put it into your heart.
And from your heart it will spring forth, out of your mouth.

All Nations will see and hear, and then…
Not when…
Not a second sooner or later…