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Word 2021-10-05 Bride and Dawn breaking

Prophetic Word, given on October the 5th 10 minutes after 11pm

You know how hard it is to wait for the bride?
Yes, you do!
But the closer the day for it to happen, the greater the excitement.
Can you feel how the heart is stirred up when the dawn is here (close to come) – as like the day for the wedding.
I know you do.
But how much heavens is in uproar and excitement you can not imagine.
And beehive or a cluster of stirred up ants are as a very calm chilling day at the beach compared to heaven.
My angels are standing prepared to rush out and in and collect the pearls, all so precious.

Wicked people have despised and still the more despise My word and that’s why they hate My children.
Oh yes, they hate even themselves.
But (to cover that) they hope to find joy and love in murdering children and sacrifice them on the altar of Moloch and (give them to) Baal.

Dawn is about to arrive and this scares darkness to death.
How the sun rises in the morning is a very weak/bad example of how My dawn will break forth.
Even to switch on a light is a snail compared to the speed, when I will call My dawn to break forth.
Science defined light-speed (as something very fast) but science will never understand My speed.

They measure the distance from earth to the stars in light years.
I don’t have such a word in my vocabulary.
When I say NOW, (then) there is NO delay, nothing than any man-made instrument can measure.
When I would call one star, that supposedly is a thousand light-years away,
it will not take a thousand years to make the journey.
It will be there, it will be here instantly, faster than a twinkling of an eye.
I only slow down many things because of your unbelief, your hard heart and stiff necked rebellion.
Oh would I find someone like Chanoch (Enoch).
He looked at Me day and night and he saw the wedding coming.
He saw the tables, prepared.
He saw the day when I gave myself for all mankind.
He saw the heavy weight of sin upon My shoulders and he was weeping.
If there was any unbelief in him, than the imagination of how evil and wicked people could be (and become).

I see you, how you suffer, when I look into this world.
But rejoice, it won’t be much longer.
In all the shaking that will arrive and is at the door already, you, look at Me and I will look upon you!

Yes, the devil wants to take you out, as he hates you.
But be still and trust that I am able to do more
beyond of what you can pray and believe.

See the decoration, the adorned bride, the tables,
the ark of the covenant.
And tomorrow I will tell you more.

When deep sleep falls upon you,
I will speak but you will not remember.
It will remain in your heart until the day when I will move it unto your lips to speak it out.

It’s not something you can understand with your brain, but it’s alive as a well of living waters that (will) spring forth from the fountain of joy.