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Word 2021-09-03 Weeping and gnashing of teeth

Word 2021-09-03

Prophetic word, given on September the third 2021 around 23:00

Weeping and gnashing of teeth
You hear them screaming and screaming
and screaming.
Their echo you (will) hear
as it remembers and repeats My call.
The call for repentance, the call to come to Me.
I gave them time and times and seasons,
twice as much as I gave Pharaoh,
but their hearts are still hardened.
So I will hear them no longer, no more.
When they come and cry for mercy
I will close My ears as they closed their ears
when the gentle voice of loving kindness
were begging and crying to them for mercy.

Rain will fall at fall to fall
on the righteous and the wicked.
Rain, poured out from heaven.
Some (of the rain) will fall on flesh, some on stone.
Stone, rocks, harder than diamond.
Raindrops will fall on all but only some will come,
will come to Me and to be (remain) with Me.
The rest, as dry as it can be on rocks,
the hearts of many who think they sit on a throne,
their hearts of stone.

I’ll bring in the harvest, Not You!
You just sit and watch and pray, so at the end of the day when you finished to pray, you will open your eyes in awe and praise will be on your lips.
When ashamed with unclean lips you will bow.
And on your knees you will stand before Me
and give glory and thanks.

Watch this hour,
how I will shape/shake the earth with My finger.
You call it a planet, I call it creation,
formed by/with My Word.

I spoke and the soil was ready to conceive.
A man, made in My image, so beautiful, perfect(ed).
Where did he go, walking with Me in the garden?
I watched him walking straight to the tree – how can it be?

We had such a beautiful time together
but just/only for a while.
And then?
And then?
Look at his offspring, look at spring.
When spring will spring, the flowers are dancing, enlightened to hear the sound (the voice) of the King.
The Master, the Glory, the Passion of Love