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Word 2021-09-02 Can you see the day tomorrow?

I received this prophetic word on September the 2nd 2021 while blowing the Shofar.

First I blew the Shofar in the big main room
and then the words of Yeshua came, saying:

Do you see?
Can you see tomorrow?
No, you can’t, you don’t know
what tomorrow will bring.

Tomorrow will be very very different than today.
And (then), at the end of the day (tomorrow)
you will say:
″Oh, that/there was nothing different today
as it was yesterday,
or if so, then just a tiny little but,
but nothing significant, not ‘very very!’ different.″

Oooooh, you have no clue, because you are blind.
Can you see, what will happen tomorrow in heaven?
Can you see the BIG changes
that will be there by tomorrow?
No, you don’t see, you don’t know anything at all.
But Yes, there will be BIG changes coming in heaven.
I will re-arrange many things.

After that I went to another place but I forgot
the words because I did not wrote them down.
In the other places Yeshua did not say anything.
Then I was in the middle of the stairs
and the following words I heard:

Can you see the sun from the backside?
Then, I heard another voice
as like science or human knowledge were speaking:
“Oh yes, with our space ships (and)
with all our scientific technical instruments”.
>> then I hear big laughter
and like within the laughter Yeshua is saying:
″You can’t even fly to the moon and tell me you know how the backside of the sun looks like″.

After that I went to the kitchen
to get something to drink, opening the fridge…
and the following words I heard:
I’m gonna shake you up,
I’m gonna wake you up,
I’m gonna bring you down on your knees.